Best-cup-turner/ 2022

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What is the best Cup Turner to buy?

1. Crafterr Cup Turner This model from arts and crafts company Crafterr is a reliable and easy-to-use turner for artists of all skill levels.

What is a Cup Turner and how does it work?

These devices consist of a motorized arm that holds your cup in a horizontal position while rotating it, thereby keeping its sides exposed and moving as you apply layers of epoxy resin. A good turner should move at a consistent rate so you can achieve a neat finish with your desired detail and texture.

What kind of pipe do you use for a multi Cup Turner?

This multi cup turner comes with rather flimsy pipes, so one customer replaced it with a thicker ½” PVC pipe and ½” female adapters, solving the issue. The customer service is very responsive, which is excellent when looking for replacements.

How many cups are in the Turner kit?

In addition to the turner itself, the kit contains four foam pieces that can hold cups up to 32 ounces, mixing accessories, and a drying rack.