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What is the best variety of mango?

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Are dried mangos healthy and a good snack?

If you want to give dried mango a try, follow these buying tips to find the most nutritious choice:Read the ingredients list, and avoid those with added sugars or concentrated juices.Avoid candied dry mango or those with a sugary coating.Choose packages where mango is the only ingredient, or try to stick to those with all-natural ingredients.

What is the best way to eat a mango?

Pick a mangoSqueeze it from every direction until it's softPinch the top off with your thumb and index fingerPut the mango in your mouthSqueezeRepeat this again and again till you become a galloping monkey :p

What do mangos taste good with?

Mangoes taste great with bananas. The combination of these two flavours work especially well together in a smoothie. Mangoes also go well with jalapeno’s, coconut, cream, ginger, lemon and lime, red onions, legumes, fish, duck, orange, pineapple, pork, rum, and sugar. Find out more about mangoes here.


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