10 Best Electric Can Openers 2022-Complete Guide Review

Opening a can with an electric can opener is much easier than trying to do it with a knife or other utensil. Not only do you not waste time, but you also avoid hurting yourself with the blade or with the sharp edges of the lid.

You are therefore perfectly right to want to equip yourself with a device of good quality to easily open your jars. To help you easily win your case, the best electric can openers sold on the internet have been selected in this article.

After going through them with a fine-toothed comb, you will only have to rely on the advice of the buying guide also offered to choose the model that will best meet your needs.

Comparison of the best electric can openers 2022: tests and reviews

The fact that you are reading this comparison of the 10 best electric can openers on the market is a sign that you clearly do not want to waste your money on a badly made product. The following models have been selected for their price-quality ratio.

Cooks Professional Electric Can Opener

Cooks Professional Electric Can Opener

On the level of inexpensive electric can openers, the Cooks Professional is a very well positioned model in terms of value for money. Above all, you shouldn’t rely on its unsophisticated appearance to get your way. Behind its simple and basic design, hides a very effective utensil in its task.

There is no particular setting to make to be able to use it. Whether it’s opening a can of peas or tuna, the Cooks Professional will make your job easier. If you have a pet, you’ll be glad you have this can opener whenever it’s time to feed them.

This utensil that takes 4 batteries has been designed in the most ergonomic way possible to give it a very good grip. It is easy to use by anyone, even those with hand joint problems. All you have to do to open any box is place it on the lid and turn it on.

Moreover, the lid will not fall back inside the box since it is retained by a magnet. So you won’t have to struggle trying to remove it after opening.


  1. Ergonomic
  2. Easy to use
  3. Good value for money
  4. Lid retention system


  1. a bit noisy

I hesitated to buy this device thinking it was a gadget. However, I am very pleasantly surprised by the great efficiency of this small device. It does its job perfectly. Only downside is it’s a bit noisy. But I am so delighted, that I put this little inconvenience into perspective. I use it everyday to open all the cans of food for my dogs.  Read all reviews.

Marie T.

AmazonBasics Electric Can Opener

AmazonBasics Electric Can Opener for arthritis

The AmazonBasics electric can opener is a well-made product that aims to make your daily life easier by saving you wasted time and unnecessary effort. It is equipped with a solid stainless steel blade that allows you to open classic cans with efficiency and precision.

With this instrument, there is no wheel to manually turn or pressure to exert to remove the lid from your boxes. Its use is as simple as child’s play, even for people who have never used this kind of device.

The first thing to do is set up the AmazonBasics Electric Can Opener on a counter, table, or counter. Thanks to its wide non-slip base which gives it great stability, it will hold easily on any flat surface. You must then install the blade by clipping it with a simple gesture into the small cavity provided for this purpose. All you have to do is position the can by adjusting it properly on the roller and the blade and start the opening mechanism. If the weight of the box eventually exceeds 500 g, it may be necessary to support the device. In addition, it should be noted that the lid support being magnetized, it does not fall into the box after opening.

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This AmazonBasics electric can opener is a compact utensil that takes up little space and is therefore easy to store. It offers a modern and sleek design that is sure to please. This model is black, but the device is also available in white and red.


  1. Pleasant design and finish
  2. Easy to use
  3. Stainless steel blade
  4. Good stability


  1. Only compatible with round boxes

I am very happy with the speed of delivery. I received it well packaged. It takes up little space, meaning you can store worries in a piece of furniture or in a small corner of the kitchen. I recommend it not pulpit, small, easy, fast,….. See all reviews.

Lindsay S.

Onvaya Electric Can Opener

Onvaya Electric Can Opener for seniors

If you are looking for a model that offers a little more functionality while still remaining affordable, this 3-in-1 electric can opener from Onvaya is for you. On the one hand, you can use this device to open all kinds of cans and preserves. On the other hand, you can use it as a bottle opener and bottle opener to share a beer with friends for example. The utensil is also equipped on the back with a sharpening stone that will allow you to have kitchen knives that always cut your ingredients perfectly.

The Onvaya can opener is easy to use thanks to its strong blade that easily handles most cans. Plus, it has a magnetic holder that holds and removes lids for you. It should be noted that the opening of the box is done with such precision that the edges are not sharp to avoid injury.

This can opener made by Onvaya is made largely of stainless steel. This choice is reflected in the desire to give the device good robustness and great durability. It should also be noted that in addition to being super resistant, stainless steel is a material that is much easier to clean. The can opener is also easy to store with its rear compartment to conceal its power cable.


  1. Sturdy stainless steel structure
  2. Easy to use and maintain
  3. 3 functions in one device
  4. Good value for money


  1. Sharpener efficiency leaves a bit to be desired for some users

Finally a can opener that can be used by left-handed people and those who have problems with their arms and hands. Read all reviews.

Sonia G.

Bangrui BSI-0301E-1-1 electric can opener

Bangrui BSI-0301E-1-1 electric can opener

Would you like to open your canned goods at the touch of a button from now on? In any case, this is what the BSI-0301E-1-1 from Bangrui offers you by inviting itself into your kitchen. Whatever the size of the jar to be opened, this electric can opener is effective and fast.

It will be enough to put it on the top of the box by wedging the edge of this one between the blade and the gear of the device. There will be nothing else to do except press the power button to start the opening process. In less time than it takes to realize it, the accessory will turn around the box on its own to open it. You will only have to lift it when it has finished its work to release the cover which remains sticking to its magnetic support. Moreover, the box is opened with such neatness that its edges and those of the lid are not sharp.

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The other advantage of the Bangrui BSI-0301E-1-1 can opener is that the sharp blade is not protruding, but rather incorporated into its case. There is therefore no risk of accidentally injuring yourself while rummaging through the drawer to find it. In case of stains, it will be very easy to clean its robust structure in ABS and alloy steel with a simple cloth lightly.

Do not forget to make it work, you will need 4 AA type batteries which are unfortunately not included.


  1. Body and opening mechanism in resistant materials
  2. Easy handling and operation
  3. Protected blade to prevent injury by accident
  4. Easy storage and cleaning


  1. a bit noisy

Fantastic, easily opens all types of cans, even large 800 gr cans, without any metal burrs. Not bulky, easy to use . Nice design, I recommend it to everyone, a real progress See all reviews.

Bernadette M.

Bangrui BSL-0301T-2-2 Electric Can Opener

Bangrui BSL-0301T-2-2 Electric Can Opener

The Bangrui brand is once again involved in this comparison of the 10 best can openers on the market by offering you a model that is just as efficient as the previous one. Even though it is a bit shorter and wider, it still allows you to open your cans effortlessly.

The operation of this utensil is automatic and all that is easier and even childish. The only thing to do: put it on the can and press the button and watch it go around the edges cutting the lid. It will suffice to press the same button again to stop the device once it has gone all the way. Moreover, once cut, the lid is easily removed at the same time as the can opener.

The Bangrui BSL-0301T-2-2 is able to easily and neatly open all kinds of cans. It should be noted however that it could have difficulty with those which have a diameter too large or which have edges which are too high. But, once the opening is made, the edges of the box have no edges that could cut the user.

In the end, all that could be criticized for this can opener is perhaps its somewhat noisy nature or the fact that it seems difficult to store due to its format.


  1. Sturdy and durable structure
  2. Convenient and easy to use
  3. Works with most cans
  4. Good value for money


  1. a bit noisy

Excellent grip. We no longer force it and it stops automatically. The top. Read all reviews.

Magali F.

Electric can opener Tefal Prepline 8535.31

Electric can opener Tefal Prepline 8535.31

The Tefal 8535.31 electric can opener from the Prepline range comes with an all-white body and a no-frills ergonomic design. This is a model that works by being powered directly from the mains through a spiral cable. The device is equipped with a motor which allows it to have the necessary cutting force to overcome the lids of your cans.

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Despite a design that makes it look a lot like a classic can opener, this utensil offers effortless operation. And even if you often have to support the box in one hand while handling it with the other, it opens completely automatically. Indeed, it is enough to position the device well on the top of the can and then to turn it on. Contrary to the operation of previous models, it is rather the box itself which begins to rotate here, while its cover is cut by the blade. It should be noted that the cutting process stops by itself once the complete turn has been made.

This electric can opener offered by the French brand Tefal is an easy-to-use utensil. You don’t need to be strong like Mr. Universe to open your cans without a problem.

The Tefal Prepline 8535.31 is also easy to maintain. You can separate it into two parts to have access to the areas to be cleaned.


  1. Mains operation
  2. Effective on most cans
  3. Ergonomic
  4. Removable


  1. The format can be difficult to handle according to some users

Bought to replace an electric can opener of the same kind of German manufacture from a German brand whose name I have already forgotten. After about 8 years of good and loyal service he was tired enough to require a change. I fell back on this model. Read all reviews.

Stephanie D.

Morphy Richards 46718 Electronic Can Opener

Morphy Richards 46718 Electronic Can Opener

If you use it to easily and quickly open your daily cans, the Morphy Richards 46718 will also serve you for many other applications. As an electric can opener, this device is very effective in this function. Its opening head is equipped with a magnetized support that hooks the lid of the can to prevent it from falling inside. Everything is done to prevent you from having to make unnecessary efforts before treating yourself or your pet.

The Morphy Richards 46718 comes with a number of accessories that transform it as needed into a bottle opener, a jar opener or even an instrument for opening rigid plastic packaging. It is thus a 6-in-1 device which is greatly appreciated for the great versatility it offers. You can not only buy it for your own needs, or to offer it to someone you know.

If you’re wondering if this multi-function electric can opener will be easy to clean, the answer is, of course, yes. This is in fact explained by its operation which means that there is almost no contact between the contents of cans and open cans and its components. In any case, it should be noted that its case is easy to maintain and some of its accessories can go in the dishwasher.


  1. Great versatility
  2. Easy to use and maintain
  3. Magnetic system to maintain the lid of the preserves


  1. Make some noise while operating

The device is beautiful and well finished, has well thought out and useful accessories (bottle opener, a kind of cutter to open plastic packaging and a grip to help open jars) . Read all reviews.

Christophe Q.

Electric can opener Orbegozo CU 6500

Electric can opener Orbegozo CU 6500

By purchasing the Orbegozo CU 6500 you can be sure that you have invested in one of the best electric can openers around. It is for starters a well-designed model that offers good durability, not only thanks to its elegant design, but also its robust construction.

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This canning tool is equipped with a stainless steel blade strong enough to efficiently puncture and cut even the thickest lids. It also embeds a 60 W motor so the power allows smooth operation from the beginning to the end of the process. Plus, you’re less likely to cut your fingers on the edges of opened cans thanks to the lack of sharp edges.

The Orbegozo CU 6500 can opener is also equipped with a device for opening bottles and a knife sharpener.

To reinforce its practical and ergonomic side, the device offers storage for the power cable. In this way, it will be easy for you to store it or even to limit its size if you decide to leave it on the work surface. In addition, you will certainly appreciate the fact that the cutting head is removable for easy cleaning.


  1. Robust and durable design
  2. 3-in-1 operation
  3. Clean cut without sharp edges
  4. Removable head for easy cleaning


  1.  Not suitable for rectangular boxes

I loved its design, it is not very big and takes up little space. Read all reviews.

Esther Y.

ONE TOUCH TM KC26 electric can opener

ONE TOUCH TM KC26 electric can opener

Forget all your previous hassles to open your cans and now opt for ease with the ONE TOUCH TM KC26 electric can opener . Say goodbye to models that require manual effort and welcome this model with convenient and automatic operation.

To open any can, you place the utensil as it should on the can and start its operation by pressing the start button. The opening is done without you needing to do anything but watch it do its job. It should be noted that the cutting head consists of a sturdy blade , a metal gear and a magnetic support that optimizes the operation.

The ONE TOUCH TM KC26 electric can opener is for everyone, especially people with arthritis. This model will therefore be a gift for anyone who has difficulty opening cans with manual can openers. It’s compact enough to take anywhere opening a can might be needed. Remember to always provide 2 batteries to be able to use it.


  1. Compact and robust
  2. Automatic operation
  3. Easy to use
  4. Easy to transport and store


  1. Batteries not included

I am very pleasantly surprised, it works very well, more effort to do, I strongly recommend it. Do not do without this can opener!!! Read all reviews.

Daniel S.

Oster can opener

If you are looking for a device of good quality, to open your boxes efficiently and safely, this model seems quite correct. Thanks to its hands-free operation and robust cutting mechanism, you don’t have to exert any unnecessary effort. Even for the removal of the lid, it is the magnetic support that does the work for you. Plus, the device also turns itself off when it’s finished opening your can. All you have to do is patiently wait for the process to complete to access your food.

This model does not just open boxes, it also allows you to sharpen your kitchen knives or even open your bottles. It is also a well-made utensil with a beautiful finish and quality manufacturing materials. It is easy to clean thanks to the possibility of dismantling some of its components.

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The Oster can opener also has a space dedicated to storing its power cord when not in use.


  1. Quality design
  2. Automatic operation
  3. Versatility
  4. Easy cleaning


  1. a bit noisy

Very good quality, with beautiful finishes and quality materials.  Read all reviews.

Jean-Francois S.

Buying guide for buying the best electric can opener


How to choose the right electric can opener?

It’s perfectly normal to ask this question in the face of the diversity of models that swarm the market. To find the best electric jar opener that meets your requirements, you have to ask yourself questions and take a lot of parameters into consideration.

The type

Electric can openers can be classified into two broad categories based on the source of their power. You will have the choice between models that connect to the mains with a power cable (wired) and those that work with batteries (wireless).

Convenient and easy to handle, the cordless electric can opener can be ideal if you prefer a go-anywhere gadget. Since there is no cable, it is easy to transport and can be taken anywhere (camping, picnic, garden…). The disadvantage is that the batteries will have to be changed regularly. On the other hand, a corded electric can opener is much more efficient. It opens cans faster and much easier.

You will also have the choice between automatic electric can openers  that work independently without the user having to do anything except press a button and standard electric can openers . With these, it will be necessary to maintain the device with one hand even if it turns by itself.

Manufacturing quality

Electric can openers are usually made from different materials such as stainless steel or plastic. A stainless steel material is naturally stronger and more resistant than a plastic model. But that doesn’t mean plastic can openers aren’t up to snuff. You just need to make sure of the good quality before choosing. For this, refer to user reviews and brand awareness.

Before choosing a particular electric can opener, check to see if it has a stainless steel blade . So you will be sure to buy a reliable, durable and resistant device. 


To limit the possible risk of injury, it is important not to neglect this aspect when acquiring an electric can opener. Indeed, some models make a cutout on the upper part of the box leaving jagged edges as a result. The ideal would rather be to opt for a device that can cut the box so that the edges remain smooth while detaching the lid: this is called a side cut. Also choose a model that stops automatically once the box is fully opened to prevent metal shards from falling into the container.


Basically, a can opener, whatever, the model is a small format device that takes up very little space. But if you want to save space, it is clear that you should opt for the most compact model possible. Note, however, that some electric can openers are designed to stand on a table or countertop and others can be mounted on a stand or wall. It all depends on the space you have or your preferences.

Ease of use and ergonomics

An electric can opener should be comfortable to use and should turn easily. So you can easily open your boxes cleanly with little effort. So choose a model with an ergonomic handle and a non-slip finish. The ideal is that the device can be used with one hand or be able to operate alone in complete autonomy.

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For ease of use, an electric can opener should also be chosen according to the type of canned food you are used to opening. A lightweight device would be ideal for small boxes.

The price

Electric can openers are very affordable in terms of cost. However, the price varies depending on the model. The basic models cost around 10 to 15 euros. If you therefore want a professional electric can opener, you should budget at least 30 to 40 euros.

Why buy an electric can opener?

Opening a can with just a knife is not always a good idea. Not only does this require energy, but it is also possible to injure yourself during the operation. This is why an electric can opener represents a secure solution to guard against any risk. In addition, you will have no effort to provide, because the device will take care of the job automatically. All you have to do is fix it securely on your jar, press the button and you’re done.

Opting for an electric can opener also saves time. For example, you can open several jars in a row without tiring your fingers. While the device takes care of opening your box, you can quickly save a few seconds by doing something else.

Electric can openers may be necessary, even essential, for people with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. The elderly, sick or injured in the hand will need it greatly.

How to clean your electric can opener?

In order for your electric can opener to last a long time by your side, you need to take care of it. For this, it is recommended to wipe it with a cloth after each use. Under no circumstances should it be put in the dishwasher unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer.

Before storing your can opener , make sure it has dried thoroughly to prevent rust from forming. Be aware that a rusty can opener will no longer be effective at all, in addition to representing a real health hazard, because the rust can crumble into the food.

If, despite everything, you notice rust on your electric can opener , the best thing would be to get rid of it and buy another one.

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