Top 10 Best cotton candy machine for Home 2022-Complete Guide Review

Cotton candy, children love it and adults too. It evokes fairgrounds, circuses, carnivals, fairs and fairs. Very popular at birthday parties, it is the perfect delicacy for moments of relaxation with the family. Nowadays, machines for making cotton candy are accessible to the household. There is also a plethora of models of all types on the market. Unfortunately, not all are created equal. 

One wrong choice and you can say goodbye to the pleasure of making your own cotton candies at home. In order not to complicate your task, it would be good to consult this comparison in order to choose the best cotton candy machine with ease.

Comparison of the best cotton candy machines for beginners: tests and reviews

Here is a selection of the 10 best cotton candy machines for home use of the moment. It includes the models that offer the best quality/price/performance ratio.

Gadgy GG0612 cotton candy machine

Gadgy GG0612 cotton candy machine

This cotton candy machine from Gadgy is a model with a power of 500 W. It offers very good performance for home use and allows you to quickly make nice portions of cotton candy.

Very easy to use, just preheat it for about 5 to 10 minutes, put sugar in the rotating cone and then hold the rod above it so that the filaments of sugar come to hang on it little by little. Note that the device comes with a set of 10 red-white sticks and a measuring spoon, very practical for putting the right amount of sugar.

This machine for making cotton candies is a versatile model that is suitable for both regular sugar and hard candies as well as other ingredients. You can use it to test different types of flavors, textures and colors according to your desires and needs.

Made with plastic, the cotton candy machine offered by Gadgy stands out with its retro design that will not go unnoticed on a counter or at a birthday party. Also remember that it is light (1.6 kg), compact and easy to transport. The device can also be dismantled, which makes it easy to maintain and store.


  1. Good performance
  2. Non-slip feet
  3. Simple to use
  4. Easy to clean


  1. Not suitable for professional use

Very classy machine that has impressed more than one in the family. Easy to install, just let it heat up for 5 minutes before adding the sugar and then it’s gone. It’s not as big cotton candy as on the carnival but enough for our children. We quickly take the hand to make them. Cleaning is quick and easy since you just have to remove the white bowl and run under hot water and the sugar goes away in no time . Read all reviews.

Roman C.

Gadgy Chariot Cotton Candy Machine

Gadgy Chariot Cotton Candy Machine

If you want a cotton candy machine that will really make a splash with the kids, this model might just do the trick. With its retro 1950s look and its design imitating the old models on two-wheeled carts, it will look great on the counter or worktop.

Beyond its attractive looks, this Gadgy cart candy floss maker earns some really good points when it comes to ease of use. Even if you’ve never made cotton candy before, you’ll have no trouble doing it with this device. To guarantee safe use, the manufacturer has not skimped on ergonomics. This candy floss has a transparent lid that offers effective protection against splashes.

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With this cotton candy device, you will amaze adults and children with colorful and flavored confectionery at a family party or during any other convivial event. As long as you have granulated sugar or hard candies with or without sugar, you can vary the taste according to your preferences.

The Gadgy trolley cotton candy machine has a power of 500 Watts. Being intended for individuals, it is more than enough to guarantee a good return. In order for the formation of spun sugar to occur quickly enough, it is enough to preheat the device for about 5-10 minutes. It should also be noted that the device can be cleaned quite easily after use with hot soapy water.


  1. Ease of use and maintenance
  2. Protection cover
  3. Design retro original
  4. Yield correct


  1. Not suitable for professional use

Received yesterday we immediately tried it with the children! Works very well just to find the right gesture to have bigger cotton candy! Cleans very easily under hot water! I really recommend very nice! Read all reviews.

Martin U.

Mini candy floss machine Royal Catering

Mini candy floss machine Royal Catering RCZK-420-W

This RCZK-420-W Royal Cartering cotton candy equipment is a professional quality model intended for home use. It is ideal for people who want to have a high-end device in a compact format. From the height of its 28.80 x 28.80 x 16.50 cm for a weight of 1.7 kg, it is indeed very compact and can be easily moved from one point to another without great effort.

This cotton candy maker machine is one of the most outstanding in its class when it comes to build quality. It is indeed equipped with a removable stainless steel tank which clips onto a pretty pink plastic box with stainless steel stabilizers. In addition to the flashy color of the case, the machine comes in a chic and elegant design. It is obvious that this equipment will not go unnoticed on your work plan. It is also very solid and holds perfectly in place during use thanks to the non-slip feet it has.

Even if compared to the average, the RCZK-420-W Royal Cartering displays a slightly lower power (420 Watts), that does not mean that it is less efficient. On the contrary, it is very effective and will allow you to concoct a beautiful cotton candy in 60 to 90 seconds.

Its use is relatively easy and requires no special knowledge. For a better experience, the machine comes with a measuring spoon, very useful for taking the ideal amount of sugar for one serving.


  1. Top model
  2. Design compact
  3. Effective and efficient
  4. Easy to maintain


  1. Weak power

Great product. It was delivered in perfect condition and I tried it on immediately. The item description matches the product. Read all reviews.

Sacha W.

Ariete cotton candy machine

Cotton candy machine Ariete AR2971

Equipped with a power of 450 W, this device guarantees a quick and efficient production of tasty cotton candy. It will allow you to make your children and their friends happy for a birthday snack.

Lightweight and compact, this candy floss machine can also follow you carefree on your family outings, as it is easy to carry. Its retro design inspired by the 50s and its red/white color make it a perfect decorative accessory. You can put it on your worktop to harmonize it with other elements of the decor.

Versatile, the AR2971 Ariete cotton candy machine works with sugar and candies. It will therefore be easy to try various textures according to the preferences of your little treasures. Overall, the device is simple and easy to use and easy to maintain. For this last point, it is enough to disassemble it for optimal cleaning. Note also that this candy floss comes with 2 cones and a measuring spoon.

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  1. Retro design
  2. Versatile model
  3. Comes with accessories


  1. Intended for home use

Very decent product. You have to be patient at the beginning and once it starts you have to have a helping hand so as not to hit anything, the space is limited . For the taste I took a quality product and it feels satisfied . Read all reviews.

Lolita O.

Daddy beard machine American Dream II Balvi

Daddy beard machine American Dream II Balvi

Wanting to make your own cotton candy at home is a good idea. This will allow you to have a good time with your family while making the children happy. In addition, it will no longer be necessary to wait for the carnival, to go to the amusement park or to the fair before enjoying sweets according to your desires. But for this to be possible, it is necessary to have at your disposal a candy cotton of good quality and easy to use like this model from the Balvi brand.

This is cotton candy equipment that stands out for its very aesthetic modern look. With its compact design, it will take up very little space on your counter or in the cabinet. This machine can be used with ordinary granulated sugar and will make you happy at children’s parties with its delicious portions of cotton candy.

Much like the other models in the same range, the Balvi cotton candy machine has a power of 500 W. It therefore allows you to make cotton candy quickly and efficiently in just a few gestures. Just wait 5 to 10 minutes for it to heat up to use it.

Cleaning this plastic machine is not difficult since it is removable. Also note that the device is very light, as it weighs only 1.51 kg. So you can lift it easily and take it anywhere.


  1. Good performance
  2. Easy to use
  3. Light and compact
  4. Easy cleaning


  1. Can only be used with granulated sugar

At first a little surprised by the small size of the package, I quickly forgot this detail when my 9-year-old daughter was able to make her first cotton candy…obviously they are not the size of the pro machines, but the result is more than enough to satisfy the children. all the utensils are dishwasher safe and it’s very practical at the end of the afternoon for a snack… I recommend . Read all reviews.

Celine K.

Mx Onda cotton candy machine

Cotton candy machine Mx Onda MX-AZ2765

Are you looking for a cotton candy machine that your children can use to make their own cotton candy under your supervision? Well, the Mx Onda MX-AZ2765 may be a model that will meet your expectations. 

The device might appeal to kids, as it comes in a cool pink-white design that looks great. In addition, it is similar to a real candy floss machine with a carnival trolley except that its format is much smaller.

Very easy to use, the Mx Onda MX-AZ2765 makes it easy to make delicious cotton candy from sugar granules. With this model, the warm-up time is about 5 minutes. After this step, the production evolves very quickly as long as you know the right way to do it. Once you have finished using the appliance, you can disassemble the bowl for easy cleaning.

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Like the majority of cotton candy machines of this ilk, this model has a power of 500 W, enough to operate the device efficiently. It should be remembered that cleaning is very fast since the machine is disassembled.


  1. Affordable price
  2. Retro design
  3. Ease of use and cleaning


  1. Instructions in Spanish only

I am delighted with this machine. Very easy to use, I hesitated a lot between several kinds of machines but I don’t regret having chosen this one. Very easy to use, it can be used by adults but also children (under supervision of course). For the first you have to take the hit, but we have all seen cotton candy merchants so we quickly take the reflex to turn the stick at the same time as we turn around the bowl. Good power, it heats up quickly and cotton candy threads are quickly visible. Tried with only special sugar provided for this purpose, it is not the size of candy floss at the fair of course, but children love it and can even eat it in several flavors. Disassembly for easy cleaning. Read all reviews.

Kryn U.

Professional cotton candy machine Royal Cartering

Professional cotton candy machine Royal Cartering RCZK-1200E

To make big cotton candy like the ones you see at the funfair or the amusement park, you must have a professional device like the RCZK-1200E Royal Cartering.

This machine runs on a 1200 watt heating system. It is twice as efficient as domestic models and can make up to 300 units in one hour. And unlike these, it has two rocker switches that are used to adjust the temperature and the speed of the rotating head. The device is also equipped with a fuse and a voltmeter. 

The RCZK-1200E Royal Cartering cotton candy device is designed with durable quality materials. It does not incorporate any plastic element: the rotating head is made of aluminium, the case and the tank are made of stainless steel, the protective dome in acrylic glass and the non-slip rubber feet. 

In terms of appearance, this model scores good points with its pink color without forgetting that its box-shaped design is very ergonomic. Functional, it also includes a practical drawer for storing sugar and other accessories. It should also be noted that the machine is sold with a measuring spoon which allows you to dose the right amount of sugar to use.

For the maintenance of this cotton candy machine, there is nothing complicated. You can take the tub apart and wash it by hand with the measuring spoon, or just run them through the washing machine. As for the case and the protective bubble, a cloth soaked in soapy water is more than enough to restore their shine.


  1. High heating power
  2. Thermostat and rotation speed
  3. Compatible with food coloring
  4. Protective bubble included


  1. A little bulky for some users

Magnificent !!! The star of the fair this year in addition to quality after-sales service (the hull arrived broken, I sent the photos and they sent me one back). Read all reviews.

Gwenn O.

SucceBuy professional cotton candy machine

SucceBuy professional cotton candy machine

The Succebuy cotton candy machine is primarily designed for professional use. But as an individual, it can suit you if you want to rely on high-end equipment to make candy floss worthy of a carnival.

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Already, know that this device allows you to make up to seven (7) portions of cotton candy in one minute. This shows how often it performs compared to an entry-level machine. It is therefore ideal when you are organizing a children’s party and you have lots of rascals who are impatient at the idea of ​​enjoying their favorite confectionery.

Using this device is child’s play even for a novice person. Simply press the ON/OFF button to turn it on, then pour the sugar into the rotating part and position the rod after two minutes of preheating.

As with the domestic models, the comfort of use is at the rendezvous with this machine, because it is equipped with a voltmeter, a temperature controller and a fuse. In addition, for a better user experience, the device is equipped with non-slip rubber feet that dampen vibrations while ensuring better stability.

In terms of appearance, it must be said that the Succebuy has rather bet on a simple and functional design. This allowed him to integrate on the lower part of the device, a very practical drawer for storing accessories. Also remember that the machine is made from strong, resistant materials such as stainless steel, aluminum and carbon steel.


  1. Very high heating power
  2. Simple and comfortable to use
  3. Good build quality
  4. Temperature control
  5. Stainless steel measuring spoon


  1. Heavy weight

Works perfectly, barely received I made a cotton candy that I succeeded on the first try like the first one we had bought which did not cost the same price (40€). My son is delighted he can make his own cotton candy. Received on time I recommend this product and the seller without hesitation. Read all reviews.

Bernard P.

Dawoo cotton candy machine

Dawoo cotton candy machine

If you want to invest in a powerful and robust cotton candy machine, you can take a look at this model from the Dawoo brand.

Much less imposing than some professional models, this device comes in a relatively compact format. It is equipped with a removable tank of 51 cm in food grade stainless steel. The latter can be dismantled quite easily, thus facilitating cleaning. The device is sold with a number of accessories like a measuring scoop, a carbon brush, a power cord, two spare fuses, an open-end wrench and many more.

With a heating power of 1080 Watts, the Dawoo cotton candy machine offers an interesting output of two to three units per minute. There is no doubt that it will be very interesting to use it during birthday parties or any other large event such as a wedding or a company party.

Overall, using this device is quite easy and simple. In addition to its metal structure which gives it unparalleled solidity, its rubber footrests ensure good stability during use.

Also note that this cotton candy machine developed by Dawoo can make light shows and play music. Just enable this feature on the device to enliven the kids even more.


  1. Good production yield
  2. Ease of use
  3. LED Light and Music
  4. Accessories available


  1. No storage drawer

I must say that did not expect that considering the price and I am very satisfied with this machine. A very large bowl! And surprise, I didn’t have to read the description completely, it makes sound and light. Really very nice! I’m making cotton candy tomorrow. Little less: instructions in English . Read all reviews.

Philip F.

Candy floss machine Scrap Cooking

Candy floss machine Scrap Cooking

Do you love cotton candy and your children love it too? Are you looking for the necessary to be able to do it at home in order to please them? Then this kit offered by Scrap Cooking might interest you. You will find a cotton candy machine in a very elegant pink color. It is a compact device that offers a good grip. It weighs 1.8 kg and can be carried easily. Simple to use, just press the ON/OFF button to start it up. For easier use, you can use the manual that accompanies the machine. There is also a plastic spoon in this kit to measure the right amount of sugar for successful preparations.

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In this Scrap Cooking cotton candy box , we also have two sachets of sweet preparation (pink and blue) of 400 g each as well as 100 beech wood sticks that will allow you to make colorful cotton candy. In short, you have all the essential elements to make family confectionery for fun and to have a good time together.

 If you want a cotton candy machine that can be used by your kids with ease, this set could prove to be a great choice. It can also be the perfect birthday present.


  1. Elegant design
  2. Easy to use
  3. Easy cleaning


  1. Domestic use only

Good machine, on the other hand, pink sugar does not make good cotton candy in terms of volume. Otherwise nothing to say great time . Read all reviews.

Anthony C.

Buying guide for the best candy maker

The reasons for purchasing a cotton candy machine generally vary from person to person. Some want a machine for business purposes while others need it at home for occasional or regular use. In other words, the model that meets the expectations of one is not necessarily the one that will meet the needs of another. To be able to find the best cotton candy equipment that suits you, it will therefore be necessary to pay particular attention to a certain number of parameters before making a final choice.

power and performance

The performance and output of a cotton candy machine largely depend on its power (heating power and motor power). The more powerful it is, the shorter the warm-up time and the faster the production. For moderate or occasional domestic use, a machine with an average power ranging between 400 and 500 Watts can largely do the trick. On the other hand, you will have to bet on a more efficient model with a better yield if you have to produce large quantities of cotton candy fairly regularly. In this case, it is advisable to bet on professional machines of at least 1000 Watts.  

The quality and the diameter of the tank

You will find models of cotton candy machines that have a stainless steel tank while others are made of plastic. In general, stainless steel accessories are stronger and easier to maintain than plastic ones. In addition, they are durable and more resistant to wear, shocks and marks. If you plan to use the machine regularly or intensively, it would be rather wise to favor a model with a stainless steel tank. But in this case, be aware that you will have to make a small concession in terms of the budget since it will cost you a little more expensive unlike a model with a plastic tank.

Before choosing a cotton candy device , it will also be necessary to find out the diameter of its tank. This varies depending on the model. The larger the container, the more space is available for making large portions.

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The versatility of the cotton candy machine

With some machines, you can only use one type of sugar to make your cotton candy while others adapt to all kinds of ingredients. If your budget allows, it would be best to opt for a versatile cotton candy maker that works with all types of sugars, hard candies, and unsweetened ingredients. So you can vary the texture, taste and hardness of your confectionery according to your desires. Some models tolerate dyes and aromas. You can therefore choose a model compatible with these ingredients to please everyone, since preferences sometimes vary from one person to another.

Options and accessories

cotton candy machine that has one or more options is always more interesting to use than a basic model. If you are therefore looking for comfort and ease of use, you may prefer a model with:

  • Non-slip rubber feet or suction cup base for device stability
  • Protective dome to prevent sugar splashes
  • Dosing spoon
  • Storage drawer
  • Rods or sticks

In addition to these, if you opt for a professional cotton candy machine, opt for a model equipped with an on and off switch, a thermostat and/or heat switch, a fuse, etc.

The design of the cotton candy machine

The look of cotton candy making machines varies from model to model. The choice at this level mainly depends on your preferences or those of your children. If you’re looking for something fun and cute that they’ll especially like, it would be nice to see the retro design models on carts with wheels . On the other hand, you will also find appliances with a more streamlined modern design that adapt well to contemporary decors.

The weight of the cotton candy machine

Most models for professionals weigh at least 10 kilos and are quite large. This is why they are generally placed on a trolley which facilitates their transport. As for other models, the weight may vary. You will find very light cotton candy machines that will be easier to take on the go. It’s up to you to see the best option according to your needs.

Ease of maintenance

Most of the cotton candy machines sold on the market are easy to clean since they are removable. To avoid complicating your task, it is better to favor a model of this type for optimal maintenance. Some cotton candy machines require additional expenditure on maintenance products. It is therefore necessary to inquire about all these details before making a final choice.