Best catchers knee savers

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What is a knee saver in catchers gear?

Knee savers fit between the back of the thigh and calf muscles, and they support some of the player's weight. This removes some of the strain from the knee joint because it doesn’t need to bend as far when the catcher crouches. Knee savers haven’t been around for very long, so standard catcher’s gear sets often don’t include them.

Why should you use knee Saver?

An older player with sore knees can use the knee savers to take some pressure off the knee joints, and a younger player can keep his or her knees healthier for longer by using knee savers to prevent over-stressing the joints. It offers good performance and holds up well under regular use.

How do I choose the best catcher knee pads?

The thickness of the knee pad is another important consideration, although it’s a matter of personal preference. Some catchers prefer a thick pad to yield the highest level of cushioning. However, a thinner pad may feel more comfortable when crouching because the leg muscles don’t need to compress the foam as much.

Do knee savers have buckles?

Pricier knee savers may include metal buckles, but plastic buckles are common on less-expensive products. Because the buckles are on the back side of the knee savers, it’s easy to use the existing shin guard straps to secure the pads without affecting the fit of the shin guards.


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