Top 10 Best Chocolate Fountains 2022-Complete Review Guide

Whatever the event, and as long as it is festive, the presence of a chocolate fountain does not fail to delight the guests. Young or old, everyone feels irresistibly attracted to this brown casting which deliciously coats all kinds of treats. The chocolate fountain is therefore a very original way of offering chocolate, and for that reason alone you have to choose it well.

Comparison of the best chocolate fountains: tests and reviews

If you are looking for a chocolate fountain that will best meet your expectations, this comparison lists for you the 10 most interesting models in their category.

Tristar chocolate fountain

Tristar CF-1603 chocolate fountain

Among the least expensive models on the market, but which still do their job correctly, the Tristar CF-1603 is not to be outdone. With its 32 Watts of power, this chocolate fountain is more than enough to enhance a family moment or any other festive event with 3 to 5 guests. For a small birthday party, for example, its compact size will allow you to install it indoors or outdoors without any problem. Its dimensions of 24.5 x 16 x 15.5 cm and its weight of 1 kg allow it to occupy very little space wherever it is placed, whether for use or storage.

The Tristar CF-1603 is a three – tier model that allows you to enjoy hot chocolate thanks to the temperature preservation function. It is ideal for enjoying your cookies, waffles or fruit in pieces with a delicious flavor of fresh cocoa. Also, since an instruction manual is included in the package, you will have no problem using it.

In terms of its design, the Tristar CF-1603 chocolate fountain has a design that is both sober and elegant. You will therefore have no problem displaying it in your kitchen in the middle of your other utensils or in the eyes of all your guests. Its tower is made of stainless steel, which gives it good robustness while making it easy to clean and resistant to corrosion.


  1. Good value for money
  2. Elegant and functional design
  3. Easy to use
  4. Keep warm function
  5. Sturdy, easy-to-clean stainless steel tower


  1. Limited in power and capacity

I was a little scared reading some comments… but not wanting to pay too much for the fountain I decided on this one… So yes it is small, but for a small family party (6/8 people) it remains sufficient ! It is not very noisy! And fluidity level of the chocolate I had no problem! I had melted the chocolate beforehand in the microwave following a recipe on the internet (300g of dark chocolate, 250ml of liquid cream and 75g of butter), it was perfect!! Read all reviews.

Jessica U.

Global Gourmet Mini Chocolate Fountain

Global Gourmet Mini Chocolate Fountain

For your special family moments or for your parties, the Global Gourmet mini fountain is what you need to enjoy good melted chocolate. Thanks to its capacity of 250 ml and a power between 70 and 90 Watts, you can deliciously brush all your delicacies. This is an easy to use template to treat yourself or your family or guests. All you need to do is add a sufficient amount of chocolate and press the on/off button to create a delicious chocolate waterfall. The chocolate melts very quickly and spreads by dripping from top to bottom through each of the 3 levels of the device. And to keep it as long as possible at the right tasting temperature, a switch will allow you to activate the keep warm function.

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This mini fountain proposed by Global Gourmet will not fail to have its effect during gatherings or parties that feature biscuits, cookies, fondant, marshmallows, strawberries or even bananas. It also comes with a serving tray that will allow you to easily present all these sweets to your guests.

With its bright red colour, this mini chocolate fountain will not look bad in a kitchen. Moreover, in this regard, its small size and low weight (1.02 kg) make it much easier to move and store.

And when it comes to its manufacturing materials, this mini fountain has a plastic case and a stainless steel tower. This design guarantees good robustness, while making it resistant to rust and easy to clean.


  1. Elegant design
  2. Robust design
  3. Easy to use and maintain
  4. Keep warm function


  1. Use limited to a small number of people

The chocolate fountain can easily withstand 6 hours of operation. Cleaning under hot water is going well. It looks functional and is easy to use. We are very satisfied. Read all reviews.

Barbara L.

Ariete chocolate fountain

Chocolate fountain Ariete 2962.0 Party time

Also in the range of chocolate fountains that present good value for money, you will find the Ariete Party time . In addition to its affordable side, this model offers other interesting advantages, such as its power of 90 Watts and its capacity of 500 g . These features make this model ideal for delighting the whole household with deliciously warm chocolate covered treats. You thus benefit from a cascade of three levels which will be able to decorate the deserts or the snacks in family or between friends.

The Ariete Party time chocolate fountain is very easy to use. To do this, you simply have to turn it on and then pour melted chocolate into it. You also have the possibility to adjust the intensity on two levels in order to optimize the cascading effect. All you have to do is coat your pieces of fruit, your cookies, your marshmallows as well as all the sweets and confectionery of your choice.

In terms of dimensions, the Party time Ariete chocolate fountain in red is 30 cm high against 17 cm in diameter. You can therefore easily find a place for it on the worktop in the kitchen, or on a table in the garden. In addition, this machine which weighs only 1.54 kg can be easily disassembled and assembled thanks to its removable stainless steel tower. So it will be easy for you to clean and store it.


  1. Sleek and ergonomic design
  2. Good capacity
  3. Easy to use and clean
  4. stainless steel tower


  1. Limited power

To optimize the quality of this product, I used couverture chocolate previously heated in a bain-marie. Excellent result . Read all reviews.

Paul Q.

Clatronic chocolate fountain

Chocolate Fountain Clatronic SKB 3248

Whether at a birthday, a wedding or a baptism, a chocolate fountain always amazes young and old alike. Placed in a strategic place, this device adds a touch of magic and delight to the party. So it becomes hard to resist a cascade of deliciously pouring chocolate, especially when there are cookies, waffles and plenty of other goodies at hand.

If you are one of those who cannot imagine a festive moment without tasting melted chocolate, the SKB 3248 fountain from Clatronic is made for you. As evidenced by its color, it is a three-tier model made of stainless steel and of robust design.

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Its operation is easy thanks to its two ergonomic control buttons in the shape of a wheel. All you have to do is add about 1 kg of chocolate to the tray and turn the left control to the on position to see the magic happen. However, it would be better to melt the chocolate beforehand in a bain-marie or in the microwave to optimize the cascading effect.

It should also be noted that the Clatronic SKB 3248 has a 170 Watt motor, a keep warm button and non-slip feet. Some of these elements can be disassembled to facilitate cleaning.


  1. Sleek design with stainless steel finish
  2. Robust and rust resistant
  3. Easy to use
  4. Keep warm functionality


  1.  The bottom cup cannot be detached from the motor and therefore requires special attention when cleaning

Works very well, already 3 uses successfully. Plan 1kg of chocolate and a little sunflower oil to have a perfect cascade. A little work for cleaning, the device is removable but the bottom cup remains attached to the electric motor. So be careful when cleaning this part. Otherwise everything is stainless steel. Read all reviews.

Denis G.

Gadgy chocolate fountain

Gadgy chocolate fountain

The Gadgy chocolate fountain is three levels of pure happiness to add a festive and fun side to all your events. Enjoy a magnificent chocolate stream that seems to flow indefinitely to the delight of young and old. The cascading effect is provided by the spiral tower which causes the melted chocolate to rise as it flows downward. Your guests will only have to deliciously coat their treats and their confectionery to enjoy themselves in a friendly atmosphere.

To be able to take advantage of this machine, you just have to turn the wheel which allows you to switch from one setting to another among the 3 options available. You will therefore have to turn the control knob to the left to place it in the heating position or turn it to the right to start the cascade process. To stop the device, simply bring the wheel back to the Off point in the middle. You understood, the operation of the chocolate fountain proposed by Gadgy is very simple. It is also possible to use any variety of chocolate, as long as you avoid anything that contains nuts, almonds or any other solid element.

In addition, it should be noted that this Gadgy chocolate fountain has a 90 Watt motor. It offers a capacity of 750 g which can be more than enough to treat about 5 people. Its cleaning is easy thanks to the possibility of machine washing some of these components such as the stainless steel tower and the endless screw.


  1. Ergonomic and elegant retro design
  2. Good capacity
  3. Compatible with different types of chocolate
  4. Easy to use and clean


  1. Slightly noisy

The device works very well. Personally, I poured the previously melted chocolate directly onto the top of the fountain, no worries about air bubbles, the chocolate is perfectly driven by the screw and flows without difficulty. Read all reviews.

Claudia M.

Chocolate Fountain The Merry-Go-Round Of Delights

Chocolate Fountain The Merry-Go-Round Of Delights

Take advantage of the next festive event to gather your family or friends around a beautiful and delicious chocolate waterfall. This fountain will allow you to give free rein to your cravings for chocolate treats in an original and fun way. It is a 33 cm high and 19 cm in diameter model that will easily fit on a kitchen counter or in the middle of a birthday buffet.

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This 85 Watt chocolate fountain consists of a three-tiered tower and a stainless steel spiral rod, while its body is made of plastic. Thanks to these well-made materials, the device displays a robust design which unsurprisingly announces great durability.

The use of this fountain offered by Le Manège Des Délices is very simple thanks to its control panel which allows it to be started easily. Its large capacity will allow you to create a chocolate cascade with up to 900 g of chocolate. To go faster, you can melt the chocolate in advance, remembering to add a little oil to optimize the effect. And given that its stainless steel elements are removable, you will have no trouble cleaning this device once the tasting is over.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Big capacity
  3. Easy to clean


  1. A bit noisy

Buying for my birthday party, more or less as much as the big one! Good size, practical, works very well, chocolate at the right temperature! I like !!!!! Read all reviews.

Olivier V.

Camry Chocolate Fountain

Camry Chocolate Fountain CR 4457

Designed by the Camry brand to delight chocolate lovers, this fountain has everything you need to satisfy you. It is to start with a 3-storey model that comes in an attractive design through which a careful design is reflected. In addition, with its 37 cm high and 19 cm wide format, it will not be too bulky in the kitchen. In addition, the device weighs just under 1 kg, so you can easily move it from room to room or set it up in the garden without problems. 

Thanks to its 500 ml capacity, this Camry CR 4457 fountain can dispense enough chocolate to enhance moments of pleasure with family or friends. You can count on its 2 heating programs to benefit from optimal operation. However, it would be better if the chocolate was melted in advance to facilitate the process. The machine will then take care of keeping it warm for as long as the casting lasts. It will also be necessary to make sure to use suitable chocolate to obtain the desired result.

The Camry brand CR 4457 is an easy-to-use and easy-to-clean chocolate fountain. It disassembles as quickly as it assembles.


  1. beautiful design
  2. Easy to use
  3. Easy cleaning
  4. 500ml capacity


  1. You have to melt the chocolate first.

I recommend it to you! A pleasant end to a family meal . Very good product See all reviews.

Maria M.

Jago chocolate fountain

Jago chocolate fountain

Whether you like dark, white or milk chocolate, you can enjoy it in the most beautiful way with this Jago fountain . Once you have this device, every opportunity will be good to share all kinds of chocolate treats with family or friends.

Thanks to its power of 275 Watts , this fountain is capable of cascading around 1 kg of chocolate . Enough to allow you to treat a small group of people for 60 minutes (1 hour) without interruption. And if the greediest ask for more, all you have to do is restart the machine after the obligatory 30-minute downtime. You can also take advantage of this moment to change the type of chocolate in order to vary the pleasures.

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Another reassuring characteristic of this fountain offered by the Jago brand is its great robustness marked by its manufacturing material which is stainless steel. Most of its elements from its case to its tower through the cup are indeed made of stainless steel. This design is also at the origin of its silver finish which gives it a certain elegance. The device also offers a keep warm function to allow you to enjoy your chocolate at the right temperature and at the right texture. For cleaning, you can put all the removable elements including the dish in the dishwasher.


  1. Robust and elegant design
  2. Easy to use
  3. Can be used with all types of chocolate
  4. Easy to clean


  1. a bit noisy

Good product she was successful . Read all reviews.

Benoît C.

Domo Semi-Professional Chocolate Fountain

Semi-professional chocolate fountain Domo Do-916Ch

Domo ‘s Do-916Ch has a number of features that make it one of the most popular fountains on the market. Its first great asset is its power of 360 Watts which gives it a good melting capacity. You can melt a quantity of chocolate up to 900 g . Enough to satisfy the most gourmet cravings with family or friends.

Unlike the models in this comparison, this chocolate fountain is equipped with an electric motor whose operation differs from that of the conventional pump. You can also rely on two buttons located next to each other to operate it according to your needs. This device also differs from models in its category by its number of stages which is 4 and which allows to have a higher and more impressive waterfall. It is indeed a large format machine 44 cm high that you can nevertheless store without problem since it is removable.

The Domo Do-916Ch chocolate fountain is therefore a device that will meet your expectations, if you are looking for a practical model that is easy to use and maintain.


  1. Classic and functional design
  2. Stainless steel case
  3. Easy to use and clean
  4. Electric drive motor


  1. Chocolate should be cleaned immediately after use to prevent it from drying out and becoming difficult to remove.

We tested the device twice. We followed the recipe given in the book. It worked very well, easy to use, our guests were delighted. Cleaning is a bit tedious because the tank does not come off. Read all reviews.

Zebulon R.

Huanyu chocolate fountain

Huanyu chocolate fountain

Offered by the Huanyu brand , this machine is also a 4-storey model designed to enhance all your great moments. Whether it’s an adult celebration or a children’s party, any occasion will be good to make the chocolate flow. With its professional device capacity of approximately 1360 g, you can invite up to 50 chocolate lovers like you to party.  

This chocolate fountain features a sturdy stainless steel body, which helps it offer good sturdiness. The rest of these components, namely the tower and the base plate, are also made of stainless steel, except for the central screw which is made of plastic. All materials used are food grade so as not to alter the taste of melted chocolate or compromise your health.

The device is easy to handle thanks to its control panel which consists of two large conveniently placed buttons. The one on the left is used to start the motor that drives the central screw and the one on the right is used to start the heating system. For a quick and beautiful waterfall effect, the manufacturer recommends first melting the chocolate before pouring it over the fountain. By the way, you can use chocolate of your choice or a variety specially designed for this type of machine. You can also add a little vegetable oil to your melted chocolate for better pourability.

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The Huanyu chocolate fountain is easy to clean and store despite its 45 cm height and 21.5 cm width. You will only need to wash the removable parts with a cloth and water heated to a temperature between 50 and 60 degrees. Same for the case, except you have to be careful not to submerge it entirely in water.


  1. Good quality material
  2. Easy to handle and use
  3. Suitable for all types of chocolate
  4. Good capacity
  5. Easy to clean


  1. A little too big for home use

Ideal for a small party. It was a treat . Read all reviews.

Sue U.

Best Chocolate Fountain Buying Guide

A chocolate fountain is a device that calls for conviviality through the tasting of all kinds of sweets or confectionery, and this in a particularly gourmet way. In short, young and old love it, and the machine can very quickly become the main attraction of the party or event. For this reason, the choice must absolutely fall on a model that will meet your most basic expectations and those of your guests.

Here are, among other things, the criteria to take into account when choosing the right chocolate fountain:

The power

The power of a chocolate fountain is determined in Watts and relates to the amount of material that the device can melt in a certain period of time. The more powerful the machine, the faster it will be able to melt a lot of chocolate. Since this criterion will determine the number of people who can feast, it is to be seriously considered when choosing. You should know that the power ranges from 31 W for the weakest fountains to 360 W for the most powerful. Between 32 and 70 W for example, you can be sure that there will be enough melted chocolate for about 3 to 4 people.

The capacity

Regarding the capacity, this is the maximum amount of chocolate that the base tray of the fountain can contain at one time. A large capacity will of course not only allow more people to be entertained, but also make the cascading effect last longer. Knowing that the capacity is determined either in milliliters (ml) or grams (g), it would be wise to opt for a fountain whose capacity is slightly higher than what you consider sufficient. This way, you don’t run the risk of running out of chocolate too quickly if you have extra guests to please.


The more convivial and festive the moment shared, the greater will be the desire of the guests to prolong it as long as possible. It would therefore be nice if the much-loved chocolate didn’t stop flowing and the waterfall kept going. In this case, one of the most essential functions that a chocolate fountain can offer is keeping warm. This will allow the chocolate to maintain its delicious texture and most pleasant temperature for as long as necessary.

Some devices also offer the possibility of obtaining a temperature that suits your tastes at will thanks to an adjustable thermostat. One way or another, the more convenient features, the better the performance of the device.

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Ease of use and maintenance

Be sure to choose a chocolate fountain whose elements are removable and can easily go in the dishwasher. In the worst case, it would still be nice if cleaning by hand was simple and easy. If maintaining your machine is going to become a real chore every time you take it out for an event, your desire to use it will certainly dwindle eventually.

Apart from maintenance, your chocolate waterfall machine should be able to be easy to use. Handling and controlling the functions must be easy thanks to an ergonomic control panel.


Safety is very important if you want to be able to use your fondue set with peace of mind. It would therefore be wise to favor chocolate fountains which greatly limit the risk of burns. Also think about the stability of the device by opting for a model that has a non-slip base. This is precisely a feature that you will find on most of the models presented in this article.

The accessories

Some chocolate fountains come with accessories that make it even easier to use. A serving tray, for example, can be useful for making delicious treats available to everyone. You can also find models that additionally offer a fondue fork, a spatula and other equally practical accessories. It’s up to you to judge their usefulness according to your needs, knowing that their presence or absence will not necessarily influence the efficiency of your machine.


Of course aesthetics count, because in addition to the fact that it offers much appreciated tasting moments, a chocolate fountain can also serve as a decorative element. A model that offers a beautiful design and a beautiful finish will only reinforce the magical and prestigious side of the event. In any case, you will have to choose a chocolate fountain that you like above all and that you can above all store easily after each use.

The price

Above all, do not rely on the price of the chocolate fountain you have in front of you to judge its quality. Although a well-made device that offers a lot of functionality will tend to be more expensive, not all expensive models will perform as you expect. In the same way, a machine that is very affordable does not necessarily offer low capacities, even if you still have to be very wary of models that are too attractive. The best would be to favor the chocolate fountains offered by renowned brands in the field to be sure to choose a quality model.

Finally, keep in mind that the budget you will allocate to the purchase of your device will mainly depend on the level of range you are looking for.