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Where to buy crab pots?

On Thursday Deyerle headed out to the edge of the Soquel Canyon — an arm of the Monterey Bay Canyon — where the Dungeness crab fishery ends at the lip of the continental shelf. The shelf itself is fairly wide — up by Half Moon Bay it stretches out 30 miles or more.

How to set up crab pots?

Tying Knots:Non-Slip Mono Knot: This knot makes a fixed loop at the end and is very strong. ...Clove hitch: A simple all-purpose hitch. Be careful with a clove hitch though as it can be undone easy without any load on the line.Bowline knot: This makes a reasonably secure loop at the end of your rope. It is very versatile and easy to make. ...

Where do I get bait for crab pots?

This has a number of benefits:Bait inside a bait box is harder for the crabs to actually eat. ...It’s harder for crabs to steal your bait. ...If you’re working with smaller bait like fish guts or heads then stuffing them in a bait box is easier than trying to lash directly to the pot.Prevents predators from poaching your bait.

How to make a crab trap?

Drill holes for the eye bolts along the top pipes. ...Wrap the sides, top and bottom with chicken wire. ...Cover one end with a square of chicken wire. ...Make a funnel out of chicken wire for the other end. ...Attach your eye bolts.Take two lengths of rope make a loop in the middle and splice loops on all ends (four loops) inside the eyebolts. ...
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