Top 6 Best cotton candy machines for home 2022

The best cotton candy machine helps create a happy atmosphere at any party. Thanks to this device, you no longer need to be in an amusement park or a festival to offer your little ones this sweet specialty.

It is a small, very simple to use device that helps you relive one of the best childhood memories, allowing you to produce real cotton candy at home, with its impalpable texture and incomparable taste. . In online sales, you can even buy commercial-grade machines to use at events or even to start your own business.

The best cotton candy machines For Home 2022

What is the best cotton candy machine to Buy

Making homemade cotton candy is actually quite simple: the machine spins the sugar to create a web-like texture that attaches to a cone, stick, or another medium.

The advantage of making cotton candy at home is that you can control the ingredients, flavors and portion sizes. Many machines also work with hard candy, so you can make sour, sour, spicy, cinnamon, or sugar-free cotton candy. And the end result can also be used as an original decoration for desserts or drinks.

Below, we present the best cotton candy machines :

1. Best for Professional Use: Royal Catering RCZK-1030-W Cotton Candy Machine

Royal Catering RCZK-1030-W Machine a Barbe a...

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Its generous dimensions make it particularly versatile. It has a 1030 watt heating element and two switches that allow you to adjust the temperature and activate the rotating head.

The LED digital display shows the voltage in real time. Made of stainless steel, it allows you to obtain large quantities of cotton candy in a short time: with approximately 12-18 g of sugar you can produce a portion in just 30 seconds. The measuring cup included in the package allows you to easily measure the sugar.

Main characteristics: 

  • It has a damping system to dampen vibrations
  • Rubber feet ensure maximum stability
  • Pot and rotating head can be removed for easier cleaning 


  • Marque: Royal Catering
  • Dimensions: Ø 52 x 43,5 cm

2. Best for variety of tastes: Ariete 2971/1 Cotton Candy

Ariete 2971 Cotton Candy Machine Sugar or...

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Created with a retro design from the 50s, this machine can be fed with both granulated sugar and hard candies, to immediately obtain a cotton candy cone with many different flavors. Simple and easy to use, it cleans in just a few steps. Equipped with two plastic cones.

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Main characteristics:

  • She can also use hard candy
  • Its use is very simple
  • Two sturdy plastic cones are included


  • Brand: Ariete
  • Dimensions: 26 x 25 x 25,5 cm

3. Best for livening up your parties: Gadgy Cotton Candy Machine

Gadgy ® Cotton Candy Machine Trolley |...

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It’s a fun way to bring some joy to the party at your house. This machine works with both sugar and hard candies, with or without sugar, to satisfy all tastes. Its compact size allows you to place the structure on any kitchen counter or table.

The transparent rim on the top of the bowl keeps the cotton candy inside the bowl.

Main characteristics: 

  • Made in a nice vintage style
  • It has a compact structure
  • Individual components can be removed for easier cleaning


  • Brand: Gadgy
  • Dimensions: Ø 28 x 28,5 cm

4. Best for Energy Efficiency: Mx Onda Cotton Candy Machine

MX Onda AZ-AZ2765 Sugar Cotton Machine

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It is a very compact retro-style machine that stands out for an important detail: it is in energy efficiency class A +++. This way you can liven up parties and evenings with friends without affecting the wallets too much.

The power of 500 W allows you to subject the machine to continuous work, serving all guests. It disassembles easily for cleaning.

Main features :

  • It has a power of 500W
  • Its compact structure fits easily on the work surface
  • Completely removable, it is easy to clean


  • Brand: Mx Onda
  • Dimensions: Ø 31 x 31 cm

5. Best for Toughness: United Entertainment Cotton Candy Machine

United Entertainment - Cotton Candy Machine -...

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With its bright red color, this machine is undoubtedly noticed on all occasions. It is possible to use only sugar or add a coloring to revive the result.

Made of sturdy plastic, it is easy to clean. it has a power of 500 W. It comes in a nice cardboard gift box.

Main characteristics: 

  • You can add food coloring
  • Its structure is made of robust plastic material.
  • Delivered in a gift box


  • Marque: United Entertainment
  • Dimensions: ø 30 x 25 cm

6. The best for value for money: Homcom cotton candy machine

HOMCOM Professional Cotton Candy Machine 550W...

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It produces a portion of cotton candy every two minutes. Its structure is made of PP, stainless steel, aluminum. The 450 W motor and the 1.2 m long power cable complete its technical characteristics.

The suction cup feet guarantee maximum safety during use, preventing the machine from accidentally slipping.

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Main characteristics:

  • The motor has a power of 450 W
  • It is made of PP, stainless steel and aluminum
  • Non-slip feet keep the machine stable during use


  • Brand: Homcom
  • Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 28 cm

7.GOURMETmaxx cotton candy machine

Relatively compact, this device with a nice look is very easy to use because it has only one button: on/off! On the other hand, it will be necessary to go about it several times before having the helping hand to obtain the coveted treats! The transparent wall that protects against splashes is very well thought out, even if its shape does not facilitate the gesture that it is necessary to acquire…

A few weak points should be noted. The cotton candy produced is thin… Moreover, the materials are quite basic, and the electric cable measures only 80 cm.

WE love

  • ease of use;
  • featherweight (1.5 kg);
  • the compact size;
  • splash protection.

We love less

  • the result a little thin;
  • building materials;
  • the tiny electric cable.

8.The Gadgy Machine Cotton Candy Machine

Quite similar to the GOURMETmaxx machine, this one produces cotton candy that is quite thick and close to professional results. The suction cups prevent the device from moving while the motor is in use. Quite efficient for a more than reasonable price.

I regret a small inconvenience… It’s still weird to have to stop the machine when pouring the sugar! This is not necessary in the other products tested…

WE love

  • honorable design for the price;
  • le retro design;
  • the splash guard;
  • suction cup feet.

We love less

  • the obligatory stoppage of the device when pouring the sugar.

The Cotton Candy Machine OneConcept Candyland

I love the visual appeal of this little machine! Its cubic base in red varnished metal with its silver finishes, as well as its bowl of the same color, are of the most beautiful effect in the kitchen… even when not in use! Very easy to handle, it comes with a matching color pouring spoon. Well done, this little detail!

On the other hand, what a disappointment to see how tiny cotton candy is! You will have to add sugar, wait again for the preheating time to finally harvest a delicacy worthy of the name.

WE love

  • the very nice design;
  • good general design;
  • simplicity of use.

We love less

  • cotton candy of ridiculous size;
  • the absence of instructions in French.
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Cheapest: The Cotton Candy Machine United Entertainment

Back to the US… Impossible not to notice the nice shape, typical of the antique furniture on wheels from American fairgrounds. Children love this playful and very festive shape.

Apart from this effect of style, it is clear that there is an unfortunate plastic finish. Furthermore, the tank has the double disadvantage of being of limited height and of not having an inwardly curved edge. As a result, there are quite substantial splashes of sugar during the heating…

Apart from these black spots, the machine does a decent job, at a very low price.

WE love

  • the very attractive shape;
  • colors and visuals;
  • the low price.

We love less

  • poor quality design;
  • the plastic finish;
  • a long heating time;
  • the sugar splashes out of the tray.

Who needs a cotton candy machine at home?

While a cotton candy machine is a perfect way to entertain the kids at home or help celebrate a birthday party, it can also be a great addition to any event or help you earn money additional.

Both adults and children love the sweet, simple charm of cotton candy. This is why a machine of this type is perfect both for private parties and for parties and festivals open to the general public. It is easy to use and you quickly learn to create white or colored sugar clouds, wrapped around the wooden stick , which are impossible to resist.

What aspects to consider when buying a cotton candy machine?


Every party is full of sweets or can’t really be considered a party. When deciding which treats to make to make your guests’ mouths water, you should consider making your own cotton candy instead of offering the usual cookies, chocolates or candies.

Cotton candy is loved by everyone, young and old. It’s one of those treats that everyone fondly remembers when they look back on their childhood and that everyone will enjoy at your party. So, if you are considering buying a cotton candy machine for home or commercial use at events, there are just a few things to consider before deciding which one to choose and where to buy it.


If you plan to use your cotton candy maker only at home, you should look for one that is small, easy to use, and inexpensive. If you plan to buy it as a gift, we recommend that you try to find out on what occasions it will be used to choose the appropriate size. Don’t forget to buy wooden sticks !

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Depending on the number of people who will enjoy your delights, you will have to choose the right size machine. A small and compact model is suitable for you and your children, but if you run a business or plan to use it at events where you will be serving a lot of people, obviously look for a professional machine that can quickly produce a lot of cotton candy. . It also shouldn’t need a lot of downtime when you need to add more sugar.


It’s always a good idea to shop within your budget, but it’s also important to consider investing in a machine that’s sturdy enough to last a few years. Going for a cheaper machine can end up costing you more in the long run if it doesn’t stand the test of time and you end up having to buy a new machine in its place.

To get an idea of ​​the price, consider an investment of around 35 to 40 euros for a machine for home use. If you plan to make commercial use, the cost increases sharply and can exceed 200 euros.


The power of the heating element is essential if you use the machine for professional purposes. The higher the power of the heating element , the faster the machine is ready to produce cotton candy and speeds up the process whenever you need to add sugar. Look for a machine with at least a 450 watt or 500 watt motor. 

If you only use it for your three children at home, this consideration is less important and allows you to consider the cheaper models. Models that allow you to adjust and control the temperature are not only more convenient, but they allow you to get the right texture every time.


Daddy's beard

Find out how fast the machine produces each portion. Even if you use it at home, it makes a big difference whether you have to wait a few minutes or a quarter of an hour.

All the more reason, when you’re using it for business purposes and you have a crowd of people in front of you, you need to produce quite a few cotton candy servings per minute. Also, the device should not need ten minutes to warm up after adding more sugar.

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The life of the motor and the heating element is really an important factor to consider, especially if you use the device for work or if you receive a large crowd. The capacity of the bowl is another aspect that shouldn’t be underestimated, as you want to make sure it can handle multiple servings at once.

For obvious reasons, machines that are easier to clean are also better, so look for a machine that has a mechanism that makes it easier to detach the bowl. The cleaner you can keep your machine, the longer it will last.


A less expensive plastic device is fine if you plan to use it for a house party or family event. If you’re making cotton candy for a big event like a trade show or fundraiser, go for a heavy-duty machine with a powerful motor and all- stainless steel construction . These machines are designed with separate motors to make them last longer. Either way, look for it to be easy to clean .


To keep the cotton candy from blowing away while you prepare it, look for a model with a border all the way around the top of the bowl. It will also allow you to easily shape portions.

Many home-use machines come with cones, recipes, and raw materials so you can start creating tasty treats as soon as you plug the unit into the electrical outlet. Commercial models often come with a drawer to store accessories or cash and a built-in cart to help you transport the machine from place to place.

Warranty and Support

 You can tell the best products on the market apart by the support they receive. If they come with an extended warranty, they are almost certainly quality devices, made to last.

Most companies today should be able to provide you with live chat, email, and phone support. So if you find that the brand you’re about to choose doesn’t have customer support, you might want to look elsewhere.


Adding a cotton candy machine to a party helps make it memorable. Finding the right one to meet your needs really comes down to how you want to use it and how many servings you plan to serve. But no matter which one you choose, your guests will enjoy twirling around a stick of cotton candy and eating everyone’s favorite childhood treat.

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For professional use, we chose the Gadgy machine instead . It is a complete machine with trolley, which can follow you anywhere according to your needs. Its bowl and paddle are made of stainless steel, a material that stands the test of time. It does not fear rust and is very easy to clean.

frequently asked Questions

Can I use regular sugar in a cotton candy machine?

Depending on the machine you choose, you can use powdered sugar or refined sugar. To give cotton candy its color and flavor, mix cotton candy concentrate with regular granulated sugar or buy a premixed product. You can also add drops of food coloring to wow your guests with black cotton candy or pink cotton candy .

Should I use water to clean my cotton candy machine?

If you’re talking about the base of the motor, do as with the candy machine : the best thing is to use a damp cloth to pass over the entire surface. On the other hand, components that can be detached, such as the bowl, can be safely washed with soap and water.

How to keep cotton candy fresh?

Cotton candy should not be refrigerated but stored in a dry, dark place at room temperature in sealed packages.

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