Top 7 Best Cupcake Maker- Best Cupcake Maker for kids Complete Guide Review

The cupcakes are a feast for the eyes and when you see them in the windows, your mouth is watering.

We would also like to prepare them at home but… who knows how difficult it will be. But no: With the best cupcake maker , anyone – absolutely anyone – can bake these delicious cupcakes with their own hands.

But not only. By using the basic recipe, you can enrich them with your favorite ingredients, create new tastes and unleash your creativity!

Best cupcake makers For Kids 2022

What is the best cupcake maker?

Literally, the English word cupcake means cake in a cup (and “cup” is an Anglo-Saxon unit of measurement used in cooking). They are born in the form of mini cakes cooked and stuffed in small ceramic containers, now replaced by paper boxes.

They are baked in double-shell nonstick pans with which you can make cupcakes and muffins, which are very similar pies. These are simple machines that indicate when the cooking temperature is perfect for pouring the batter of these delicious candies.

And in about ten minutes, they are ready to be tasted.

Below, we present the best cupcake makers :

1. Best Cupcake Maker: Lolly Cake Maker

Smart Home - Electric Cake Pops Machine

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It allows you to bake up to 12 cupcakes at a time, making it ideal not only for breakfast and a snack, but also for children’s parties.

Once ready, you can put them on wooden or plastic sticks and decorate them as you wish. They are very attractive to see, impossible not to notice them. The non-stick plate makes cleaning easy.

Main features :
• The device is offered at a good value for money
• Treats are ready quickly
• It is non-stick and easy to clean

Specifications :
• Brand: Werkzeug Eck
• Dimensions: 27.6 x 22.8 x 13.2 cm

2. The Absolute Best: Triomph ETF1604 Cupcake Maker

TRIOMPH ETF1604 7 Cupcake Maker, Black

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This non-stick pan is designed to bake 7 cupcakes the perfect size for a snack in just a few minutes: they are neither too big nor too small.

It is equipped with automatic temperature control, an on/off button and a “ready” button and an indicator light. Non-slip feet keep the unit stable on the work surface. The closure is clip. Removable components make cleaning easy.

Main features :
• Cooking is simplified by the presence of the thermostat
• Thanks to the non-slip feet, it remains stable on the top
• The removable components simplify cleaning

Specifications :
• Brand: Triomph
• Dimensions: 26.5 x 12.2 x 22 cm

3. Best anti-burn: Howell MFM700 Muffin Maker

Howell MFM700 Muffin Maker, White

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Seven muffins with a diameter of 5 cm can be baked in a short time, thanks to the high power of 1200 watts.

The handle resists heat and the walls stay cool, thus avoiding any risk of burns and overheating. Non-stick cooking surfaces eliminate the need for baking pans and make cleaning the appliance easier.

Key Features :
• The outside of the appliance stays cool while cooking
• It has a heat resistant handle
• The plates are non-stick

Specifications ::
• Brand: Howell
• Dimensions: 27.5 x 23.5 x 14 cm

4. Best for Cleanup Ease: Bestron ACC217P Cupcake Maker

Bestron ACC217P Machine à Cupcake, 700 W, Rosa

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The plate has seven molds for the preparation of as many candies of 2 cm in diameter. The automatic temperature control makes cooking easier, always guaranteeing optimal results.

The device can also be used safely on the table thanks to the non-slip feet and the indicator lights indicate when the plate is on or ready to use.

Thanks to the non-stick coating, it is not necessary to use the cups and the cupcakes are easily removed from the molds, optimizing the cleaning of the device. The cable reel allows you to store the machine to save space.

Main features :
• The handle and the housing are thermally insulated
• It guarantees great stability thanks to the non-slip feet
• The cable winder saves space

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Specifications ::
• Brand: Bestron
• Dimensions: 20.5 x 26.5 x 10.5 cm

5. Best for Space Saving: Ariete 188 Muffin & Cupcake

Muffin & Cupcake Ariete

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Prepare the batter for muffins or cupcakes, pour it into the cavity and close the lid, wait a few minutes, decorate the cakes to taste and enjoy them immediately! The device has a compact structure, a unique design and non-stick plates for easy cleaning.

Its characteristics are completed by the operating indicator and the cooking finished indicator in addition to the safety lock. The cable winder and the ability to store the device vertically save space.

Main features :
• It quickly reaches the cooking temperature
• It has a compact structure
• A small cookbook is included

Specifications ::
• Brand: Ariete
• Dimensions: 25.50 x 20.50 x 11.50 cm

6. Best for Large Cakes: Clatronic MM 3496

Clatronic MM3496 Machine à Muffin

See the price on Amazon

Designed to satisfy gourmets of all ages, this appliance bakes up to 7 cakes with a diameter of approximately 4.5 cm. The cooking surfaces with non-stick coating allow you to cook the dough directly on the plate, without the need to use the molds.

And at the end of the preparation, the cleaning is really simple. There are two control lights for power and heating (cooking lamp), with overheating protection.
Equipped with rubber feet, it has a power of 900 Watts.

Main features :
• It is protected against overheating
• The handle is thermally insulated
• The rubber feet promote stability

Specifications ::
• Brand: Clatronic
• Dimensions: 22.5 x 22.5 x 11.5 cm

7. Best for Speed: Puddy Cupcake Maker Beper 90.498

BEPER 90.498 Cupcake Machine for Making Cupcakes...

See the price on Amazon

Suitable for the preparation of 7 cupcakes, it cooks them in less than 5 minutes. It has 2 indicator lights, one red for operation and one green which signals that the temperature has been reached. The power is 800 to 1000 watts.

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The plate is non-stick, does not require the use of cups and is easy to clean. The feet are non-slip and the cable winder allows you to store the device to save space.

Key Features :
• No need to use cups
• Easy to clean
• Cable reel saves space

Specifications ::
• Brand: Beper
• Dimensions: 20 x 25 x 10 cm

What are cupcakes?


Cupcakes are the typical small cakes of American baking prepared with a soft dough and decorated with a filling of icing or cream. For several years they have also been popular in Italy.

In fact, these sweets, whose name literally means cake in a cup, are popular because they envelop in the dimensions of a petit four the elegance of the most complex cakes.

With a little imagination, almost limitless variations can be created through the use of delicious fillings: chocolate, vanilla, fruit and jam, or with a hint of liqueur. As decorations, you can use a frosting based on butter, icing, small dragees, candied flower petals or chopped almonds or hazelnuts.

These cupcakes are ideal to eat alone or with company, for a snack, at a children’s party or for afternoon tea.

Why buy a cupcake maker?

cupcake baker is ideal for preparing these delicious sweets in a very fast cooking time and even children can be involved in the preparation. These devices do not need to heat up like a conventional oven and are simple to use. With this small introductory guide we want to help you understand which one to choose and where to buy it. In the meantime, think about your needs.

On the market, in fact, the machines differ from each other above all in the number of cakes that can be prepared at a time.

Normally the trays are 7 cupcakes but you can opt for smaller capacity trays to bake 4-5 cupcakes at the same time, or choose a larger machine that bakes up to 12 cupcakes together. Then it’s up to you to complete the cakes with icings and decorations that the whole family will love.

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In the online sale, you can access a very large market, which gives you the opportunity to find the machine that suits you by paying for it at a cheaper price than a household goods store that can offer you the maximum choice. of 2-3 models.

How to use a cupcake maker?

It is strongly recommended, as with any device, to always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions, whether it is a low cost device or a well-known brand.

The operation of these devices is actually very simple. Generally speaking, just plug the device into a power outlet and wait a few moments, until the automatic control heating indicator shows that it is ready to use (passes usually green). If you’re using cupcake paper or baking pans, you can pre-fill them about two-thirds full with the batter, then carefully place them into each of the holes in the hot plate.

If the coating is non-stick and the model allows you to add batter directly into the holes, pour it into every available space. Now close the lid and set the timer – usually 8-10 minutes is enough to bake light brown and golden cupcakes. Absolutely delicious!

How to choose the cupcake maker?


Depending on how you plan to use the cupcake maker, how many cupcakes you want to bake at once and whether you can also count on the help of the little ones, it is important to take into account the following characteristics.


The opinion of those who usually prepare these sweets is beyond doubt: the quality of the baking sheets makes the real difference.

The non-stick stainless steel is the most important feature of the griddle because the griddle should also be easy to clean. Also check the depth of the cupcake shells in the pan to make sure they are not too low.

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Some models have interchangeable plates , suitable for cake pops , donuts or baking muffins .


Make sure the capacity of the device matches your needs and those of your family. The number of cakes that these devices are able to prepare for each batch can vary from 4-5 pieces up to 12. If you plan to use them regularly and there are three or four of you in the family, it is better to opt for a device of great capacity.


Especially if you’re baking with small children, your cupcake maker needs to be fast enough to be ready to go. A machine that takes 10 minutes or more to warm up before it can start will make little ones impatient. A power of at least 700 – 800 W is therefore not to be underestimated.


A clip closure, heat indicator and non-slip rubber feet are the essential safety measures to allow you to prepare your delicacies in peace.

Ease of use

Your new electric cupcake maker should be easy to set up, use, maintain and clean. If you find it too complicated to activate and have to spend a lot of time cleaning it all the time, you’ll end up forgetting it in the back of a kitchen cupboard.

Energy consumption

Generally, you will find machines with a power of 700 watts / 1000 watts whose consumption is not excessive. Also keep in mind that the times of use are quite limited and therefore the use of a device of this type will not affect your budget much.


If you want to start making a myriad of delicious treats at home, the easiest way is to purchase a cupcake maker.

There are an infinite number of them on the market, even at low prices: in this guide we have illustrated the steps to follow to find the right one for you.

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In our editorial we gave top marks to the Triomph model , which in a few minutes allows you to prepare 7 cupcakes in the classic size that everyone loves, neither too big nor too small. Non-stick, it cleans in an instant and the non-slip feet allow you to work in maximum stability.

frequently asked Questions

Are cupcake makers only for making cupcakes?

Not exactly. Most of these types of appliances allow you to cook a wide variety of treats. For example, you can make muffins, cinnamon rolls, mini corn dogs, to name a few. Some models have interchangeable sticky plates: the cupcake maker is therefore suitable for different cakes .

How to clean a cupcake maker?

Before cleaning the cupcake maker, be sure to unplug it from the main outlet and allow it to cool. Then wipe the structure and the cooking plates with a damp cloth and then dry them with a soft cloth. If there are food residues on the cooking surface, remove them with a nylon pad or a plastic bristle brush. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or steel wool on the device as they can easily damage it.

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