Top 10 best cutting boards for Meat 2022- vegetables, Chefs- Complete Guide Reiew

The cutting board is a very useful accessory in the kitchen. We will even say that it is essential, even unavoidable. As you probably already know, it provides a hygienic space for cutting, slicing and handling food. Cheeses, fish, meats, bread, vegetables, fruits, herbs, ingredients, etc., absolutely everything can be cut there. It also preserves the sharpness of the knives and keeps the worktop always spotless.

This equipment comes in a wide variety of models so that when it comes to making a choice, it is not at all obvious. Which material to choose? Which model is easier to maintain? Which is more hygienic? So many questions to which you will certainly find answers by consulting this comparison of the 10 best cutting boards available on the market and the buying guide.

Comparison of the best cutting boards For Meat 2022: tests and reviews

It would be nice to have an idea about the best cutting boards on the market before you can decide which one is right for you. This comparison will therefore allow you to see the best-selling and most requested models because of the quality and features they offer. 

SKY LIGHT Organic Acacia Wood Cutting Board

Sky Light acacia wood cutting board

Organic acacia wood plank

If you are looking for a natural wood cutting board, this model offered by the manufacturer SKY LIGHT might appeal to you. This product is made from ecological Acacia wood, a species recognized for its solidity, resistance and watertightness. With its 42 cm long, 33 cm wide and 2.5 cm high, it offers a large enough surface for easy handling of the various ingredients. In addition, it is suitable for all knife blades and preserves them.

The SKY LIGHT Acacia wood cutting board offers a major advantage in terms of its use. Indeed, it is a reversible accessory that can be used on both sides. We can therefore adapt each of them to a type of food to limit the risk of cross-contamination. Moreover, one of the faces has a channel which retains the liquids so that they do not flow. Thanks to this little extra, your worktop or table always stays clean. You can therefore use it to cut all kinds of products, dry or juicy.

The SKY LIGHT Acacia wood cutting board also has two handles that make it easy to carry. It can therefore be used as a dressing tray or serve for breakfast in bed. It should also be noted that this wooden cutting board is very easy to maintain. It cleans up with lukewarm water or detergent.


  1. Reversible accessory
  2. Integrated juice channel
  3. Solid and resistant board
  4. Design and neat finish


  1. The accessory is not dishwasher safe

Having just redone my entire kitchen, I wanted a beautiful vegetable cutting board, so I bought this beautiful wooden cutting board, which is small but very beautiful, to offer sausage to my guests . Read all reviews.

Martin U.

Zwilling Cutting Board

Zwilling bamboo chopping board

Large 42 x 31 cm

Do you want to have space or handle different foods and ingredients when preparing your dishes without cluttering up your work surface? This cutting board offered by ZWILLING will certainly meet your expectations if you are interested in models in its category.

With this 42 x 31 cm board in your kitchen, you will have no trouble cutting meat, bread, cheese as well as fruits and vegetables. It offers you a large, comfortable and pleasant preparation surface to easily place, slice and mince your ingredients. Since it is quite large, this board also fits table service. It can, for example, be used to present cheese, bread and cold meats to the guests.

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The 30772-400 ZWILLING board is made of bamboo. It is a durable, ecological, waterproof, aesthetic and naturally antibacterial wood. It is ideal for intensive use and adapts to all kinds of knife blades without the risk of damaging them.

It should also be noted that one of the faces of this support has a channel around the entire contour allowing the juice to be retained. We can therefore place or cut all the food that flows without putting it everywhere. After use, cleaning the ZWILLING board is easy with a damp cloth.


  1. Eco-friendly bamboo board
  2. Big surface
  3. Presence of juice groove
  4. Easy maintenance


  1. Board incompatible with the dishwasher

Very nice quality product. The board weighs its weight and “made” of good quality. The fact that it is made of bamboo has an original side which makes it a nice gift. Bought for Christmas and much appreciated by the person I gave it to, who immediately appreciated the quality out of the box. Read all reviews.

Mary T.

Continenta Multifunctional Wooden Cutting Board

Continenta wood cutting board

Multifunction with 3 drawers

The CONTINENTA cutting board with recuperators is a very well thought-out device to be useful and practical on a daily basis. Made of oiled solid wood, it is quite sturdy and suitable for cutting any type of food. In addition, it resists the sharpest knives which do not dull either in contact with it. With its 50 cm in length, 32.5 cm in width and 8 cm in thickness for a weight of over 4 kg, this cutting support is very imposing. It will have no trouble finding its place in a large kitchen.

The CONTINENTA wooden cutting board is equipped with three removable stainless steel trays. They are indeed very practical for recovering food and waste. But they are also perfect for storing leftover vegetables or cut ingredients. Plus, they’re pretty easy to maintain. For the board itself, maintenance is done with warm soapy water. Just make sure to dry it well afterwards. For it to keep for a long time and resist wear, it can be oiled from time to time.

What also makes this wooden cutting board interesting is that it has six non-slip feet that ensure its stability while cutting.


  1. An oiled solid wood plank
  2. Three removable trays
  3. Six non-slip feet for better stability


  1. Accessory incompatible with the dishwasher

Why didn’t I buy this board sooner? It’s really practical. I bought it for my husband who can only use one hand (who is also very happy). No more lugging around with the plank to the pan. Just take the stainless steel bin (much better than plastic as I’ve seen for other similar items. Stainless steel is stronger and ages better). Only downside is the noise when slicing due to vibrations of the bins, but I will try to reduce with pads . Read all reviews.

Aurelie D.

Cutting Board with Collector

Acacia wood cutting board

100% organic anti-bacterial board

Do you want to invest in a 100% natural, solid, hygienic and functional board? The KRISTIE’S KITCHEN cutting board with catcher can meet your expectations, because it combines all its characteristics.

Made from Acacia wood, it offers you a non-slip and anti-bacterial cutting surface. You can handle different kinds of products on it without risk: bread, meat, vegetables, cheese, fish, charcuterie, etc. 

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The advantage with this wooden cutting board is that it has two BPA-free food trays in the form of a drawer. They are very useful for the recovery of liquids, cut products and waste, but are also suitable for conservation. You can also put them in the microwave or refrigerator to preserve your food. In addition, their maintenance is super easy since they are dishwasher safe.

Regarding the cleaning of the board itself, a wipe with a damp cloth is more than enough to give it a new look. Note also that this accessory measures 35.6 x 25.4 x 5.1 cm for a weight of 1.7 kg. It offers a medium surface and is quite thick. In addition, it does not represent any danger for your knives.


  1. 100 % bio
  2. Two drip trays
  3. Water resistant board
  4. Durable


  1. The board cannot be machine washed

Awesome ! it’s really great to be able to put the waste peelings on one side to easily throw them in the trash and on the other the fruit or vegetable to put it in a dish or directly on the plate! this cleans easily. I love it and I recommend! Read all reviews.

Celine B.

Blunt Harcas Bamboo Cutting Board

Bamboo cutting board

Made from eco-friendly bamboo

If you are eco-responsible in your choice of equipment, the HARCAS bamboo cutting board might be of interest to you. It is an ecological, healthy and hygienic accessory that will allow you to prepare food easily and safely.

Being low porous and antibacterial, it is more resistant to microbes compared to other models. You can therefore use it to handle different kinds of food products without fear of cross-contamination. It is enough to ensure that its maintenance is systematic after each use. And precisely, in this regard, know that this bamboo board is easy to maintain.

To keep it always clean and in good condition, the HARCAS cutting board just needs to be washed in warm soapy water. Then, it will have to be dried before storing it. The manufacturer also recommends treating it from time to time with a vegetable oil so that it can last a long time,

This cutting board measures 44.5cm x 30cm x 2cm and weighs 1.6kg. It is strong and effectively resists cut marks, but light enough not to dull or damage your knives. Either way, it can stay for years without deforming or cracking to provide you with comfortable use no matter what food you cut into it.  

It also has a groove that helps contain juices so they don’t drip onto the table or counter. Another cool thing about this board, it doesn’t absorb odors or stain.

In short, this option will delight professionals and households who only want to have a cutting board that is very useful, hygienic, easy to maintain and respectful of the environment.


  1. Healthy and ecological accessory
  2. Antimicrobial and hygienic
  3. Easy to maintain
  4. Presence of groove


  1. This cutting board is not machine washable

Board of good dimensions, beautiful appearance, the channel could be a little deeper, the blade of the knives leaves traces quite easily but I am happy with it for the moment, to see in time… See all the opinions.

Martin U.

glass cutting board

Zeller Glass Cutting Board

For 4-burner ceramic hob

Glass cutting boards are very aesthetic and adapt to almost any type of decor. And this tempered glass model offered by the ZELLER brand is no exception. Transparent and discreet, it can go harmoniously with the various elements of the kitchen, in particular with a worktop and a ceramic hob.

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Sold in a set of 2, each measuring 52 x 30 x 3 cm, this glass cutting board will allow you to easily enlarge your work surface. But it may be of particular interest to people who are looking for protective material for ceramic hobs, but who also need a support for placing or cutting food.

Indeed, the Zeller 26207 glass cutting board combines these two functions and can also be useful for other things. Since it is resistant to high temperatures of up to 220°C, it can be used as a trivet or saucepan. It can also act as a splash guard.

It should be noted that this cutting board is equipped with 4 sturdy, solid and non-slip feet which ensure its stability during use. It can therefore be used comfortably without fear of it slipping or falling. However, you have to be careful not to drop it forcefully.

On the maintenance side, we are dealing with a hygienic board that can be cleaned quite easily. Indeed, a few strokes with a damp sponge or cloth will suffice to rid it of residues and dirt. Afterwards, it is necessary to ensure drying to prevent bacteria from developing there.


  1. Multifunctional chopping board
  2. 4 non-slip feet
  3. Easy to clean
  4. beautiful design


  1. The accessory is not suitable for induction hobs

Prevents premature wear of the worktop and protects the ceramic hob. Very discreet, adapts to all interiors and resists the heat of a pan coming out of the oven or the plate. The feet are a bit high for my use but are suitable for gas hobs or burners. On the other hand, as a trivet on the table, it is impeccable. I am very satisfied with my purchase. Read all reviews.

Mamirie T.

Zassenhaus 050189 Beech Table Block

With its dimensions of 60 cm long x 40 cm wide and 7 cm thick, the 050189 ZASSENHAUSS table block is a large cutting board. It offers a large enough work surface for easy and comfortable use. It is also reversible and can be used on both sides. You can handle food of all kinds, shapes and sizes on it without much difficulty.

Whether you are a professional or an individual, this wooden board will be very useful to you. Thanks to it, you can cut, slice or mince all kinds of food without worrying about dirtying your work surface or damaging your knives.

Note that this cutting support has two edges, one front and one back, which are used to block it on the work surface so that it can hold firmly. It is made from beech wood, a durable, strong and bacteria-resistant material.

Maintenance of the 050189 ZASSENHAUSS bench block requires care and attention. Indeed, beech is a wood that tends to warp on contact with humidity. It would therefore not be wise to wash this board with plenty of water. For daily cleaning, use a scraper and occasionally clean with olive oil or use a glass of baking soda moistened with white vinegar.


  1. Extra large chopping board
  2. Use on both sides
  3. Non-slip edge


  1. The board can warp with humidity

I struggled so much to mince the garlic with other products that it had become Placed on the work surface, this board became essential to me. I’m even thinking of ordering a second one for the central island. And what’s more, it’s very pretty and goes well with my country-style kitchen. Read all reviews.

Marie U.

Wüsthof TR7298R Cutting board

Wüsthof plastic chopping board

Plastic 38 x 25 x 0.4 cm

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The WÜSTHOF TR7298R is a cutting board made of TPU plastic, a very good quality material that does not represent a health hazard. Red in color and sporting a sober and elegant look, it is soft, flexible and preserves the blade of the knives. 

This antibacterial cutting board resists mold, stains and odors. Moreover, its maintenance is simple. A round in the dishwasher or a hand wash with a sponge and dish soap are more than enough to restore its shine. But, you can also sterilize it in 30 seconds with water heated to 150°C. 

Of standard size, it is easy to use and adapts to the cutting of sandwiches, wraps, vegetables and fruits… It is an accessory that is easy to store, because it does not take up too much space.

What’s also great about this board is that it has a non-slip design that makes it stay perfectly in place while in use. We also note the presence of a juice recovery groove all around, a real plus for an always clean kitchen.


  1. TPU plastic board
  2. Liquid collection channel
  3. Easy maintenance


  1. No handle

Excellent quality, used with very sharp knives no cuts in the board. Read all reviews.

Marie U.

Joseph Joseph - Set of 3 Large Bamboo Cutting Boards

Joseph Joseph Natural Bamboo Cutting Board

Set of 3 large boards

JOSEPH JOSEPH is a brand that offers ingenious items of very good quality, such as this set of 3 bamboo cutting boards with vertical storage rack. Those who have very little space or do not want to clutter will certainly appreciate this item.

If this cutting board is offered in a set of 3, it’s not for nothing. This is to allow users to have a board for a given type of food: meats, vegetables and cooked foods. Thus, cross-contamination between different foods and transfers of taste and smell are avoided. You will therefore not have to handle your fruit on the same support as steak or fresh fish. Moreover, JOSEPH JOSEPH has set up an identification system using a metal spacer which makes it possible to distinguish each type of board. There is therefore no risk of making a mistake in choosing the right board.

The boards are quite large and offer a pleasant enough cutting surface. They also feature an elegant design with a very chic brown-beige color. For maintenance, it is recommended to clean with a damp cloth after use and not to put the boards in the dishwasher.


  1. Set of 3 cutting boards
  2. Non-slip storage rack
  3. Easy maintenance
  4. Elegant design


  1. Not dishwasher safe

This set of 3 cutting boards is very solid, it allows you to cut raw meat, vegetables, and cooked food on 3 different boards, etc. For good compliance with hygiene rules. Very well presented, the set looks good in the kitchen with its pretty design. Like any cutting board, knives leave marks, that’s the principle. To be washed by hand. Very nice object. Read all reviews.

Mary P.

Vicloon Plastic Cutting Boards

Vicloon AVCE Plastic Cutting Board

Antimicrobial and heat resistant

The VICLOON brand offers here a set of 3 very good quality plastic cutting boards. They are available from small to large for versatile use. The advantage is that you can handle all kinds of food without risk of contamination between them. Just take each time for a given type of food, the plank which is intended for it: the large size for raw meat, the medium size for fruits, the small size for vegetables.

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VICLOON cutting boards are made with BPA-free polypropylene plastic, a food-grade material that does not contain toxic agents. They are non-porous, do not deform and are quite resistant to heat, stains and shocks.

These polypropylene cutting boards can be used on both sides. One of the sides is smooth and allows you to cut food quite easily and the other has a juice groove which is very practical for having a clean work surface.

Each of the boards is also equipped with a carrying handle which also acts as a hanging hole, very convenient for efficiently storing your equipment on the wall. Also note that the three cutting boards are quite easy to maintain. They can be washed by hand, but also machine washable.


  1. Food grade plastic cutting board
  2. Reversible board
  3. Presence of groove
  4. Simple and easy maintenance


  1. The lightness of plastic

Great product. Solid and easy to maintain. Even red beet stains leave easily. The boards are lightweight and dishwasher safe. In addition, they are very stable since they are equipped with pins. I use Wüstof as knives and so far the boards are holding up. Very satisfied. Read all reviews.

Patricia O.

Kitchen with a cutting board

Now you know the 10 best cutting boards on the market. Choosing one of them is opting for the ideal equipment that will allow you to handle your food in a healthy and hygienic environment while preserving your knives and your work surface.

Only, you do not know which among these different models of the selection could suit you best. Indeed, all of them have very interesting characteristics. It would therefore be ideal to have additional information to refine your choice, and this is precisely the objective of this buying guide.

Selection criteria

To choose the right cutting board, that is to say the one that really meets your expectations and requirements, you must establish a selection grid. The latter must take into account a number of parameters.

The material

This selection criterion is very important, because it is an indicator of the quality of the accessory. Cutting boards are made from many materials. You will find on the market cutting boards in wood, plastic, marble, tempered glass, fiber paper, stainless steel, silicone, etc. Each of these materials gives the accessory particular qualities as well as disadvantages which must be taken into account. Zoom on the most popular.

wooden cutting boards 

Wooden planks are probably the most popular and contrary to popular belief, they are very hygienic. Studies have also shown that the porosity of wood is a real asset. Bacteria do not proliferate there and eventually disappear some time after cleaning.

Depending on the species of wood, the characteristics may however vary from one model to another. But in general, you will have the choice between beech, bamboo, acacia, etc. which are all recognized for their resistance and solidity.

However, it is good to know that some wooden planks can warp on contact with water and others can produce small splinters of wood in the food during use.

plastic cutting boards 

They are very aesthetic and come in a variety of colors. If the standards are respected by the manufacturer, the color is an indicator of the type of food to be handled on the board in order to avoid cross-contamination. For example, red plastic boards are suitable for cutting red meat, green for fruits and vegetables, blue for fish, etc. It is for this reason that they are generally sold in “multicolored” batches.

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Plastic cutting boards are quite affordable and are very easy to clean. However, there are different quality plastics. On the one hand, we have PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) cutting boards. They are non-porous and water resistant. But PVC is a material that can crumble if cuts occur. In addition, it contains chemicals that are likely to contaminate food.

On the other hand, there are HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) boards which are widely used by professional cooks and pastry chefs. They are rot-proof and perfectly resistant to acidity and oxidants. Quite rigid and non-porous, they are devoid of chemical components and cost more than their PVC counterparts.

There are also cutting boards made of TPU plastic (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) such as the WÜSTHOF TR7298R model. Unlike other types of plastic, they do not scratch, retain odors and are highly resistant to bacteria.

Glass or marble cutting boards

Cutting boards made with these materials are very aesthetic, modern and refined. They come in a multitude of designs. In addition, they are resistant to high temperatures and are very easy to maintain. However, they are accused of damaging the knives very quickly, especially those made of ceramic.

The type of cutting board

The cutting board is traditionally available in a rectangular shape. It adapts to any type of use and offers a fairly large work surface. However, there are also rounded or oval shapes. The choice at this level depends mainly on your preferences.

You will also find boards with a channel which are very practical when cutting juicy foods. Indeed, the edge collects the liquids and prevents it from flowing on the work surface. In addition, it facilitates their transfer to a container.

There is another category of cutting boards called logs. They are solid wood, very thick and very hard. They are suitable for cutting large pieces of meat which, for example, require the use of a machete.

Some manufacturers rely on practicality and efficiency by equipping their cutting boards with drawers or bins. These are used to recover cut food, peels and seeds. But you can also store knives and accessories.

size and thickness

Cutting boards come in different sizes and thicknesses. Always choose the model that best suits your cutting habits and the dimensions of your worktop. You also need to consider how much storage space you have before choosing.

Ease of maintenance

Some cutting boards can be washed in the dishwasher. This is for example the case of plastic boards and glass boards. When it comes to wooden planks, most clean by hand with a damp cloth. However, some can be washed in warm soapy water.