Top 10 Best chocolate Fountain For Home Use 2022-Complete Review Guide

What’s a birthday party, BBQ, or event without the best chocolate fountain?

Impossible to resist this heavenly waterfall, especially if you have a wide choice of waffles, cookies, marshmallows and fresh fruits to dip and enjoy.

It is a fun device that brings a good mood to children and adults alike and being readily available at low prices will put a smile on your face too.

The best chocolate fountains 2022 Review

What is the best chocolate fountain?

A chocolate fountain is the most tempting and indulgent way to amuse your guests with a delicious dessert. Everyone will want to try hot chocolate that flows smoothly from one level of the structure to another.

Its operation is very simple. Once you have placed the desired amount of chocolate in the heated lower bowl, it is pushed up into the upper bowl, where it is heated again and recirculated. In this operation, a special type of chocolate is used, which is characterized by a high content of cocoa butter .

Below, we present you the best chocolate fountains :

1. Ariete 2962.0 Party Time Chocolate Fountain – Best for its vintage look

Ariete 2962 Party Time Chocolate Fountain, 90 W,...

See the price on Amazon

This chocolate fountain makes any occasion to be together special: a birthday with children, a family evening or a party with friends. With its vintage style, we take a step back to enjoy an irresistible chocolate fondue in which to dip fresh fruit, cookies and marshmallows. Made of stainless steel, it can be disassembled to simplify cleaning. It measures 17 x 17 x 30 cm and weighs 1.45 kg.

Main characteristics:

Removable tower optimizes cleaning operations

It has a temperature maintenance function so that the melted chocolate is always of the right consistency.

The structure is light and can be moved easily


Brand: Ariete

Power: 90W

2. Clatronic SKB Professional Chocolate Fountain – Best for Tabletop Stability

Clatronic SKB 3248 Chocolate Fountain 170 W...

See the price on Amazon

The chocolate slides over the three shelves of the fountain, with an effect that prevents us from resisting the temptation to dip any kind of delicacy into it. This fountain has a capacity of approximately 1 kg of chocolate. Its technical features include motor and thermostat with separate operation, stainless steel structure, height-adjustable feet for the perfect flow of chocolate, non-slip base, electric lighting.

Main characteristics:

Its remarkable capacity satisfies all gourmands

Its sturdy stainless steel structure guarantees durability

It is equipped with a thermostat


Marque: Clatronic

Power: 170W

3. Princess 292994 Large Chocolate Fountain – Best for ease of cleaning

Chocolate fountain Princess 292994 black - 3...

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The fountain melts the chocolate and pumps it upwards to form a waterfall down the three floors. The heating element keeps the chocolate temperature and fluidity constant. To make the chocolate waterfall even more inviting, you can add cocoa butter or a tablespoon of oil to the chocolate.

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It can be enjoyed with fresh fruit, cookies or tarts and marshmallows, even with pancakes. After using the chocolate fountain, pour the remaining chocolate into a small container and allow it to cool. The upper part of the fountain stops and you can easily clean it. The stainless steel drip tray can be cleaned with detergent.

Main characteristics:

It has three adjustable parameters

The keep warm function allows you to taste the chocolate at the right level of temperature and fluidity

The parts that can be separated from the structure can be washed in the dishwasher


Brand: Princess

Power: 32W

4. Tristar CF-1603 mini chocolate fountain – Best for ease of use

Tristar Chocolate Fountain CF-1603 gray - 3...

See the price on Amazon

This chocolate fountain is equipped with a rotating stainless steel spiral and a temperature maintenance function.

It offers three adjustable options and is very easy to use. Just turn it on to warm it up and in the meantime, melt the chocolate in the microwave or in a bain-marie.

Once poured into the structure, the chocolate is pumped upwards with a rotating stainless steel spiral and then descends downwards. Thanks to its compact size, it can be stored in a small space.

Main characteristics:

It has two settings, a keep warm function and an indicator light

Legs ensure that the structure remains stable on the kitchen surface

It can be stored in a small space


Brand: Tristar

Power: 32W

5. Huanyu Chocolate Fountain ZMY-163 – The best for its four floors

Huanyu Chocolate Fountain 4 Tier Chocolate Fondue...

See the price on Amazon

With its four tiers, this fountain is designed to serve even fifty guests. It is made with a stainless steel structure, very easy to clean with water at a temperature of about 60 ° C. We can use pieces of melted chocolate or chocolate sauce up to a maximum of 1360 kg to achieve the cascading effect.

Main characteristics:

It can serve up to 50 guests

Its stainless steel structure is easy to clean

It can accommodate a large quantity of melted chocolate for a truly gourmet effect.


Marque: Huanyu

Power: 150W

6. Richard Bergendi New Premier Inox Chocolate Fountain – The best for directly melting chocolate

Richard Bergendi Chocolate Fountain, FIRST NEW...

See the price on Amazon

It is a spectacular fountain 43 cm high and 22 cm wide. It has four floors and can hold up to a maximum of 1.5 kg (and a minimum of 900 grams). It can melt the chocolate directly in the container.

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Its powerful motor allows uninterrupted use for several hours. Perfect for dipping marshmallows, strawberries, pineapples, mangos, kiwis, cookies, profiteroles or whatever you want.

Main characteristics:

Its four floors make it possible to satisfy the greediness of many guests

It can work continuously for several hours

The structure can hold up to one and a half kilos of chocolate


Brand: Richard Bergendi

Power: 190W

7. Masterchef Junior Chocolate Fountain – Best for Value

Masterchef Junior MCJPFCHA- Chocolate Fountain...

See the price on Amazon

It allows you to obtain a cascade of melted chocolate in a playful and captivating way to entertain your guests in a gourmet way. It has a stainless steel body and is easy to assemble and clean.

Its capacity is 740 grams and offers the possibility of using any type of chocolate by pouring it into the fountain once melted. The chocolate flows smoothly from one level to another and stays hot in the container.

Main characteristics:

Stainless steel body is sturdy and durable

Any type of chocolate can be used

The product is constantly maintained at the ideal temperature


Brand: Masterchef Junior

Power: 85W

Chocolate fountain buying guide

This object adds an irresistible touch of indulgence to any party or event, especially if food is being served and your guests are chocolate fans. Children in particular are thrilled with the idea of ​​dipping all sorts of treats into this delicacy.

But which one to choose? Depending on the number of people present, you can find the most suitable size of device on the market, adding a finishing touch to a meeting that will certainly not be forgotten. There are, however, many factors to consider before buying this chocolate fondue machine . Let’s discover them together



The capacity of the fountain is a determining factor. The amount of chocolate that is inserted into the structure determines how many people can use it in a certain amount of time, before the food runs out.

Most standard fountains for home use contain around 500g of chocolate, which is considered the ideal amount for around 5 people.


Make sure you have the perfect place for the fountain before you buy it. The equipment should be located on a flat surface, away from drafts and the flow of air conditioning or a fan. Then make sure there is enough space around the structure to move easily and safely.

Melted chocolate

In 99% of cases, you will first need to melt the fountain chocolate in the microwave or double boiler. In fact, these types of devices are only used to scenographically expose the chocolate which flows from one floor to another and are generally not able to melt it, especially if you do not have much time before the melting. arrival of your guests.

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If you need to melt chocolate directly in the fountain, you should look for a professional model with a powerful motor, at a higher price, of course. If you search for your product online, you will in any case find many good offers of all kinds of branded devices, from the cheapest for family use to the top of the range for commercial use.


Let’s say right away that on the market there is no fountain that can be cleaned in a few seconds. The structure of this type of device is made up of multiple elements and its design makes it somewhat hostile at the end of the evening.

If you want something that is less complex to clean, look for a model in which the various accessories that make it up can be separated from the main unit and washed in hot water. Some models (not many in fact) allow you to wash the different parts in the dishwasher.

In any case, once you have finished using the fountain, remember to clean it as soon as possible, before the chocolate solidifies again and makes any type of intervention really complex to manage.

Ease of use

One of the most annoying tasks you will face is melting the chocolate before using the fountain. This operation could discourage you and push you to seek another type of entertainment for your guests. It must be said, however, that the satisfaction that a chocolate fountain can bring you is unrivaled. Let’s go, then, we continue.

If you have a limited budget, the choice is quite obligatory: you must opt ​​for a model that requires melting chocolate before using it. However, it’s definitely worth spending a bit more to buy a model that does it all on its own.

The ease of assembly of the fountain is another important aspect to evaluate. Also make sure that the structure is equipped with adjustable non-slip feet and that it can be positioned perfectly flat on the support surface: only in this way will the chocolate flow correctly.


Do you want to use your fountain just for chocolate or do you have another type of use in mind that makes it truly versatile? Many structures have a separate motor and heating system, which allows you to use other sauces without necessarily having to activate the temperature maintenance function . So you can use the fountain to dispense cheeses for nachos, ranch sauce, and even caramel. The more options you have, the more money you save.

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Material and style


Stainless steel and plastic can give the chocolate fountain an elegant appearance or design. However, stainless steel, while sleeker and sturdier, can be a bit more demanding to clean compared to plastic.


A noisy motor can cause annoyance at an event and if it runs for several hours it can be really annoying in the presence of your guests. Some chocolate fountains are designed to operate quietly, to spend a quiet evening with your friends.

To assess the sound level of the device, consult the data sheets of the model you are about to buy: a value below 40 dB is to be considered acceptable. In this regard, it is also advisable to read the opinion posted by users in the forums that you find on the web.

That said, if you plan to use the fountain outdoors, the noise factor could be easily overlooked.


What is your budget? Don’t just consider the cost of the fountain. A two-tier model can take about two pounds of chocolate to properly flow, and larger fountains will need a lot more.

Similarly, do not invest most of your money to buy the device of your dreams if afterwards you are forced to choose poor quality chocolate according to the budget you have set for yourself. It will ruin your impact.

How to properly install the fountain?


chocolate machine requires a number of precautions before it can be put into operation. It is important to proceed step by step and follow each step with great care: only in this way can you have a cascade of chocolate flowing smoothly from one level of the structure to another.

Lay it flat

We will never repeat it enough. The surface you choose to place your fountain on should be completely flat. If it hangs even slightly to one side, your chocolate will not flow smoothly and could even damage the pressure pump.

Also be sure to cover the support surface with adequate protection, to prevent damage to the surface in the event of accidental spills by slightly inattentive guests. However, it is always best to place the fountain away from high traffic areas where someone might accidentally bump into it.

Protect it from drafts

The place you choose to place it should be protected from wind and weather. If you place it in the house or in an enclosed area, be careful of drafts that can cause the chocolate to splash: we are talking not only about fans that could be present in the room, but also about open windows.

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Cold drafts, such as those from air conditioners, can harden the chocolate and put stress on the pump mechanism.

Put it in a safe place

The fountain should be out of reach of pets and young children. During operation, the structure emits heat: so make sure that the fingers of your little guests and the paws of your four-legged friends cannot touch any of the heating elements. In addition, chocolate is very toxic to dogs, so avoid their contact with this food.

Melt the chocolate in advance

Most household fountains aren’t designed to melt chocolate, so it’s important to do this ahead of time. This can be done in a double boiler or in the microwave. If you’re making it in the microwave, be sure to stop the unit frequently to stir the chocolate, so it doesn’t burn. Microwave it for five to ten seconds at a time, then stir well, keeping an eye out for bubbles.


Whatever the age of your guests, chocolate delights everyone. A good chocolate fountain is a great addition to your parties as it can be an easy to make dessert and allows you to prepare the ingredients for dipping ahead of time.

Although in this article we have presented several quality models, there is one that in our opinion stands out the most: the Richard Bergendi chocolate fountain . Thanks to its powerful 190 W motor, it is possible to melt the chocolate directly in the structure. And with its four levels it can hold up to 1.5 kg of chocolate, to satisfy the gluttony of all those present.

That said, each chocolate fountain has its own distinctive specialties and features. In the end, it all comes down to what you are looking for and what you think will give you the best value.

frequently asked Questions

What type of chocolate can I use in the chocolate fountain?

For the fountain to work properly, you need the right kind of chocolate . The ideal ingredient should have the fluid consistency of a light cream when dissolved. The “cover” chocolate used by confectioners is ideal, as it contains a high percentage of cocoa butter. It is also important that the device is equipped with a temperature maintenance function to maintain the correct degree of fluidity of the ingredient at all times.

How do you prepare melted chocolate?

Place a large microwave-safe bowl with a pound or two of chocolate chips in the microwave. In most cases, it is important to add oil to ensure an even flow of chocolate through the tiers of the structure. The dosage is about half a cup of vegetable oil for 5 kilos of chocolate.

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How does a chocolate fountain work?

Chocolate fountains use a mechanism known as an Archimedean screw to transfer liquid chocolate to an upper level. To melt the chocolate, a heating element is positioned inside the base of the device, under a metal bowl which acts as a reservoir for the cascade of liquid chocolate .

Can I use normal chocolate in a fountain?

Yes, in such a structure you can use any dark or milk chocolate . Just check that it is formulated to have a lower viscosity or, in simpler terms, to make it more fluid. If you add melted chocolate to a fountain without adding oil, you run the risk of clogging it.

Can chocolate be melted directly in the fountain?

If you have plenty of time, you can try melting the chocolate directly in the fountain. But remember that it takes at least an hour for it to start melting and another hour for it to flow properly.

However, keep an eye on the structure while doing this, because if the operating temperature is not high enough, the chocolate may harden again.

 Can I reuse unused chocolate?

Once the chocolate has hardened, you can store the leftovers in a container for future use. Make sure the container is microwave safe, this will save you extra steps.

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