Best Dell 24 Inch Monitors 2022

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What is the best 24 inch computer monitor?

Top 24-inch Monitors tu BuyAcer R240HY - Our choiceAlienware 2518H - Easy to workPlanar PLN2400 - Visual comfortHP EliteDisplay E243i - Premium 24-inch monitorViewSonic VA2456-MHD - Worth moneyDell S Series S2419HM - Great HDRPhilips 243V7QJAB - For photo and video editingAOC 24B2XH - Good for beginnersDell SE2419Hx - Eye care monitor

Is a 24 inch monitor too big?

Short Answer. 24 inches tends to be the most comfortable size for regular desktops, although 27 inches is widely used for high resolution monitors. Pretty much anything above 27 inches is too large for viewing up close at a desk. For general office work, 23-24″ monitor is pretty standard. It's a good compromise in size vs price.

What is the best computer monitor?

Top 5 Best Computer Monitors ComparedLG 34UM69G-B 34″ Monitor. WHY WE LIKE IT: The LG 34UM69G-B gives you an ultra-wide viewing experience that’s perfect for gaming and work.HP VH240a 24″ Monitor. WHY WE LIKE IT: With nearly nonexistent bevels and impressive picture quality at a budget price, the HP VH240a is a stellar option for anyone ...Acer R240HY 24″ Monitor. ...
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How much does a Dell monitor cost?

The very cheapest new monitors at the electronics stores were all well in the $80 - $100 range, and I was darned if I was gonna pay that for a computer I intend to use only as a spare tire. The compromise I reached was this product, the Dell E153fp 15-inch flat panel, and it was a good one.