Top 7 Best Camping Tents 2022

Best Camping Tents 2022-Enjoy your holidays or camping moments by choosing the best camping tent. With family, friends or alone, a tent will serve as your safety shelter for the night and the day.

For such equipment, you should always check the good quality of the product. Indeed, a model chosen at random may not be resistant to bad weather, wind or rain. At worst, it could tear or be blown away.

To make the best choice in this area, it is recommended to make a comparison of the best equipment on the market. It will allow you to detect the model made by you beyond the brand and the value for money.

Best Camping Tents 2022 For Families 6/4 person

What is the best camping tent?

To choose such equipment, there are several criteria that allow you to find the right one.

Solidity and reliability are essential characteristics. Choose a model made with a reliable, resistant and solid material. A nylon and polyester fabric allows good aeration and ventilation, but also protects you from mosquitoes or wind or rain.

Impermeability, sealing and weather resistance must be taken into account. Solidity is also characterized by the system of fasteners. At the risk of finding your structure flying in the air.

Choose a model that has a system of reinforced fasteners with color codes that allow you to easily carry out the installation.

The various accessories can be useful and practical. Some models have a hook with camp lamps , with wood stove , with transparent roof or with insulation .

Below we present you the best camping tents:

1. Tent of camping familial tunnel Skandika montana

This tunnel-shaped family camping tent has a large room suitable for 8 people. She has three cabins, one of which has a removable bulkhead for more privacy and protection.

In this tent you are optimally protected. The waterproof canvas protects from the rain while the large windows let in light and ventilation. Large side pockets keep things safe.

Thanks to its 2 meter ceiling height, you can stand up in the tent. It is particularly suitable for camping or beach holidays.

2. Night Cat automatic dome camping tent: 2-4 person

This dome shaped camping tent is ideal for 2-4 people. It is an ideal family model for camping. It can accommodate a large inflatable mattress or three individual sleeping bags.

Thanks to a spring mechanism, this tent model sets up automatically in less than 5 minutes. With doors on each side, access into the tent is easy. Mesh screen windows keep bugs out.

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Made of durable tent fabric and featuring fiberglass poles, this tent features great stability and longevity.

This ultra light model is made for 2 people . It has a double layer nylon protection for good ventilation and a silicone base for a perfect seal.

Fasteners are color coded gray and green for easy assembly. This model has two doors and one window. It is waterproof and ultra resistant.

With a light weight , this model floats in the water and must be well attached so as not to be blown away in the wind.

This large size quick release product is ideal for outdoor sports when camping, hiking or at the beach. It is made of waterproof and anti-ultraviolet polyester.

It offers space for 4 people with double doors in front and back with a zipper that goes from one side to the other for a total opening and closing.

This model offers a unique, resistant, waterproof design. It allows great aeration and ventilation.

You are dealing with a domed item with a height of 1.20 meters is made for two people. It is made with a coated polyester flysheet with taped seams and UV protection and fire retardant.

It is easy to set up with fiberglass poles and flexible poles on a polyethylene mat. It also has a mosquito net.

This equipment offers several storage spaces with porch for luggage.

This queen size 4 season model tent is ideal for 2 to 3 people. Dome-shaped, it sets up instantly in seconds thanks to the automatic pop-up system.

It is made with polyester, fiberglass and polythene. It resists wind and remains stable and durable.

With a large opening, it offers two doors with tulle, a hook with light for an electrical connection and pockets to put your keys and objects.

This all-weather family tent is ideal for 3-4 people. It is made with waterproof and resistant materials such as polyester and polyethylene.

The material allows perfect interior ventilation with double layer that offers better protection against rain.

The model offers a large D-shaped door and allows easy access as well as protection against mosquitoes and insects. It also offers large floor dimensions .

Types and shapes of tents for campers


There are many forms of tents that you should be aware of. The choice of will depend on what you will be using it for and the type of weather you plan to use the equipment in.

Form A / Crest Tents

The “A” shape is formed with a single post at each end and usually a horizontal cross post or ridge to make the canopy we all recognize.

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Sloped walls can often limit head and elbow height, even in large designs.

This makes this type of tent good for sleeping in, but not ideal for family vacations, especially if it’s raining and you want to move around freely inside.

This model could also be ideal for people who camp without children or pets.

Modified A-shape / ridge tents

This is an upgraded version that has an advantage over the classic A-frames, as it features a central curved roll bar and ridge bar to create a roomier interior and a durable structure. This allows a little more freedom of movement.

This form is suitable for large families (about 3 to 4 people). It also allows for a little more storage space.

Dome tents

To make life easier in terms of camping in windy or snowy conditions, consider a dome tent. These are really simple to assemble and generally stable thanks to the 2, 3 or 4 pole system they use.

The posts intersect and cross the center of the roof creating a vaulted ceiling with a square, hexagonal or octagonal footprint. This type of model is suitable for children .

Some models also offer separate bedrooms, a bathroom, a screen room or a porch for storage. These are luxury models .

Tunnel / tube-shaped

The tunnel shape offers plenty of internal storage and sleeping space with good headroom. The structure is strong with strong, flexible aluminum poles that form a semi-circular roof.

These types of tents vary greatly in quality and may require strategic positioning in order to withstand windy conditions.

It is often best to plant them in the wind, as the exposed sides can be weak.

Convertible tents

Whether you’re on a summer trip or a stormy adventure, this model gives you options with features like poles, vestibules and a rain gauge.

It features strong nylon panels and mesh windows on the walls that you can close. It is heavier, which makes it stronger and more versatile than other types.

Backpacking tent / one person

This is made with strong fabrics and pole structures. It has plenty of external anchor points or loops in the tent assembly, which makes it more durable in harsh conditions .

Its structure is typically made with low, boulder-like shapes that help shed the wind. It is also practical for storing belongings with its enormous entrances or vestibules.

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Backpacking tents also fold up so you can easily move from site to site. Tents like these are usually reserved for a single person .

Instant/pop-up tents

They are perfect to be shared by 2 to 3 people and ideal for festivals and events. Unzip the included stuff sack, take out the tent and let the built-in soft poles take over.

Although they are easy to pick up, they are often difficult to test, so at some festivals campers often leave them behind.

Pop-up tents are considered disposable tents in today’s society due to price and convenience.

The different types of manufacturing material

Tents are usually made of fabrics like cotton (canvas), nylon or polyester. These materials are suitable for different types of tents and all have their pros and cons.

Indeed, manufacturers often combine mixtures of these materials in order to combine the benefits.

Canvas / Cotton / Poly cotton

The durability of cotton canvas cannot be denied. Cotton retains heat in cold weather and is cooler in hot weather. This breathing is a definite advantage, but, alas, it is heavier than some man-made alternatives.

Traditional canvas tents are less popular these days, as they must undergo an initial weathering period to become fully waterproof.

To facilitate this process, manufacturers have combined the advantages of cotton with those of polyester. Poly cotton as it is called is a lighter alternative and is often coated to give it all the important waterproof properties.


Less expensive tents are often made of nylon. This is because the material can be made thinner since the fibers do not absorb water. Additionally, nylon is often coated with silicone, acrylic or polyurethane to add further benefits in terms of waterproofing and UV protection.

Lightweight nylon tents are ideal for backpackers. Be aware, however, that nylon does not react well to long exposure to the sun.

If you live in sunnier environments or are likely to camp in these destinations, consider more expensive options, especially if you value the longevity of the product you are purchasing.


Unlike nylon tents, polyester models can withstand long periods in the sun. It is also slightly thicker and more durable than nylon.

Don’t look for models that include a breathable liner to prevent water from escaping, but allow air to circulate, otherwise they can suffer from condensation buildup and be stuffy inside.

Tent sleeping capacity

When choosing this type of equipment, first choose a model based on the size of your group, the space with bed and if you need a spacious interior and additional space for friends, the equipment or additional dogs.

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Keep in mind however that no industry standard exists that defines the dimensions of the tent per person.

Assume a close match. If you’re looking for more room, consider increasing the capacity of your tent by one person, especially if you or your regular tent mate(s):

  • are great people
  • are claustrophobic
  • Bring a small child or a dog

Seasonality Tents

3 season tents

By far the most popular tent choice, 3-season tents are lightweight shelters designed for the relatively temperate conditions of spring, summer and fall.

They are usually fitted with large mesh panels to boost airflow. Mesh panels keep bugs out (but can still let in powdery sand).

These models, properly angled with a taut rain gauge, can withstand downpours, but aren’t the best choice for prolonged exposure to severe storms, high winds, or heavy snow.

The main functions of 3 season tents:

  • Keeps you dry in rain or light snow.
  • Protects against insects.
  • Provides you with more privacy.

3-4 season tents

Extended Season (3+ Season) Tents are designed for extended 3 season use, suitable for summer use, but also for travel in early spring and late fall when moderate snow can occur. to be met.

Their goal is to provide a balance of ventilation, strength and heat retention. Typically they include 1 or 2 more poles and less mesh panels than pure 3 season models. This makes them sturdier and warmer.

Extended season tents are a good choice for those who make frequent trips to exposed and high altitude destinations. Although very sturdy, they are not as well fortified for harsh winter conditions as 4 season tents.

4 season tents

Designed to withstand high winds and heavy snow loads, mountaineering tents can be used in any season. Their main function, however, is to stand firm in the face of very inhospitable weather, mainly for winter or above the tree line.

They use more poles and heavier fabrics than 3-season tents. Their rounded dome designs eliminate flat roof spaces where snow can accumulate.

They offer few mesh panels and lay low to the ground. This prevents ventilation and can make them hot and stuffy in mild weather. But when the high winds start to howl, a 4-season tent provides a reassuring refuge.

What are the characteristics to consider?

Before purchasing such a device, it is worth considering the important characteristics that determine the strength and durability of the tent.

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One of the biggest advantages of a camping tent over a backpacking tent is that it is larger, generally designed to be more durable, and gives campers more room to get out during the day or the night.

The best camping tent should give campers more than just shelter: It should suit your needs, like hanging out, reading, napping, sleeping, and escaping wind, rain, sun, and bugs.

Ceiling height can be very important in making camping tents livable for the whole family, allowing taller campers to stand up comfortably and reducing neck and back strain after a weekend of squatting.

If you are camping in hot weather, ventilation is an important feature when the sun rises at noon and the greenhouse tent effect is in full force.

Large windows, more mesh, and large doors help, as do specially designed vents.

The trade-off is in storm resistance: more mesh, more vents, more windows mean more holes and spaces for precipitation and wind to squeeze through.

Weather resistance

For all the glory of a perfect weekend camping trip, if time flies by, inadequate or inappropriate gear can quickly turn your perfect weekend into a nightmare.

Rate each tent for its thermal performance in rain and wind, but also for conditions you might encounter like hot beaches or windy desert.

A good quality model is the one that offers you more resistance to rain, snow, wind. It also protects you from ultraviolet rays.

Ease of installation

An easy to set up tent will take no more than 15 minutes to set up. Some instant models unfold in seconds. Look for a model that is easy to install so you don’t waste your time assembling.

An easy to pitch tent can be pitched solo or in pairs. Except the big models which need more hand.

Also choose tents with color codes that allow you to set up quickly and efficiently even at night.


This category gives us a good idea of ​​the long-term durability of a tent.

Some tent makers skimp on materials and stitching to cut costs, and maybe that doesn’t matter for milder climates or occasional users.

But if you’re an avid camper and know your favorite areas, this category is important in your final buying decision.

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Packing size

The size of the package often depends on the manufacturers. Be sure to find a tent with a carry bag that can be carried in your car trunk or even backpack models .

Roominess, weather resistance and quality of workmanship will outweigh the size and weight of most camping tents, but be sure to check this category before committing to any tent you will be carrying. maybe a short distance.

Optional tent accessories

Some accessories can be very useful and practical. They make it easier to set up or use the tent.


The tent footprint or floor is a custom-made ground sheet (usually sold separately) that goes under the floor of your tent. Tent floors can be tough, but rocks, twigs, and dirt eventually take their toll.

A footprint costs much less to replace than a tent itself. For family-sized tents that get a lot of foot traffic, this is especially helpful.

Plus, the footprints are sized to perfectly fit the shape of your tent, so they don’t catch water like a giant slick hanging over the edges of the floor. Water captured this way sinks under your tent and can seep into the ground fabric.

gear loft

Most tents come with an integral pocket or two to allow you to mesh small items out of the tent. A gear loft is an optional interior mesh shelf that accommodates larger volumes of gear.

Other accessories that would be important to have:

Stakes and anchors for different site conditions

  • Broom and dustpan
  • Indoor / outdoor floor mats
  • tent repair kit
  • seam sealer
  • utility cord
  • Battery-powered ventilation fan

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