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What are the best canning supplies?

Here are the best canning supplies. While you can use a water-bath canner for pickles or tomatoes, a pressure canner is required for non-acidic foods. This holds eight pint-sized or seven quart-sized jars and features a flat, stainless steel bottom suitable for all cooktops. The rack's divided rings help to keep jars from tipping.

What size canning jars should I buy?

For easy purchase, flats of canning jars come with reusable rings and single-use lids in a complete, reliable setup. Pint jars land in the middle of canning sizes; quart jars are favored by those with large families, while half-pint and 4-ounce sizes are ideal for gifting.

Do you need a rack on a pressure canning Kettle?

Canning kettles should come with a rack that keeps jars from rattling against the bottom of the pot and breaking. A second rack helps you stack small jars in large pressure canners, convert a big stockpot into a water-bath canner, or just upgrade your setup to stainless steel.


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