Top 10 best bread makers Machines 2022

Have homemade bread as delicious as that of bakeries and supermarkets, and even more? It is quite possible when you have the ideal utensil to prepare your bread when you want and how you want. If you are looking for a bread maker that perfectly meets your needs in terms of performance and cost, this comparison will be useful to you.

Comparison of the best bread Maker machines For Beginner: tests and reviews

This selection consists of devices that display the best value for money and that have received the most positive reviews from consumers. They have of course been tested in order to highlight their advantages and possible disadvantages. Discover them without delay.

Yabano bread maker

Available in a stainless steel body, this product displays a pleasant aesthetic despite a rather sober design. It is made of strong and durable materials such as its super Teflon cooking container. And you can rely on its 650W power to get perfectly baked bread quickly and efficiently.

This Yabano brand bread machine offers 19 programs easily accessible from the control panel located on the top of the box. This consists of an LCD screen and is framed by 6 keys that control the operation of the device intuitively. You can thus prepare all kinds of bread and brioches according to your tastes and your diet.

Thanks to its turbo-charged motor, this utensil cooks bread optimally to make it as delicious as possible. It also offers three different degrees of browning and relies on NTC detection technology to always benefit from the best cooking temperature. The capacity of the device allows you to obtain three different sizes of bread namely 500 , 750 and 1000 g to cover small and large needs.

Very quiet, the Yabano bread machine is also easy to clean, whether outside or inside. Note that its Teflon tank is removable and non-stick.


  1. 19 programs for several bread recipes
  2. 3 levels of browning and 3 shapes of bread
  3. 650W turbo-charged motor
  4. Easy to clean


  1. The inscriptions are in English on the machine

I bought this bread maker for my daughter. She is really happy. This machine is not imposing, does not take up too much space. Several cooking options, weights, etc. are available. The tank is removable and above all it is easy to clean! The design is super nice and the color is beautiful. It changes the basic colors that we are used to seeing. I advise . Read all reviews.

Noemie O.

Machine à pain AmazonBasics

Machine à pain AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics is the brand through which the American e-commerce giant has been offering its own electronic devices for quite a while? Among the various products it sells and which have been favorably received in the market is this interesting 550 W bread machine.

With its 15 cooking programs, this utensil is a real home bakery. It allows you to make classic, gluten-free bread, brioches or even cake batters. You can also many other types of bread made from your own ingredients. You also have the option of choosing how you want your bread to brown, whether it’s lightly, medium or fairly well done.

The AmazonBasics bread maker has a total capacity of 900g which can also bake 700g bread. It sports a durable plastic case with a white finish that gives it a sleek and modern look. The upper part of the device has 6 buttons and a backlit display. In addition, a number of inscriptions are present on the lid as a guide to using this machine which is just as easy to clean.

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  1. Multifunction with 15 programs
  2. Possibility of baking 700 g and 900 g bread
  3. 3 browning settings
  4. Easy to clean


  1. The inscriptions on the lid are in English

I received this machine recently. This is my first time buying a bread machine. And what can I say… except that she is perfect. It is a purchase that can quickly be profitable because it has 15 programs. Read all reviews.

Jonathan P.

Moulinex OW210130 bread maker

Moulinex OW210130 bread maker

The Moulinex OW210130 will allow you to always have fresh bread at home without having to go to the local baker every morning. It is a very simple machine not only in its design, but also in its handling. You will have no trouble making the bread of your choice either by respecting classic recipes or by daring to try new cooking methods. This is precisely the reason why this device offers you a full range of programs to allow you to vary your pleasure. Depending on whether you prefer your sweet, gluten-free, etc. you have the choice of 12 different ways to cook it. You even have the option of choosing the texture of the crust and its degree of browning.

The Moulinex OW210130 bread machine has a capacity that allows you to obtain loaf sizes of 500 g, 750 g and 1000 g respectively. Thanks to an integrated timer, the start of baking can be delayed by 15 hours to allow you to have your bread at a time that suits you best. In addition, you have the option of keeping it warm for almost an hour. Other equally practical functions are easily available via the device’s control panel.

This Moulinex OW210130 machine is a compact 720 W model that weighs approximately 3.8 kg on the scale. It is equipped with non-slip feet that allow it to adhere firmly to the surface on which it is placed.


  1. 12 programmes
  2. Choice of crust browning
  3. Possibility of delayed departure
  4. Possibility to bake 3 different sizes of bread


  1. Plastic case

I obviously missed the first loaf, but since then, pure happiness. Awakened in the morning by the smell of brioche, programmed the day before, as for my breads, I discover new flours every day. A word of advice, rather follow the advice of the miller, which appears on each packet of flour, than those given in the instructions for use of the machine. Read all reviews.

Jacques U.

Machine à pain Russell Hobbs

Machine à pain Russell Hobbs 18036-56

With the Russell Hobbs 18036-56 bread machine, you don’t need to be an experienced baker to make good bread. This appliance allows you to prepare your own 1 kg loaves , which is precisely its maximum cooking capacity. However, you will also be able to obtain 450 and 700 g loaf formats depending on your current needs.

This utensil will make your daily life easier thanks to its ergonomic design which makes it easy to use. It is controlled from a backlit LCD screen and practical buttons that allow you to select the cooking parameters and follow them closely. The lid of the appliance has a porthole through which you can keep an eye on your bread. Apart from all that, this machine is space-saving thanks to its dimensions of 32 cm in length, 28.6 cm in width and 29.8 cm in height. It is therefore easy to store, while also being simple to maintain thanks to the non-stick nature of its bowl and its kneading paddle. As for the accessories, they can be washed in the dishwasher to save you time.

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It should be noted that the Russell Hobbs 18036-56 breadmaker is a very versatile model that incorporates 12 programs . It also offers functions such as keeping warm , timer , delayed start , rapid cooking and browning adjustment .


  1. 12 programmes
  2. Big capacity
  3. Format compact
  4. Polyvalent


  1. Power a bit low

This machine is great! Not too bulky, not too noisy, and very easy to use. You can choose 3 bread sizes and 3 baking levels. Not too expensive and guaranteed 2 years + 1 year by the manufacturer. I, who was incapable of making a loaf by hand, since using this machine, I have never missed a single loaf (even my first loaf!). I make wholemeal bread with spelled flour. Read all reviews.

Melanie D.

Machine à pain Clatronic

Machine à pain Clatronic BBA3505

The Clatronic BBA3505 is highly regarded for the excellent value for money it offers. This is a machine that offers 12 baking programs and 47 combination possibilities to make bread in all possible shapes. It is easy to use, whether to bake bread immediately or at a specific time of day as needed. Its start can be programmed for later thanks to its 13-hour timer which allows you to get ahead. Cooking is perfect for both the crust and the crumb, for crispy and delicious breads.

This bread machine also allows you to make several other recipes as you can discover in the recipe booklet provided. It has a capacity of 1 kg and can even be used as a utensil for raising pasta or cooking jams.

In general, the Clatronic BBA3505 does its job well as a bread machine to meet the daily needs of the whole family. It is robust for long-lasting use and very efficient for the quick and easy preparation of the recipes with which it is compatible. It should also be noted that the cleaning of this device and all these accessories is simple, as is its storage after use. 


  1. 12 cooking programs + 45 combinations
  2. Maximum capacity of 1 kg
  3. Programming via a 13-hour timer
  4. Easy to clean and store


  1. No gilding function

Easy to use if you like to bake bread this is ideal for you . Read all reviews.

Diana I.

Ariete bread maker

Ariete 132 Pane Express bread maker

Make your gluten-free breads or with the ingredients of your choice thanks to this machine offered by the Ariete brand. It puts its great ergonomics at your disposal to allow you to make several delicious recipes for your greatest pleasure. In addition to bread, you can indeed prepare preserves, brioches or jams, among other things.

A true culinary ally, the appliance offers automatic operation based on a menu of 19 cooking programs . Added to this is a timer programming function for an easily adjustable 1 hour delayed start. The configuration of the functions is indeed done from an LCD screen accompanied by a series of intuitive and practical buttons.

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This Ariete 132 Pane Express bread maker measures 27 cm in height, 21 cm in width and 31 cm in depth. Its body is made of stainless steel, while its upper part and its carrying handle are made of plastic. Its base is also made of plastic with non-slip feet which gives it good stability in use.

In short, the machine has everything it needs to do what it was designed to do. That is, to bake bread quickly and efficiently, in addition to making several other delicacies. It has a capacity of 750 g , which also makes it possible to make loaves of 350 and 500 grams.


  1. Robust and durable
  2. 19 programs with 1 hour delayed start
  3. Easy to use and clean
  4. Quick cooking


  1. small capacity

One of the smallest bread machines on the market, complete, with many programs, ideal for one or two people, even makes pasta. Works better with 500 grams of dough than 750, especially in baking. Unmatched value for money! Read all reviews.

Marco I.

Moulinex Pain et Délices bread machine

Moulinex Pain et Délices OW240E30 bread machine

Buying the Moulinex OW240E30 can be a good choice for its efficiency in baking bread, but also for the multiple possibilities it offers. To allow you to vary the taste surprises with family or friends, its menu consists of 20 automatic programs . Whether you want to make classic bread, wholemeal bread or even sweet bread, this machine meets all your expectations. Gluten-free cooking is also possible to help respect your dietary specificities and those of the whole family.

With this utensil, you also have several programs for preparing cakes, pizzas, cereals, jam or porridge. And for lovers of dairy products, 3 special cooking modes are included for making yoghurts from cheeses.

The Moulinex Pain et Délices has a capacity of 1 kg which can easily adapt to three different sizes of bread. It also offers three settings for the texture of the crust depending on whether you prefer it slightly crispy or very crispy. The machine comes with a measuring bowl to facilitate recipes, a container for dairy products and other practical accessories. Its tank has a non-stick coating which facilitates the release of preparations and also cleaning. 15 hour delay start and 1 hour keep warm functions are also included for flexible use. Its power is 720 W.


  1. Joli design
  2. 20 programs for bread and several other gourmet recipes
  3. 1 kg capacity for 3 loaf sizes
  4. Easy to clean and easy to store


  1. No porthole

I use it everyday. I who had refused this kind of machine for years…I became addicted. Read all reviews.

Jacques E.

Moulinex OW610110 bread maker

Moulinex OW610110 bread maker

If you are looking for a Moulinex bread machine, but which is a little more efficient, this model is precisely one of the best-selling of the brand.

In terms of power, the OW610110 is the first in this comparison to display up to 1650 watts. This suggests its efficiency and speed in baking the different types of bread it can make. Its operation is simple and automatic, so all you have to do is make your recipe with your ingredients. The real job is the bread machine that will do it while you just wait for the end of the baking to admire the result.

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The Moulinex OW610110 offers 16 programs that allow it to cook up to 1.5 kg of different breads, brioches, cakes, pizzas. It also offers 3 browning qualities to allow you to taste all the possible textures of crusts.

The device also has a large LCD screen that provides easy access to the menu. It has two blades that optimize kneading, a baguette plate with brushes and grigne and a recipe booklet with up to 45 recipes. It should be noted that its bowl is non-stick and can be easily cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher.


  1. Sleek and durable design
  2. Multifunction with 16 programs
  3. Large capacity of 1.5 kg
  4. Programming and keep warm function
  5. Reduced noise pollution


  1. Large dimensions with plastic structure

I already had a Moulinex Home Bread baguettes machine but it was starting to get a little tired. So I bought this one and I’m totally satisfied. Very good product. More elegant than the previous one. Read all reviews.

Tony T.

Machine à pain Kenwood

Machine à pain Kenwood BM350

The Kenwood BM350 is a 654 W model that can work up to 1000 g of dough, i.e. 1 kg maximum. This capacity will allow you to meet everyone’s bread needs at home. You can therefore of course make 1 kg loaves, but also 500 and 750 g formats, i.e. three different sizes.

The device combines its 14 programsand its multiple functions to allow you to make different types of dough mixtures. You can also take advantage of the presence of a timer to program your preparations up to 12 hours in advance. You can also use the keep warm mode to preserve the freshness of your bread for an additional hour. In addition, you can adjust the cooking intensity of the crust to optimize its browning according to your preferences. In addition, if you have an urgent need for bread, the “quick bread” mode allows you to obtain it within 1 hour 40 minutes. And if a sudden interruption of power occurs, the memory function keeps your settings cooking for 8 minutes.

The Kenwood BM350 bread machine is equipped with a window that allows you to follow the progress of the baking. In addition to a removable and non-stick aluminum bowl, it comes with the necessary for good dosages, and a small recipe booklet.


  1. 14 programs and functions
  2. Timer function and delayed start
  3. Quick cooking mode
  4. 1kg capacity


  1. One kneading blade

I mainly make raisin brioche and cereal bread. You also have to use the right products. Francine bread and brioche flour and francine baker’s yeast breads, pizza dough and brioches that the milk is cold, the butter is cold and that the cold egg is not too small (68g is perfect) if larger add 10 to 15g of flour compared to the 350g indicated. If the egg is too small, the dough will not rise . Read all reviews.

Annie Y.

Machine à pain Panasonic

Panasonic Croustina SD-ZF2010KXF bread maker

As its name suggests, the Croustina proposes to make you eat delicious and crispy bread as you wish. You will almost find it hard to believe that what you are tasting has been prepared directly in your kitchen and without effort. Enjoy your bread the way you like it thanks to the 18 programs that the machine has on board, including two gluten-free modes.

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The Panasonic SD-ZF2010KXF is a multifunction model that allows you to make other delicacies such as brioches, jam or pizza dough. The device also incorporates a number of functions that optimize its operation, starting with the possibility of baking bread in a deferred manner. So you can choose the time that suits you best to start the cooking process, thanks to the 13-hour delay.

It should also be noted that the Panasonic SD-ZF2010KXF Croustina is also equipped with very sensitive temperature sensors which control the temperature inside the tank and also outside. This allows perfect cooking of the dough for a bread or brioche that is pleasant to eat.

In terms of its design, however, this bread machine remains as simple as possible through its oval format. Its maintenance is not a problem, as well as its storage.


  1. 18 Programmes
  2. Optimal cooking temperature thanks to the 2 internal and external temperature sensors
  3. Delayed start of 1 p.m.
  4. Multifunction


  1. No porthole

Finally dusting bread machines. Not that its use is revolutionary, but it is above all the result of cooking that is spectacular. The bread comes out crispy! Having seen bread machines in the past, he wants to tell you that this one offers a very convincing result. It is extremely simple to implement, just put all the ingredients to choose the desired program and everything is done by itself and automatically. Read all reviews.

Marie B.

Baker working bread

Selection criteria

A good bread machine has the main advantage of making it easier to work with the dough while optimizing its cooking. In short, this utensil does all the baking work for you and allows you to have good crispy and delicious bread. But of course, it is important to choose the right model of bread machine to be sure to obtain the maximum satisfaction. Take a look at this buying guide to find out which criteria should be considered the most when making your choice.

The power

One of the first criteria to take into account when you want to choose an electrical appliance is of course its power. For faster bread baking, it is obviously advisable to opt for a more powerful machine. On the current market, the devices that are offered for sale generally have a power between 500 and 1600 depending on the model. However, it should be noted that a more powerful machine can logically consume more energy, hence the importance of choosing your model according to your real needs.

The capacity

It is certainly one of the most essential elements in a bread machine. It is indeed the capacity of the pan that determines the format or rather the weight of the bread that you can obtain. The capacity of the machines on the market ranges from 500 g for the smallest tanks up to 1500 g for the largest. Although some bread machine models only bake one size of loaf, most currently offer between two and three sizes. An important detail, however, is that large capacity devices are generally bulkier. So be sure you have enough storage space in your home before opting for a large model. Similarly, if you don’t have a lot of bread needs to satisfy, you will only have to settle for a smaller capacity appliance.

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Features and programs

A bread baking appliance is undoubtedly more interesting and more practical when it has a lot of features. From basic baking to quick mode to gluten-free bread, you can have up to twenty different programs to choose from. With regard to specific functions, some appliances offer keeping warm, delayed start, adjustment of the degree of browning of the crust or even the addition of additional ingredients. There is also power off memory which can be useful so as not to have to reprogram the machine after a power cut.

You just have to choose your model by prioritizing the functions and programs that you think are useful for your needs. 

The designs

Depending on how you use it, your bread maker could take up a lot of time on your countertop. This is reason enough not to neglect its aesthetics. We generally find structures in stainless steel, aluminum or plastic available in white, black, gray or dark gray finishes. You understood, it does not really offer a wide choice of colors, but that does not prevent you from finding very pretty models.

How to use and maintain your bread machine?

That’s it, you’ve finally found the bread maker that exactly meets your needs. You can indeed be happy with your purchase, especially since from now on you will be able to make your breads as any good baker would have done. But while waiting to receive your device and to be able to enjoy it for a long time, here are some tips on how to use and maintain it.

The first recommendation is never to start your machine without taking the time to read the user manual. This will allow you to understand a little better how it works while avoiding any handling errors. Indeed, if the general operation can be the same from one model to another, each manufacturer has its own technologies. Once you have familiarized yourself with the instructions for use, make sure you always follow the recommendations for use. This will include respecting the dosages, ingredients and settings recommended for each type of bread and recipes made.

Regarding the maintenance of your bread machine, you must take care to sacrifice it regularly and especially after each use to maintain a certain hygiene. Generally, a simple sweep of the cloth inside the cooled bowl is enough to rid it of cooking residues. But sometimes cleaning requires a little more attention. In this case, you should refer to the designer’s instructions to find out if and how water should be used.