Top 10 Best Crepe Makers 2022-Complete Guide Review

Convivial dishes par excellence, pancakes are always appreciated by young and old alike. Preparing it has become very easy thanks to the crepe makers which make it possible to obtain optimal cooking conditions. Only problem, there are countless of these devices on the market, and knowing which one to choose is not always obvious.

Welcome to this comparison of the best crepe makers of the moment. The buying guide offered next, it will help you in the search for your pancake utensil.

Comparison of the Best crepe Makers 2022: tests and reviews

The 10 crepe makers that you are about to discover have been unearthed for you in the catalog of the greatest designers of kitchen utensils on the market. These are the models that have met with the most success with users and pancake lovers. By looking carefully, you have every chance of finding the product that suits you.

Russell Hobbs Crepe Maker

Russell Hobbs 20920-56 Fiesta Crepe Maker

Are you looking for the best crepe maker in terms of value for money? This model from the Russell Hobbs brand has all the features of the affordable device that does its job well. If you like pancakes and you like more than to enjoy them with family or friends, you can already stop your choice on the Fiesta .

With its power of 1000 W , this crepe maker offers a heating capacity that allows you to obtain crepes cooked as they should be. It is possible to set 5 different temperature levels with the thermostat to adapt the heat intensity to the desired cooking quality. Whether you like sweet or savory pancakes, the 30 cm plate will allow you to satisfy everyone.

The Russell Hobbs Fiesta is a practical and easy to use device. It has an on/off switch that makes it easy to turn on. You can tell if the device is on and if it is ready to use thanks to its two indicator lights located on either side of the ignition button. The base is non-slip to allow you to benefit from good stability in use. And to spread the batter correctly on the plate and easily flip the pancake, you can use the spatula and the spreader supplied with the kitchen utensil.

Cleaning the Fiesta is easy thanks to the non-stick coating of its cooking plate. The crepe maker will then be easy to store thanks to its compact size and the possibility of storing the cord to free up work space.


  1. Joli design
  2. 30 cm cooking surface
  3. Thermostat adjustable to 5 positions
  4. Good value for money


  1. The edges are not raised enough, the dough can run if you put too much

It is brilliant, well designed, an anti-overflow rim and delivered with its utensils! I can say that it works very well, having made 130 pancakes! I had lent my crepe maker (from a major brand) to a neighbour, but instead of using the wooden squeegee, she most certainly used a metal cooking utensil! Read all reviews.

Cynthia M.

Clatronic CM 3372 crepe maker

Clatronic CM 3372 crepe maker

If many of you love crepes at home, you can be sure that this Clatronic crepe maker will be happily received. Its presence will indeed be an opportunity for adults and children to share moments of conviviality with family or friends. Children in particular will be delighted to get their hands dirty and then taste the delicious pancakes they have created.

Take advantage of 900 W of power for the best cooking performance. Use the adjustable thermostat at any time to easily and quickly adjust the temperature according to your needs. The pancake plate offers a 29 cm diameter preparation surface that will allow you to make pancakes for everyone. Thanks to its non-stick coating, it will be easy for you to clean it after having feasted copiously.

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The Clatronic CM 3372 is easy to use and hassle-free thanks to its plastic casing and its handles which have been treated so as not to conduct heat. So you can handle it safely to make as many pancakes as you want. A spatula and a display accessory are also provided. Thanks to the cord winder, you can easily store your crepe maker.


  1. Practice
  2. Non-stick coating of the plate
  3. Temperature setting
  4. Good value for money


  1. Slightly short cord

A very good purchase, I recommend it without hesitation. We use it frequently and have had no problems. Read all reviews.

Jacques P.

Gadgy crepe maker

Preparing pancakes can be easy and fun when done with a well-made kitchen utensil. The Gadgy crepe maker will allow you to satisfy the gluttony of all pancake lovers who live with you. Salty or sweet, with honey or chocolate, embellished with fruit everyone can enjoy according to their tastes. In addition, this device is multifunctional and also allows you to make pancakes, tortillas, blinis, omelets, and many other gourmets and delicious recipes.

The Gadgy crepe maker is a very elegant model with its aluminum body and red finish. It offers a power of 1000 Wwhich allows you to benefit from the right cooking temperature at all times. Depending on your preferences and tastes, the degree of browning can be effectively adjusted to get pancakes cooked just the way you want. You can control the texture and cooking of your pancakes using the accessories supplied with the appliance. The pancake rake will allow you to spread the batter properly and the spatula, to turn over or remove the cooked pancakes. Note that the non-stick coating of the aluminum plate allows prepared meals not to stick and to be easy to remove. This also makes the device easy to clean after use. The storage space for the cord under the appliance also makes it possible to limit clutter on the worktop or cupboard.


  1. Joli design
  2. Versatile device
  3. Aluminum plate with easy-to-clean non-stick coating
  4. Good value for money


  1. The underside of the device tends to heat up

This crepe maker is well packaged and supplied with a wooden spatula as well as a “scraper” to make the crepe. The electric wire is quite long and can be stored discreetly under the crepe maker. Just plug it in and press the button, it will indicate that the crepe maker has reached the right heating temperature. Read all reviews.

Tristan B.

Crepe maker Moulinex PY312511 Accessimo

Crepe maker Moulinex PY312511 Accessimo Crep Party

Despite its power of 720 W, a notch below previous models, this table crepe maker cooks crepes perfectly and quickly. Manufactured by Moulinex, whose reputation is second to none, it is a simple and easy-to-use means of gathering and sharing. This is a model with a non-stick plate with 4 molds that each measure 12 cm in diameter. This allows four pancake lovers to feast with pleasure in an atmosphere of total conviviality.

This Moulinex crepe maker is easy to handle thanks to its on/off button and its heating indicator which allow you to have perfect control of the preparation of your crepes. All you have to do is spread the dough properly and let the kitchen utensil do its cooking job. Whether or not you are experienced in making pancakes, you will always get consistent and delicious pancakes, which do not stick to the non-stick plate.

If you are looking for the best and cheapest crepe maker, the Moulinex Accessimo is one of the most popular on the market. Users particularly like its design and neat appearance which says a lot about its good build quality. The fact that its base is made of insulating thermoplastic is also a great asset for anyone wishing to buy a device that can be used without risk of burns.

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What is also appreciated about this pancake machine are the preparation accessories with which it comes. This is a measuring ladle with 4 spatulas that can be easily stored below the crepe maker along with the power cord. The device itself is easy to store in a vertical or horizontal position thanks to its compact size.


  1. Sleek and secure design
  2. Cooks quickly and easily
  3. Easy to use, clean and store
  4. Good value for money


  1. No thermostat

Very good quality product. As other people have pointed out, when first delivered all the accessories were missing. The product was returned and a new one received with no problems. The crepe maker is excellent, I don’t think I will ever touch the crepe pan again… It heats up quickly and well. I tested pancakes: impeccable. Very happy with my purchase . Read all reviews.

Luengoni U.

Domo crepe maker

The DO8709P crepe maker  is ideal for all occasions that allow you to share convivial moments with family or friends. No need to wait for Candlemas to enjoy pancakes, go out there for breakfast, brunch or snack to delight everyone.

Use your best crepe maker designed by the Domo brand to make up to 6 succulent sweet or savory mini crepes in one and the same cooking. You can vary the recipes as many times as you want and decorate them as you wish with honey, maple syrup, milk or even chocolate. Thanks to its 6 baking molds of 11.5 cm in diameter , you can also please your friends or family by offering homemade pancakes or blinis that are just as delicious.

Using the Domo DO8709P is easy and efficient. For example, you can count on its 1000 W of power to obtain well-cooked pancakes without effort. Switching the device on and off is easily done by simply pressing its “on/off” switch. In addition to this, a dough ladle comes with the device to make it easier for you to spread the dough in the moulds.

The Domo DO8709P crepe maker is also easy to clean thanks to the non-stick coating of its cooking plate.


  1. 6 molds to make up to 6 mini crepes at a time
  2. Multifunction device
  3. Easy to use and clean
  4. Good value for money


  1. No temperature controller

I was a little afraid to order this product but following the reviews I let myself go. Received the next day and used it right away. The dough does not stick, very practical cleaning, good for making pancakes with the family. Read all reviews.

Emmanuel F.

Duronic crepe maker

Delighting yourself with well-cooked and above all delicious pancakes as soon as you feel like it is indeed possible thanks to the Duronic PM152 . This crepe maker has a 37 cm cooking plate ideal for making all kinds of creations. Let yourself be tempted by delicious sweet or savory crepes of the size you want. You will have the choice to decorate them in all the gourmet ways possible according to the people who are waiting to feast. You can also treat yourself and friends or family with pancakes, blinis and many other delicacies.

Cooking pancakes with this appliance is very simple thanks to its 1500 W heating power . The temperature rise is fast and the heat is evenly distributed over the entire heating plate. The cooking quality can also be monitored and adjusted according to what is cooking on the plate. For this, you have an ergonomic temperature regulator capable of managing the cooking heat on 5 levels. Everything is done to allow you to enjoy perfectly cooked crepes, blinis or pancakes, whatever their thickness. As one of the best crepe makers around, the Duronic PM152is also easy to clean. Its cooking plate, which in addition to being non-stick is removable, does not catch preparation residues. In addition, the device comes with the necessary to pour the dough and spread it on the plate.

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  1. Large cooking surface
  2. Temperature regulation
  3. Easy to use and easy to clean
  4. Good value for money


  1. The power cable is considered too short by some users

I bought this crepe maker recently and it is awesome!!! This device is really powerful with a super fast cooking time, I can make a large pancake at a time or several small pancakes to avoid keeping my guests waiting. Let’s not forget the easy cleaning of this non-stick and removable plate! A good product for anyone who wants to celebrate Candlemas with pancakes at the table 🙂 See all reviews.

Isabelle V.

Crepe maker Tefal PY558813 Inox & Design

Crepe maker Tefal PY558813 Inox & Design

Whether at Candlemas or every day, the Tefal PY558813 Inox & Design is a party crepe maker that will certainly not fail to seduce you with its features. It is a rectangular model around which 6 people can gather to feast in conviviality. Thanks to its 6 small molds of 12 cm in diameter, each guest or each member of the family will be able to have pancakes to their taste. Six small spatulas are also provided to allow everyone to monitor the proper cooking of their pancake.

The heating temperature of this crepe maker is 1000 W , which allows you to have enough power to cook your crepes perfectly. Heating is fast and you know exactly when to start pouring batter thanks to Tefal’s Thermo-Spot technology . Note that this pancake machine has thermoplastic edges that do not conduct heat. The manufacturer wanted to ensure that users do not burn themselves while preparing their delicious sweet or savory pancakes.

Regarding its aesthetics, nothing has been neglected on this device. The design is neat, the color is of a beautiful effect, without forgetting the small stainless steel touch on both sides which adds a touch of elegance to the general look. The compactness of this crepe maker with dimensions of 40 x 27.5 cm is also a very popular criterion. This makes it easy to store, especially since its power cord can be removed to reduce clutter. It should be noted that the plate of the Tefal PY558813 Inox & Design is non-stick for easy cleaning.


  1. Non-stick baking tray with 6 pancake molds
  2. Fast heating
  3. Technologie Thermo-Spot
  4. Good value for money


  1. No adjustable thermostat

Very good product. The product conforms to the photos, however the photos do not reflect the real accessories, in fact the ladle is made of plastic and the spatulas are made of wood. But it’s not disturbing I prefer to have a plastic ladle to avoid scratching the plate! Read all reviews.

Aline D.

Crepe maker Lagrange 109006 Duo

Crepe maker Lagrange 109006 Duo

With this kitchen utensil, the Lagrange brand is not at its first attempt in the small household appliance sector. By including this product in the rank of the best crepe makers currently on the market, the designer has decided to bet on multifunction.

The Duo 109006 offers two different plates to allow you to make a large pancake or several small ones. You thus have a 35 cm diameter baking tray for making large pancakes or a plate with small 11 cm diameter molds for mini pancakes. In the latter case, you have the possibility of treating up to è-person with a slice of pancake for each. The two plates can be used one in place of the other depending on the type of cake to be made.

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Everyone will have their preferences thanks to the Lagrange 109006 Duo which provides 1400 W of power to cook pancakes quickly and efficiently. You can get just the right heat level for the cooking you want with the easy-to-use adjustable thermostat. And to help you succeed in your preparations every time, the crepe maker comes with a ladle, 7 spatulas and a crepe rake with rinsing device.

For maintenance, the removable and non-stick nature of the two cooking plates makes the cleaning maneuver much easier.


  1. Multifunction with two hotplates
  2. 1400 W heating power
  3. Adjustable temperature
  4. Interesting price-performance ratio


  1. Accessories may seem flimsy

We have never eaten so many pancakes in my family since we bought this product, a real pleasure to make small pancakes simultaneously around a table. The product is of high quality, does not catch, seems robust (after 1 year of use it has not moved). If I was asked my opinion on a crepe maker, I would give the name of it without hesitation. Read all reviews.

Olstark J.

Crepe maker Krampouz CEBPF2BO

Crepe maker Krampouz CEBPF2BO

This comparison of the best crepe makers on the market presents this very interesting model from the Diabolo range of the Krampouz brand . It is a device of 43 x 38.8 x 15 cm in length, depth and height for a weight of 3 kg. It is neither too big nor too heavy to be used at home to make pancakes and prepare all kinds of delicacies.

This crepe maker offers a power of 1250 W that can be adjusted thanks to the adjustable thermostat that equips it. The latter can be positioned on 7 different temperature levels to optimize the cooking of your pancakes. You will be able to make very large ones, thanks to the 33 cm diameter of the cast aluminum cooking plate.

Making pancakes is very easy with the brand’s patented measuring ladle, spatula and distributor. Other equally practical accessories such as a brush and a rinsing tray are also delivered to simplify the use of the crepe maker. It should be noted that the latter is easy to clean thanks to the non-stick plate. No need to frantically scrub with an abrasive cloth to get it clean.


  1. Large cooking surface
  2. Good heating quality
  3. Comes with preparation accessories
  4. Easy to clean


  1. The supplied paste distributor is not easy to use for some users

Pancakes have become a Sunday tradition for us and have been going on for over 6 years. The Krampouz crepe maker replaces our old crepe pans which always did a good job but the desire to try something new. And I’m really not disappointed I love the experience. Everyone can try to make their pancakes, it’s very nice, the helping hand comes relatively quickly. Read all reviews.

Marie P.

Crepe maker Krampouz Billig

Crepe maker Krampouz Billig CEBPA4AO

If you want to buy the best crepe maker on the market, know that the Krampouz CEBPA4AO is one of the most efficient on the market with its power of 3000 W. Offered by a French brand that enjoys a solid reputation in the world of small household appliances, the device will satisfy the most demanding pancake lovers. This is a professional model that has a 44 cm diameter platewhich will be perfect for special occasions or large families. It should be noted that the cooking surface is made of machined cast iron, a material that promotes rapid rise and good heat distribution. Below the plate, the serpentine format of the heating system makes it possible to obtain an optimal temperature for perfect results. Added to this is the possibility of varying the heat between 50 and 300 degrees to have full control over the quality of cooking.

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The Krampouz CEBPA4AO crepe maker is comfortable and ergonomic in all its aspects. It is easy to use thanks to its simple functions, easy to clean thanks to the non-stick coating of its plate and easy to store thanks to its compact size. It is a robust machine that has non-slip feet ensuring good stability. It also comes with a large wooden spatula and a spreader to spread the dough evenly.

The least that can be said about this crepe maker is that it has been designed to meet all cresting requirements. Its great performance and features are enough to justify its price for the lesser.


  1. Professional design
  2. Great power and great
  3. Large cooking surface
  4. Easy to clean and store

For years, I’ve been missing my buckwheat pancakes. Impossible to make like the ones I eat at my favorite addresses. And talking about it with a native Breton, she gave me the tip: my cheap crepe maker was not suitable. It was not powerful enough to heat up. And indeed, I understood the difference when I received this one… See all reviews.

Stella C.

Buying guide: everything you need to know to choose the best crepe maker

Pancakes ready to eat

Selection criteria

The pancake, this delicious thin pancake made from flour, milk and eggs is even better when it is made in the right conditions. This is precisely why crepe makers were invented to make the task easier for all those who like to feast on them. Designed to be more practical and efficient than the good old frying pans, crepe makers exist in several models on the market. To be able to choose the one that suits your needs, some essential criteria must be taken into account.

The heating power

To put the odds on your side to find the best crepe maker, you must start by paying attention to this criterion. For effective and above all fast cooking, the appliance must obviously have good power.

The power of the crepe makers offered in this comparison, for example, varies between 720 as is the case with the Moulinex PY312511 Accessimo Crep Party and 3000 Watts such as the Krampouz CEBPA4AO . For domestic and occasional use, a device that displays about a heating capacity below 1000 will be more than enough to satisfy you. You can aim for up to 2000 W, or even more if you are looking for a professional machine for more intensive use.

However, you must take into account the energy consumption which can be quite high for the most powerful models. It should also be noted that some devices are equipped with a thermostat which is very practical for regulating the temperature and adapting it to your needs.

The size of the hob

The second main criterion to take into account when choosing your crepe maker is the size of the cooking plate. The choice of the size of your device will depend on the type of pancakes you intend to make.

At this level you have two options. The first will be to opt for a utensil that will allow you to make maxi-pancakes. You will need to have a baking tray whose diameter varies between 30 and 50 cm.

As a second option, you can choose a crepe maker that will allow you to make mini-crepes whose size can vary between 11 and 12 cm. In this case, you can let yourself be seduced by the models that offer a plate with 4, 6, or even 7 moulds.

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Some crepe makers like the Lagrange 109006 Duo are multifunctional and offer two plates to make both maxi-crepes and mini-crepes.

The accessories delivered with the crepe maker

You can opt for a crepe maker that offers all the accessories that could be useful for you to make your crepes efficiently and easily. The most essential accessories are among others a ladle to pour the batter, a spreading rake and a spatula to turn the pancakes. Some models offer more accessories for more practicality.   

It would be beneficial to have an idea of ​​the elements that accompany the crepe maker that interests you, in order to be sure to have everything you need to make your crepes a success easily.

What are the precautions to take before using your crepe maker?

If you’re excited to try out your brand new crepe maker, it’s very simple to use. But for that, it will first be necessary to make sure to connect it to the power outlet and then turn it on using the on/off button. If your model has a thermostat, then you should adjust the temperature according to your needs. All you have to do is wait for the right degree of heating to start spreading the pancake batter on the baking sheet.

Seasoning time may be required before first use, especially if your appliance has an unenamelled cast iron or ground steel plate. This process, which is essential for the quality of future pancakes, is done by first heating the plate to 270 degrees. Once this temperature has been reached, it will be necessary to pour a large spoonful of edible oil over it, taking care to spread it well with a tampon or cotton. You must then let the plate cook the oil for 5 to 10 minutes and repeat the operation about 7 or 8 times. You will know that you have succeeded and that your device is ready to offer you beautiful pancakes as soon as the surface of the plate becomes very smooth and brown.

How to maintain your crepe maker?

As far as cleaning is concerned, there is nothing very complicated at this level either, especially if the cooking plate is covered with a non-stick material. After each use, you can in this case use non-aggressive dishwashing products and a non-abrasive sponge. Of course, you have to wait for the device to cool down. Before storing your crêpe machine, also remember to apply a layer of grease with a soft cloth.

Much more thorough cleaning and periodic seasoning may be required after some time of use. This type of cleaning, which will be done gently with an abrasive stone, will aim to remove the remains of the preparation that accumulate over time.

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