Best-butt-pads/ 2022

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Are silicone butt pads as good as regular butt pads?

They can give a good shape, but may not necessarily look as real as silicone butt pads. Silicone pads are definitely more widely paraded as feeling more realistic (and personally I think this can make them look more realistic too).

Can butt pads be visible?

Unfortunately, an ill-fitting butt pad will be visible and look fake no matter how well you try to hide them (like some foreign object is sitting on top of your butt cheek). Which is why if you are buying butt pads, you will want to ensure you have the correct size for you.

Do different types of pads affect the look of the pads?

Each of these types are made of different materials, which both have their advantages and disadvantages. So does this impact on the look of the pads? You bet it does! Foam pads are more lightweight and can be ‘crushed’ down more easily under pressure (think tight fitting/compression clothing).

What can I use instead of a recoil pad?

A common alternative to the recoil pad is a shooting vest. Not only do these feature ammo pouches and other helpful utility, but they also have movable shoulder pads to reduce the amount of felt recoil. The advantage here is you don’t need separate pads for separate firearms, only the vest.


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