Top 10 Best coffee grinders For Home Use 2022-Complete Guide Review

Choosing the best coffee grinder is an important step in the process of preparing your favorite drink. The type and performance of the device can greatly affect the quality of the final result.

Of course, you can find tons of ground coffee at the supermarket, ready to brew effortlessly without the wait. Why not buy it then? It all depends on whether you want to settle for a good cup of coffee or you yearn for the best cup of coffee. In a word, the taste!

The Best Coffee grinders Machine For Home use 2022

What is the best coffee grinder Machine?

The flavor of coffee comes from the oils in the roasted beans. These oils should be released evenly for better tasting coffee. It is therefore important to extract the taste from the beans as efficiently as possible, and this can only be guaranteed by the best coffee grinder on the market.

If you like to taste a good espresso, you have probably bought a good machine to prepare it. But you may have overlooked the importance of the grinder and its role in producing the final taste you sip.

Below we present you the best coffee grinders:

1. De’Longhi Professional Coffee Grinder – The best for its built-in safety device

DeLonghi KG 79 – Coffee grinder (220/240 V)

See the price on Amazon

It is a pressure model with grind selection, which allows you to choose the desired degree from fine, medium to coarse. The cup selector lets you grind the amount you want, up to a maximum of 12 cups.

The appliance is equipped with the Dual Safe system which blocks the machine if the bean container or the ground coffee container are removed. The non-slip rubber feet guarantee maximum stability on the support surface. Thanks to the cable compartment, it can be stored perfectly.

Main characteristics:

The ground coffee tray is removable to optimize cleaning

It allows you to grind up to 12 cups of coffee

Thanks to the non-slip feet, it remains stable during operation

Specifications :

Brand: De’Longhi

Operation: electric – 110 W

2. Kyg Automatic Coffee Grinder – Best for Versatility

KYG Electric Coffee Grinder 300W, Grinder with...

See the price on Amazon

Thanks to its powerful motor, this double blade device is able to grind up to 100 grams of coffee quickly and efficiently. Moreover, it allows you to get ultra-fine powder not only from coffee beans, but also from all kinds of granules of spices, cereals and dried fruits.

The size of the finesse is based on the time of use. It has a single button to simplify use, even with one hand. The transparent lid allows you to stay in control of the grinding operations.

Main characteristics:

Thanks to a single button, it is very easy to use

The container and the blades are made of stainless steel

Its non-slip feet keep it stable on the work surface


Brand: Kyg

Operation: electric – 300 W

3. Bosch TSM6A013B Coffee Grinder – Best for Value

Bosch TSM6A013B Kitchen coffee grinder, Black

See the price on Amazon

Its capacity of up to 75 g of beans allows you to prepare an entire cup of coffee. It is designed with a stainless steel blade, which guarantees a very precise grinding of the coffee beans. The steel container has a sloped bottom to simplify use.

The device only works if the cover has been inserted correctly and the safety switch is pressed.

Main characteristics:

Maximum grinding precision is guaranteed by the stainless steel blade

The sloping bottom of the bowl makes it even easier to use

It has a double security system


Brand: Bosch

Operation: electric – 180 W

4. Krups Coffee Grinder – Best for its transparent container

Krups Electric coffee grinder with reservoir,...

See the price on Amazon

It offers a choice of seventeen different grinds, from coarse grind to espresso. It has a professional system that produces an extra fine grind that satisfies even the true connoisseur.

All of this is done in about half a minute, automatically. The lid and container are transparent for easy monitoring of the grinding process. The machine stops when the right amount of coffee is ground.

Main characteristics:

It stops by itself when the grind is finished

The extra fine grind is particularly suitable for espresso

It has an automatic dosing program


Brand: Krups

Operation: electric – 100 W

5. Moulinex AR110830 Coffee Grinder – Best for Ease of Use

Moulinex AR110830 Electric Grain Mill...

See the price on Amazon

Just a simple pressure is enough to activate the device, and once the desired consistency is obtained, it is simply stopped by raising your hand. All this, in complete safety thanks to the special locking system.

The pressing system is designed to grind the ingredients directly and easily. The container and the shovel are made of stainless steel to preserve the aroma of the food.

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Main characteristics:

The container’s easy locking system guarantees complete safety

The aroma of the ingredients is preserved by the container and the stainless steel shovel

See-through lid lets you keep everything under control


Brand: Moulinex

Operation: electric – 180 W

6. Innislink Manual Coffee Grinder – Best for Easy Handling

innislink Manual Coffee Grinder, Coffee Grinder...

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The ergonomic, tapered design of this model promotes a firm grip while grinding. The screw under the base allows you to adjust the size of the coffee beans, down to the finest powder to try different flavors.

Thanks to the special shape of the handle, you can work with little effort. The removable crank mechanism is comfortable and guarantees silent movement. The device can be easily disassembled into its individual components to simplify cleaning.

Main characteristics:

It has a lightweight and portable construction

Easy disassembly makes cleaning easier

Possibility to adjust the size of the granules to discover different flavors


Brand: Innislink

Operation: manual

7. Mlmlant Portable Coffee Grinder – Best for Authentic Bean Flavor

MLMLANT Mill Grinder Grains Apparatus Machine...

See the price on Amazon

The ceramic bur does not overheat during work, allowing you to retain the original flavor of the coffee beans. In addition, it guarantees a long service life. The built-in adjustable grind selector has 18 click positions and provides precise control of grind coarseness and size (coarse, medium, fine).

The stainless steel structure of the device makes it resistant to water and rust: it can therefore be washed with water with maximum practicality. A cleaning brush and a travel case are also included to take it with you wherever you go.

Main characteristics:

Possibility to choose between 18 grinding positions

Water washable

Its compact size lets you enjoy freshly ground coffee anywhere


Brand: Mlmlant

Operation: manual

8. Oliver James Manual Coffee Grinder


To boost your day, nothing like a good cup of coffee before going to work. And with this grinder from the Henry Charles collection, you can grind your beans yourself and enjoy them. This material is easy to use manually.

By putting your pellets in it, you will only have to use the crank to grind without problem. You can as much define the smoothness thanks to a small integrated system. Indeed, by tightening the top, the texture will be different according to the pressure exerted. 

In other words, you may very well get the corresponding result from your espresso machine. It is also possible to adjust it to adapt it to a simple coffee maker, a chemex or a Moka pot… Not to mention that this accessory can be easily dismantled to clean it afterwards. Note that all the elements seem to be cleaned in the dishwasher.     

For the

Quality material: This grinder is made with stainless steel. This aspect confers a good solidity and an increased resistance.

Compact design: You can easily transport it to the office or even during your various trips thanks to its small dimensions.

Adjustable grind: You will be able to adjust it to obtain the desired fineness or define the texture of your beans.

Versatile: This grinding accessory is suitable to accompany many types of coffee machines.


Low amount of grind: This inexpensive product can only contain a fairly limited volume of coffee. This usually corresponds to 2 or 4 cups maximum.

Peugeot coffee grinder

9. Peugeot 35853 Kronos Coffee Grinder Wood


Do you want to have a grinder but don’t know which coffee grinder to choose? We suggest you turn to this practical and efficient Kronos product.

This article is manual, in other words, it does not include a motor. To use it, you just have to put grains in it and use the crank to grind. This will allow you to have a fairly fine texture for your espressos. You will adjust this machine according to 43 possibilities in order to adapt the result to your type of coffee maker.    

In fact, this product is made up of two parts, the top is made of metal while the bottom is made of wood. These materials remain strong and resistant for long-term use. By purchasing it, you will be investing in equipment that will accompany you for years to beautify your mornings. Among other things, you can enjoy delicious drinks with this accessory after you wake up.

For the

Precise adjustment: You can adjust the texture obtained according to your desires so that it is finer or coarser. There are a total of 43 different possibilities to satisfy you.

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Quality manufacturing: This product is of good quality and benefits from all the French know-how in the matter.

Durable : It feels sturdy enough to last for years of use. Plus, it’s compact for convenient storage when not in use.

Practical: It is suitable for everyday use.


Complicated handling: Using this item the first few times seems quite difficult. It will take a lot of force to grind.

old coffee grinder

10. Moon-1 Manual Cast Iron Crank Coffee Grinder

You will not be indifferent to this traditional style coffee grinder offered by Moon-1. This model is as beautiful as it is practical. It works in the same way as a conventional grinder thanks to its design. One of its main advantages is that it can contain a large amount of grains with each use. Concretely, you will put enough in it to manage to make a dozen cups. It seems to be suitable for family use.

Its cast iron construction is also appreciable. This gives a pleasant appearance and gives a good solidity to the whole. This material seems ideal for all your morning caffeinated drinks such as espressos. A few turns of the crank are enough to easily grind your beans so that you don’t dwell on them. Especially since you can tighten the upper parts to vary the texture and make it thinner or thicker.

For the

Traditional style: If you want to buy a specimen with a vintage look, this model will meet your expectations.

Original design: Not only does this product perform an efficient grind, but it will easily fit in as an element of interior decoration.

Good Value for Money: This item is brought to you at a cheaper cost than similar machines. In addition, it is practical for home use.

Versatile: This material seems made for coffee, but also for nuts and spices of all kinds.


Lack of precision: Some users claim that the grind result always stays the same.

Moulinex coffee grinder

11. Moulinex AR110830 Electric Dehli Coffee Bean Grinder 


This article from Moulinex may be suitable for you if you are looking for the best coffee grinder. This template sports a streamlined design and seems easy to use. It is also able to effectively grind the beans according to your expectations. You could even use it to grind spices for certain occasions. 

If we had to compare this product with similar equipment, it would stand out for its powerful engine. The device in question actually incorporates a 180 W element, which is still more than enough. As a result, you could quickly prepare your morning drinks with this small machine.

On the top of this grinder is placed a transparent cover so that you can monitor this operation. This will help you stop it when the texture has reached the smoothness you are looking for.

For the

Good grip: Its ergonomic shape makes it easier to handle to easily grind the beans.  

Powerful device: Its motor is powerful with its 180 W. This is sufficient for fast grinding.

Elegant design: You will love its modern and chic look with the transparent side of the lid which remains appreciable.

Versatile: This accessory is suitable for coffee, but also for preparing spices or dried fruits of all kinds.


Fragile plastic: Some users have reported that this material smells of burning after some time of use. The motor therefore tends to heat up after some time.

Professional coffee grinder

12. Melitta Molino Flat Burr Electric Coffee Grinder


If you have wondered where to buy the best coffee grinder of the moment, we advise you to opt for this product. This one has everything to satisfy you with its appreciable modern appearance and ease of use. It will help you achieve the ideal smoothness you want to have. As a result, this device can accompany your espresso, piston or Italian machine. It also seems well suited for home use or in your office.  

Concretely, its flat grinding wheel gives about 17 adjustment possibilities to grind your beans efficiently. Note that this device can hold 200 g of raw coffee. Once crushed, this will be enough to make more than ten cups. In addition, it has an automatic shut-off system to facilitate its use. All the components of this grinder remain removable for easy washing after each use.

For the

Practical device: This article allows you to grind quickly and effortlessly. It is effective in varying the fineness as needed.

Successful design: This product has a chic and modern look. It will be an integral part of the decorative elements of your interior .

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Easy to use: Apart from the start button, there is only one rotary light to adjust this device. You will have no trouble understanding how it works and mastering this little machine.

Easy maintenance: The tray can be conveniently removed for cleaning after each use.


Noisy device: We would have liked it to be more discreet once turned on.

Features To Look For In A Coffee Grinder

coffee grinder

Espresso experts and enthusiasts agree that a good coffee grinder is a must-have in any kitchen to get the most out of brewing the drink.

But which one to choose? And where to buy it? In this guide, we take a look at the main features to consider before making a purchase.


The best machines are designed to grind coffee beans evenly. Inhomogeneity leads to uneven flavors because the different surfaces of the ground coffee can cause smaller particles to be over-extracted or larger chunks to be under-extracted. It is advisable to choose a device that gives you a consistent coffee consistency, with minimal effort on your part.


This factor depends on how many cups you need to brew each time you grind the coffee. If you have to keep up with the demands of a large family or office workers (lucky them!), it’s a good idea to buy a coffee grinder that has a large container capacity .

Likewise, if you usually drink a few cups a day, it may be worth choosing a device with a large capacity container, so that you can grind more coffee than you will leave inside the grinder, and that you can use. as many times as you wish.


The size of the grinder can make a difference in terms of countertop space. If you have a smaller kitchen, you obviously want a smaller sized coffee grinder.

Having a compact coffee grinder is also a big advantage if you don’t plan to use your machine very frequently and need to be able to store it in a cupboard when you don’t need it.


As with any purchase, you can’t ignore the budget. It all depends on the type of device you are looking for. If you like manual objects, you can find in the online sale many stainless steel models starting from 20 euros, while if you want an electric one, the necessary budget for a good quality product will not be less than 35. euros. In any case, it is not recommended to save money and choose the cheapest type: your coffee is at stake!


The aspects that contribute to improving the practicality of your appliance are numerous and include, first of all, the ease of use and cleaning. But beyond what the manufacturer may claim, until you try this particular grinder, you may not truly realize its functionality.

The consumer reviews that you can find in specialized forums can give you at least an idea of ​​what you can expect from the product you are about to choose.

There are also other aspects to consider in this regard. Do you prefer a model that grinds quickly or a silent type? Is it more important that it tastes great or that you can take your espresso grinder on trips with friends and family? Do you like to customize the fine or coarse grind of coffee in every detail or do you think it’s better to press a button and think about something else? The answers to these questions will help you determine which is the best choice for your lifestyle.


When it comes to coffee grinder, plastic is a cheaper option which is reflected in the price. However, it is also the material most likely to break, especially considering the pressure the welded parts and blades will be subjected to. Ceramic is another good option as it is easy to clean and much less likely to break, but replacements are harder to come by and the coffee grinder is more expensive due to the higher quality material.

Finally, there is stainless steel, which is the most common material used in home coffee grinders. These are usually fairly easy to clean, don’t absorb powder flavors, and don’t stain.


Coffee grinder reviews are probably the most important factor that will help you decide which model to buy. Customer reviews are generally related to product longevity, overall customer service, and any build or function issues. If you find that faults are regularly reported by users, you may want to avoid this product.

Fresh taste

It’s no surprise that if the coffee beans are ground, it gives your coffee a fresher taste, with a fuller texture and better persistence. If the good taste of the drink is important to you, it is not surprising that this is the main reason why you buy a coffee grinder.

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Best quality

As you know, the freshest, most natural foods are rich in vitamins and nutrients that can provide real benefits to your well-being. Buying coffee already ground after being produced and packaged hundreds (or even thousands) of miles away inevitably means missing out. The nutritional components decrease once the natural moisture in the grains dries; on the contrary, the risks of contamination in the packaging of the coffee bag increase.

More control

If you’re a coffee lover, chances are you already know exactly how you like your espresso, and if you’re struggling to get the exact flavor you prefer, having a coffee grinder can make your dreams come true. a reality. Being able to control the complexity, particle size and density of your ground coffee can make all the difference.

Multifunction coffee grinder

In addition to being a quick and easy way to obtain the exact dose of ground coffee, these devices are valuable allies for pastry chefs and home chefs. Being able to finely chop dried fruits , pulverize spices or crush basil are just some of the additional functions that your coffee grinder can offer you. Be sure to clean your device after every use, so you don’t brew a coffee with extravagant flavors after making dinner for your friends the night before.

What types of coffee grinders are there?

coffee grinder

We have already anticipated some features that distinguish manual and electric models. Now let’s take a closer look at the specifics of the different types of devices on sale.

Coffee grinder with strawberry

The burr coffee grinder is the most common type for home use. It is able to create a perfect and even grind, thanks to the use of several gears, which work together to slowly chop the beans.

This type of coffee grinder is a bit more expensive, as the internal mechanism is slightly more complex than the bladed one. It can also be a little more difficult to find replacement parts. Their structure can be made of steel, ceramic or plastic. 

Coffee grinder with blade

The operation of this type of device is similar to that of a blender: the blade crushes the grains by throwing them against the surface of the structure. This often results in uneven textures, with over-extraction and under-extraction of oils which can affect the flavor of your coffee. It must also be said, however, that it is the cheapest type on the market.

Disc and conical

The disc and conical model is a sort of subtype of coffee grinders, as it is essentially the method by which the beans are fed into the grinding system. Disc types are designed with burrs positioned horizontally in the frame and deposit grains in two 90 degree turns when shredded.

For this reason, they are more likely to retain some of their ground coffee in the container itself, so you may need a slightly higher amount of coffee beans to compensate for the lack of final ground coffee.

The conical model, on the other hand, has cone-shaped burrs that facilitate the passage of grains through the system, which consists of two burrs placed one inside the other in an interlocking position. . We tend to prefer this type of coffee grinder because they require less cleaning and easier general maintenance. It also tends to be cheaper and quieter than its disc counterpart.

Electric or manual coffee grinder?

Henry Charles Manual Crank Coffee Grinder...

First of all, there is the economic aspect: an electric coffee grinder is naturally more expensive, because it is designed with more parts and with more electrical components which obviously come at a cost. A manual or semi-manual coffee grinder usually consists of a simple system of burrs, which work with a crank, which makes it much easier to assemble and less expensive to produce, an advantage that is reflected in the final price.

However, in terms of practicality, an electric model outperforms the manual type in almost every way except for cleaning. These devices usually require initial training to understand how to interact with the machine to achieve the desired result, which may be inconvenient for some. Once this step is complete, however, they require much less prep time, making long-term goals outweigh short-term effort.

There is also great control over the results of ground coffee, including texture and therefore flavor. Once you plug the grinder into an electrical outlet, it’s usually just a matter of pressing a few buttons to get the little machine going. With a manual type you will need to add a lot more elbow grease and the results may change depending on your speed and the time it takes to grind. Of course, once you learn the right technique, it can just be another routine to add to your day.

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Manual types have a huge advantage that electric types can’t give you, which is the ability to take the grinder with you. Having a coffee grinder handy during outings, camping, or even at the office means you can bring a little luxury into your day or trip. You certainly can’t look for that advantage in an electric model, especially if you’re thinking of moving away from any signs of civilization.

Who needs a coffee grinder?

Are you the type to make coffee at home two or three times a day without even having guests? If so, you need to include another utensil in your kitchen cabinet, and that is a coffee grinder.

Most coffee requires a specific level of grind , fine or coarse, and using a grinder, you may be able to prepare a flavorful and aromatic espresso for your mocha or automatic machine in just a few simple steps. Without forgetting that, if necessary, you can also use it as a spice grinder .


True coffee lovers are those who know how to fully savor the facets of the taste and aroma of this heavenly drink. And with a coffee grinder, you can properly extract the oils present in the beans, benefiting the end result. In this article, we’ve looked at the benefits of the different types of electric and manual coffee grinders currently on the market.

Our final verdict rewards the Aicok machine , which particularly impressed us for its great possibility of customizing the final result. It offers 18 types of grind, ranging from espresso to French Press and has a maximum capacity of 250, ideal for brewing up to 14 cups of delicious coffee. Not to mention that it is designed with safety in mind and once used it is very easy to clean.

frequently asked Questions

How to use a coffee grinder?

To do this, you should first measure the ideal amount of beans you want to use. Do not hesitate to use a dosing tray to define the volume to be poured into the device. Then, put them in the cone while making sure not to overfill it. After that, everything will depend on the type of machine you have. If you have an electric model, all you have to do is press the activation button. This will trigger the motor to grind your beans quickly.

If you have a manual device, you will have to make rotating movements with the crank. This will operate the burr and grind the coffee into powder. Finally, all you have to do is take the tray and pour its contents into a beverage compartment. 

How to clean an old wooden coffee grinder?

If you use such equipment in your home, it is very likely that dirt will collect on it after years of use. To make it clean again, there’s nothing like a good trick from grandma. Thus, you should first remove any remaining dust or grit deposits. Use a brush or a slightly damp cloth to do this. During this operation, make sure that all parts of your equipment are clean.

After all this, pour some amount of raw rice into your grinder. Add enough until the bin is full to the brim. Then, operate the crank to grind as if you were to grind coffee. Wait for the food to completely take on the texture of powder. Then empty the compartment and you can now reuse a cloth to get rid of the remains. That’s it, your equipment is now ready to use.

How to clean an electric coffee grinder?

The components of this type of device often remain detachable. Therefore, all you have to do is separate them from the main material to wash them afterwards. For the plastic elements, they can be put in the washing machine so that you have no trouble cleaning them. On the other hand, parts made of glass or ceramic require more effort.           

We advise you to use a brush to dislodge all powder residues. Tilt the compartment in question slightly to reach all corners. After that, use a cloth, preferably wet, to get rid of the remaining dirt. However, please take care that the engine components do not get wet.

How to adjust your coffee grinder?

This will mainly depend on the type of equipment you have. If you have an electric model, there is usually a rotary knob to vary the fineness of the grains. Other articles even incorporate a small display that helps to see the intensity of the grinding and thus define the grinding result.

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For traditional devices, all you have to do is tighten or loosen the collar located near the crank. This will have the effect of reducing the grains you put in as much as possible. And for most models, this action will still require a strong grip on your part. The resulting powder will be finer.

Is it worth buying a coffee grinder?

The answer is closely related to your espresso drinking habits. If you like to drink a cup of it several times a day alone or in company and, as a connoisseur, you can enjoy the individual aromatic notes sip after sip, then the answer is undoubtedly yes.

However, if you drink your coffee mixed with milk, maybe just for breakfast in the morning, it might not be worth it. Also keep in mind that ground coffee starts to go stale immediately. For the best taste, you should grind before each use.

Better a manual or electric coffee grinder?

Beyond the lower cost of a manual coffee grinder , it must be said that an electric type, being adjustable , can allow you greater control over the degree of final grind . Again, it all depends on your needs and how often you use it. For occasional use, you can very well opt for a manual grinder. If, on the other hand, you like to enjoy your coffee several times a day, and perhaps you like to amaze friends and relatives with different types of preparations ranging from espresso to French Press, then nothing beats a top-of-the-range electric model. , with its many grind settings.

Is a manual coffee grinder still a good investment?

As we said before, it all depends on what you use it for. It’s not worth investing money on an electric model if you use it occasionally. And if you like to organize picnics during the summer, you can also take your manual mill with you.

Is it true that a coffee grinder makes a difference?

A good coffee grinder can transform your coffee drinking experience from the inside out. Your drink will be more aromatic and more delicious. You will be able to determine the flavor and strength of your coffee. This way you can prepare a coffee that has nothing to envy to that of your favorite bar.

Can coffee grinder blades lose their sharpness over time?

In fact, the steel blades of a coffee grinder are sharp. And a coffee grinder with dull blades cannot properly grind beans: the sharper the blade, the finer and fresher the coffee is cut or ground. Regular cleaning and sharpening will help the grinder perform at its best, resulting in a fresh taste and coffee with multiple aromatic nuances.


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