Top 10 best cup warmers 2022-Complete Guide Review

To heat a drink quickly and efficiently, the cup warmer appears to many people as the ideal accessory. Indeed, with its hot plate, this little one allows you to drink your coffee or tea at the right temperature all the time. However, finding the best cup warmer is not always easy with all the models offered here and there on the internet. Presenting you with the 10 best models on the current market is undoubtedly the best way to help you make the right choice.

Comparison of the best cup warmers 2022: tests and reviews

he 10 best cup warmers that are presented to you here are the most reliable that can be found on the market. They are also very interesting in terms of value for money. Take advantage of this selection to choose your model according to the advantages and weak points of each product.

Pinpoxe Cup Warmer

With its neat aesthetics, this white model is one of the best cup warmers on the market in its price category. It allows you to heat your favorite beverages directly on your desk or table. No matter when you brewed your coffee, this device lets you drink it hot just the way you like it. It also allows you to heat other drinks such as tea, milk, herbal tea, herbal teas or simply water. All you have to do for this is to put the cup containing the liquid on the heating part.

This Pinpoxe utensil is a 16 W model that offers automatic and intelligent operation. Once the heating zone has been activated via the touch button, the device begins its work as soon as it detects the container. It should be noted that you can use glass, ceramic or even metal cups, provided that the bottom is flat. The device will have a hard time heating your coffee, tea or milk in a container with a deep bottom.

The Pinpoxe cup warmer has a sturdy construction that guarantees long-lasting use. The fact that it is waterproof also extends its life by limiting the risk of water damage. This means you don’t have to panic if you accidentally spill the cup’s contents onto its surface.


  1. Sleek and durable design
  2. Compatible with flat bottom cups
  3. Splash proof
  4. Good value for money


  1. Slightly small heating surface

Mustard Hot Cookie cup warmer

If you have a weakness for accessories in original and fun formats, this cup warmer in the shape of a biscuit is made for you. From the Hot Cookie range of the Mustard brand, this model is the perfect ally for breakfast and snacks.

To prevent you from drinking cold coffee or tea, this appliance is designed to keep it always hot at a temperature of 50°C . You will no longer have to get up every 5 minutes to warm up your drink. The one you already have in your cup stays hot for as long as you want so you can focus on your work.

The Mustard Hot Cookie cup warmer is powered via USB. So you can plug it into your computer or any device that has a USB port. As soon as this is the case, the device is immediately functional, and you can have your hot drink in no time. Its operation is also very easy to control using the On/Off button with which it is equipped.

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The accessory also impresses with its elegant design and compact design that allows it to be used at home, at work or on the go. It has a 1m power cable which gives you good flexibility wherever you use it to heat up your drinks.


  1. Original and ergonomic design
  2. Easy to use to keep drinks at 50°C
  3. On/Off button
  4. Good value for money


  1. Heating surface deemed too small by some users

Offered to a law student, it’s just perfect for working and hydrating at the same time. We just have to see if it holds up over time, but for the moment, it’s operational . Read all reviews.

Laurel N.

Zoiibuy cup warmer

This 220 volt cup warmer is an accessory designed to offer you practicality and safety. With its 18 W power , it is effective in maintaining the temperature of drinks between 40 and 60 degrees. There is therefore no risk of overheating to be feared with this utensil consisting of a stainless steel body and a glass panel.

This cup warmer works without an on or off button. Simply put down a cup full of coffee, tea, milk or chocolate to activate its operation thanks to the weight of the liquid. Similarly, the heating and keeping warm process stops once the container is removed.

If the glass surface of this cup warmer heats up very quickly, it cools down just as quickly at the end of the heating process. And even during its operation, the heat is effectively dissipated through the 19 small holes provided for this purpose by the manufacturer. Be that as it may, the latter strongly advises the user not to put his fingers near the heating part if the device has just been unplugged.

It should also be noted that this cup warmer is equipped with 4 non-slip feet which give it good grip on all supports. Its panel is additionally heat-resistant and also waterproof for stress-free use.


  1. Automatic operation
  2. Maintaining the temperature at around 55°C
  3. Rapid heating and cooling of the panel
  4. Stable and waterproof design


  1. One mode of operation

Good cup warmer, the only problem is that it is indicated in the characteristics 3 heating modes but in the end the button turns on and off only without the modes. Read all reviews.

Celine V.

Wandefol cup warmer

The Wanderfol is one of the best cup warmers on the market, highly appreciated by users for their practicality and versatility. It is therefore easy to use and offers two temperature modes to meet all your needs.

The first mode which is indicated by a blue light relates to the lowest heating intensity. It thus provides a minimum heating capacity of 40°C and a maximum of 50°C , ideal for keeping drinks hot. The second mode provides a temperature of 50 to 60°C and is indicated by the red light. This is the highest heating level of the appliance and is useful for obtaining a much hotter drink. It should be noted that this device is able to withstand very high temperatures, thanks to its heating plate which is made of particularly resistant tempered glass .

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With its 18 W , this touch cup warmer is compatible with several types of cups, including those made of glass, ceramic, porcelain, stainless steel or even cardboard. However, care must be taken to use those whose bottom is perfectly flat and smooth in order to promote better contact with the plate. You can count on the 1.5m long power cable to easily plug the device in anywhere, whether at home, in the office or elsewhere.


  1. Two temperature modes
  2. Practical and versatile
  3. Waterproof design
  4. Economic operation
  5. Good cable length


  1. The intensity of the heat depends on the type of cup

I’m a teacher, which means having to drink cold cups of tea and coffee as well as never having time to sit down! It is a product that helps out well, it keeps the drink hot and you can still drink it after an hour . Read all reviews.

Quentin J.

Chauffe tasse Wandefol 220 V

Chauffe tasse Wandefol 220 V

Coming from the same range of Wandefol brand products , this cup warmer offers three  operating modes. A low intensity mode with 40 to 50°C a high intensity mode with 50 to 60°C, in addition to a sleep mode. Note that it will be easy for you to choose the temperature that suits you thanks to the touch button.

The device also offers a versatile operation that allows it to heat all kinds of drinks easily. Take advantage of its heating capacity to stop drinking your coffee, tea, milk or chocolate cold. You can even use this Wandefol cup warmer to keep your soups at the right tasting temperature.

Just like the previous model, this coffee warmer is made of durable materials of good quality. While its heating plate is made of tempered glass, its frame is made of a metal made of an aluminum alloy.

Regarding the rest of its physical characteristics, this cup warmer has a power of 18 W. It is also a black model, with dimensions of 11 cm in diameter against a thickness of 1.3 cm. Its power cable measures 1 meter and 50 cm.


  1. Three modes of operation
  2. Quality materials
  3. Easy to use


  1. Operation is not automatic

It keeps all its promises. The tea in my cup stays hot until the last sip. This is exactly what I needed since I often forget to drink my tea! Read all reviews.

Indra G.

FTVOGUE cup warmer

If you are looking for the best cup warmer, this model has been found for you among the most interesting products of the moment in terms of value for money. Designed by the FTVOGUE brand , the device is equipped as it should be to allow you to maintain your drinks at the ideal temperature. Its touch adjustment button allows you to choose between two heating levels, one with a minimum intensity of 40-50 degrees and the other with a maximum intensity of 55-60 degrees . Each temperature level is identified by a different light, namely blue for the lowest and red for the highest.

This cup warmer is a 15 W power model with an aluminum body and a glass panel that withstands high temperatures. The device also measures 12 cm in diameter and 1 cm in height for a weight of 300 g. It is therefore light and compact enough to be discreet on a kitchen table or on a desk. To use it, nothing could be easier. Simply plug it into an electrical outlet via its approximately 1.5m power cord and place the drink on a hot plate.

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It should also be noted that the FTVOGUE cup warmer is designed to resist liquids in the event of accidental splashes. In addition, to prevent it from remaining on indefinitely and consuming more energy than necessary, an automatic shutdown function turns it off after 8 hours of operation.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Two temperature levels for heating and keeping warm
  3. Automatic shutdown
  4. Compact and lightweight


  1. The tactile switch deemed a little too sensitive by some users

Very good quality, metal and glass finish, works wonderfully well and heats up quickly. Read all reviews.

Jorge M.

FTVOGUE cup warmer

FTVOGUE cup warmer 220V

Thanks to its quality of design, this device also offered by FTVOGUE has well deserved to appear in this comparison of the 10 best cup warmers. With its beautiful red and black colour, it comes in a metal frame with a tempered glass plate. These materials thus give it a good robustness as well as a durability which will not fail to be felt over the uses.

Its operation is simple. Once the device is plugged in, just touch the touch switch to turn it on. The small circle lights up red and at this time the machine delivers a heating temperature of 55-60 degrees. A second press of the same key, and the light turns blue to indicate that the low intensity heating of 40 to 60 degrees is activated. This temperature level keeps coffee or your other favorite drinks always hot. By touching the switch a third time, the small luminous circle goes out to signify that the heating process is stopped.

The FTVOGUE cup warmer allows you to heat coffee, tea or even milk in cups of different materials. However, it is important that the bottom of the containers used be flat so that contact with the plate is optimal for better heating. And if you forget to turn off the device, it will turn itself off after 8 hours to save your energy.


  1. Waterproof and durable design
  2. Two temperature levels for heating and warming drinks
  3. Touch switch
  4. Automatic shutdown


  1. No temperature display

The drinks stay very hot. Finally, my tea is no longer cold when I leave my office for long hours. I haven’t tested the automatic shutdown yet, to see. Read all reviews.

Gabriela R.

Powergiant cup warmer

Don’t drink cold coffee anymore thanks to the Powergiant 45 W cup warmer, which works on a 220 V mains socket. This model allows you to heat your drinks or reheat them thanks to these three temperature levels, namely 40°C. , 55°C and 65°C. These different heating intensities are adjustable from the touch button and are indicated respectively by a blue, pink and red light. The button also controls the power on and off of the device with a number of presses. A short beep on each press signals the switch to the different heating modes. There is thus nothing complicated to do and no complex manipulation to make it work according to your needs.

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Cups with flat bottoms and thin walls are the most suitable for this Powergiant brand cup warmer . If this condition is respected, the material of the container will not be a problem whether it is glass, porcelain or even stainless steel.

Apart from its good heating capacity, this cup warmer incorporates an automatic shut-off function. For reliability and also economy reasons, it cannot work for more than 6 hours continuously. Its surface is also waterproof to save you stress if you accidentally spill liquid on it. You will only have to pass a simple wipe to solve the problem and continue to use the utensil to heat your drinks.


  1. Three heating temperature levels
  2. Multi-function touch button that controls temperature levels and ignition
  3. Automatic shutdown
  4. Splash resistance


  1. Small heating surface

Product meeting my expectations. It keeps the tea hot but does not heat up much. Read all reviews.

Laura P.

SZS® cup warmer

With this device, you will no longer need to throw away your cold coffee or leave your work to reheat it in the kitchen. With its 15 W power, it can be placed on the table next to you, in the office or at home. Whether you are filing files on your computer or concentrating on reading a book, this cup warmer guarantees you hot drinks at all times. Its heating capacity makes it possible to maintain the temperature of the liquids that one wishes to keep warm between 40 and 60 degrees.

The device is easy to use thanks to its touch adjustment key. You must first connect it to the mains and turn it on by pressing the ignition button. You will know that it is on thanks to the small circle which will be luminous. Then, all you have to do is place your flat-bottomed cup in glass, stainless steel or porcelain on top to preserve the heat of its contents.

The SZSMD cup warmer is also equipped with a non-slip base which ensures good stability when in use. In addition, it is a waterproof model that does not fear splashes, with aluminum as manufacturing materials and heat-resistant glass. It also offers an automatic shut-off function to avoid excessive energy consumption.


  1. Touch control
  2. Automatic shutdown
  3. Splash resistance
  4. Good manufacturing materials


  1. Risk of burns by touching the panel while the appliance is in operation

Perfect, when I leave my desk for a while, my coffee is no longer cold. Read all reviews.

Sarah U.

Cosori cup warmer

Like all the devices in this selection of the 10 best cup warmers, this model from the Cosori brand allows you to always have hot drinks. Whether you’re sitting at your desk, on the couch or on a deckchair, you can plug it into the nearest outlet. Moreover, its power cable is long enough for you to benefit from great flexibility.

Thanks to its heating performance that allows your favorite drinks to stay between 40 and 60 degrees , you can always consume them at the right temperature. You can thus take all your time to savor your coffee, for example, without fearing that it will cool down before you have completely drunk it.

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This Cosori cup warmer comes in a very good quality brushed stainless steel structure . This gives it the robustness and reliability that make it a well-made device. Its use and operation are also safe thanks to the PI film which protects its heating system and its waterproof character. Thanks to this feature, cleaning its panel will not be complicated, even if the contents of the cup overflow.

It should also be noted that this warming utensil lights up with an On/Off button. An indicator light lets you know if it is on or off. It is also equipped with an LCD screen that displays the heating temperature.


  1. Touch control panels
  2. Splash resistance
  3. LCD display for temperature display
  4. Easy cleaning


  1. No automatic shutdown

This is not a first price cup warmer, and it shows!

Precise temperature setting (25-110C) and which remains even after being unplugged. Temperature displayed in real time (Real sensor). Temperature stabilization, so no risk of overheating. Beep on ignition and bright screen, there is no risk of activating it by accident. Easy and risk-free cleaning thanks to the choice of materials and the power supply which is in a separate brick.

In other words, they have thought of everything. Read all reviews.

Arnaud F.

Buying guide to choose your best cup warmer

Cup of coffee

The criteria to take into account

Because drinking cold coffee can be very unpleasant, especially when you like it hot, a cup warmer can be useful to keep it at the right temperature. But before embarking on the purchase of this device, it is important to know the selection criteria to be taken into account.

The characteristics of the device

To be sure to choose the best cup warmer, you must make sure that its specifications do indeed meet your expectations. Indeed, with the multitude of models offered on the market, it is easy to inadvertently buy a device that does not have the desired characteristics. Whether you are looking for a model with basic or advanced features, it is essential to pay attention to the smallest details.

For example, check whether the size of the plate or the device itself suits you, or whether the manufacturing materials are of good quality. Is it a model that only keeps drinks warm or can also heat them when they have cooled? These are all details to take into account.

Moreover, if the design is an important criterion for you, do not hesitate to make sure that the finish suits you before placing an order. Certain characteristics such as splash resistance are also to be taken into account.

The type of power supply

Do you want a cup warmer that works via mains or via USB? For some users, plugging into a wall outlet provides more power than the USB port. However, the real point to consider here is how you want to use your device to maintain the right temperature for your favorite beverages. You can opt for a model that you can plug into the mains, if you are sure to always have a socket at hand. Otherwise, if you have to move a lot with your device, for example, and if you have a laptop, connecting via USB will be more practical.

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The length of the power cable

Whether it is a model to be connected to the mains or to USB, this selection criterion should not be overlooked. It is recommended to favor a cup warmer that has a power cord long enough to optimize its comfort of use. It will indeed be easier for you to install your device on the table and to form it without having to resort to an extension cord. So to speak, a long cable will save you unnecessary hassles and allow you to keep the device close and enjoy more conveniences.


In addition to keeping drinks warm, some cup warmers incorporate additional features that make it easier to use. The automatic shut-off function, for example, allows the device to turn itself off after it has been on for a certain period of time. You can also opt for a device with an automatic temperature system and whose heating process is activated by placing the cup on the panel.


If a cup warmer seems naturally intended for heating or reheating coffee, it can also play the same role with several other types of drinks such as tea or milk. In general, most models offered for sale offer these possibilities as standard. But it is still necessary to check that this is indeed the case to avoid unpleasant surprises. Likewise, your device must be compatible with all types of cups, whether ceramic, glass, porcelain, stainless steel, etc.

How to use your cup warmer?

If you have managed to find the best cup warmer, it is important to know the basic rules to follow in order to use it correctly and sustainably.

At first, it is absolutely necessary to avoid using the device for anything other than what it was designed for. This is the reason why you need to make sure of all its capabilities before buying it. Then, care must be taken to use cups with a flat bottom. This is important for the heating quality of your drink. For the same reasons, it is also essential that the walls of the container are as thin as possible.

Finally, you must absolutely avoid pouring water or any other liquid on your cup warmer on purpose, whether to clean it or for anything else. Although most models offer some splash resistance, they are not 100% waterproof. It is also recommended not to touch the heating part while the appliance is in operation to avoid any risk of burns.

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