The 7 Best Camping Tables in 2022【Comparison】


You will find more than one use in taking a transportable meal platform outside. Indeed, it is a versatile object that will not only make it easier for you to eat when camping, even if it is basically intended for this use.

What is the use of a camping table?

Thus, you can also resort to its use to enjoy full of a picnic in the garden or in the park. This furniture also proves to be useful to complete the service furniture during a reception.

Camping table buying guide

On the other hand, for an indoor reception it is better to rely on an elegant design. The Rekkem proposal that you have found in our selections, for example, may be fully suitable for this purpose.

Certainly, for an outdoor reception, the presentation should not be neglected either. Only, in this case, you can always count on basic models like the one from Coleman.

Types of camping tables

In order to make the best choice when buying this type of furniture, it is necessary to distinguish between the different possible configurations. Indeed, only the knowledge of what is possible to buy can guide you when you go shopping.


So, be aware that in terms of catering furniture for camping, you will find: platforms for eating meals and stations for cooking. In other words, there will be tables for seating guests and others for cooking.

meal platforms

We are mainly talking here about transportable tables to be deployed to eat outdoors. These have a surface and a structure that can be folded. As such, they are easily transported to the garden, to the beach, or to a place where you have decided to camp for a short or long stay.


It can be a table set and chairs like what TecTake offers simply from a table. In the configuration with seats, a distinction is made between the adjoining models and those delivered individually. The tables attached to the chairs are ideal for children. For adults, it is better to opt for a model with separate benches or chairs.

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cooking station

The camping tables are also available in a kitchen station variant. It is mostly a walking surface with pull-out pull-out trayvarious shelves, surface for hob and also with sink for the most successful.

These tables are very practical and have been designed to withstand heat and humidity. In addition, they have a greater load capacity and have a fairly advantageous working space in terms of dimensions.

Those who plan to stay at camp long enough should seriously consider banking on this type of utility furniture.

There are many criteria to consider when you want to acquire a good platform to eat during an outdoor meal. For example, it would be interesting to have a guide to Beach umbrella in the center of the surface, or to have removable wedges to prevent the furniture from slipping depending on the ground where it will be placed.


The details, however, are down to a personal order of preference. The most important thing when buying one of these tables for camping is to pay attention to technical details such as dimensions, configuration or design materials.

The dimensions

The dimensions of your outdoor catering furniture must be suitable for the number of people who will use it. If you often leave as a couple, there is no need to take a model to 6 persons for example. In the event that the number of guests varies depending on the circumstances, however, opt for a model expandable.



It is very pleasant to only have to carry a light load that is easy to store in the trunk of your car when you go camping. Indeed, before loading, you must make an inventory so as not to forget anything ranging from sleeping bag, to the tent. To save yourself unnecessary frustration, consider getting one of those camper tables that roll up for storage if your car is small.

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Otherwise, do not deprive yourself of a larger and more advantageous model, especially if you are going with your family.

The weight


Opinions are not all the same regarding the weight of the material. Some prioritize lightness for ease of transport and others prefer heavier weight for sturdiness. So, if you are only two or even four for the stay, know that light tables are a good option. Beyond this number, the choice of heavier camping tables is justified.

The configuration

Whether round, square or rectangular, a platform for outdoor dining should confer ease of folding and unfolding. Its configuration should also include shimming capabilities at surface and foot level. Also, folding into rolling is simply a matter of ease of storage; it’s up to you to decide about it.


The good quality of design is an important thing when looking for outdoor furniture. Always make sure to choose a durable product; especially if you plan to camp often or eat in the garden every weekend.

The height

The transportable furniture market is a professional of small dimensions. However, when it comes to catering tables, settling for an awkward height is out of the question. Therefore, always prefer models with feet that can be adjusted in height.

With or without integrated chairs


Certainly, a platform multi function folding with chair, is always very interesting. However, if the chairs are directly integrated into the platform, comfort is not always there, except for children. Thus, for a table composed only of adults, the best would be to take a stool or folding chairs with a classic folding outdoor table.

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The materials

In the best case, always choose transportable furniture for campsites with solid materials such as aluminum, fiberglass or steel. However, a high end table plastic or MDF can also be used.


To store your picnic table, prefer dry and clean places. Avoid exposing them to corrosive factors and mold-prone places as much as possible.

Questions and answers about camping tables

Is it possible to put a plate or a baking sheet on it?

During your barbecues party, never venture to put a cooking plate on the surface of your tables to camp. Even if you plan to take the model offered by Campart, be careful to avoid premature wear.

Can they be taken to the beach?

The very purpose of camping tables is to be able to be transported anywhere, where one wishes to enjoy a meal outdoors. So yes, you can take them to the beach if they have a soft ground tip like the one offered by Coleman.

Can they withstand torrents of rain?

Certainly, outdoor furniture is made to withstand a minimum of unleashing of the elements. But, we must not exaggerate either and avoid exposing the camping tables too much to torrents of rain.

When is the best time to deploy this furniture?

Whether you go with a caravan with porch or not, whether you want to eat in the garden or the park, you can always deploy your camping tables for outdoor dining.​


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