Top 10 best blenders for soup ,smoothies, soups, and milkshakes

The heated blender is a household appliance that has greatly changed the way households cook. Although it generally has the same design as a classic blender, it offers much more advanced features. In addition to blending food, it can also cook it and keep it warm without the need for multiple utensils. And when it comes to simmering soups, mixed vegetables or soups, there is nothing more practical than the heated blender. In a few simple gestures, it simplifies the preparation of homemade recipes and considerably reduces the time spent in the kitchen.

But before enjoying the benefits offered by this kitchen utensil, you have to be able to find the right model. Which is not always obvious given that the products available are quite varied. It would therefore be good to consult this comparison of the best heated blenders on the market as well as the buying guide to make an informed choice. 

Comparison of the best-heated blenders: tests and reviews

As you will have understood, the heated blender is a food processor that combines the function of the classic blender and a heating function. It allows you to make a variety of recipes thanks to the different automatic programs it incorporates. Whether mixed, raw or cooked, cold or hot, no preparation will hold any secrets for you with such equipment.

To choose a household appliance such as a heated blender, you must first start by refining your research by taking into account the best-selling products as well as those that offer good value for money. Here is a selection of the 10 best heated blenders that could meet your expectations.

Moulinex heated blender

Moulinex Easy Soup heated blender

Made in France

Moulinex enjoys a great reputation in the market for small household appliances. The brand has been innovating and has been offering high-quality products for a very long time that make the daily life of its customers easier. True to its vision, it has developed various ranges of heated blenders, among which the Easy Soup stands out .

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in the kitchen, this entry-level heating blender will allow you to prepare different kinds of hot or cold recipes in a few simple gestures. It is a device positioned in the middle of the range and which combines simplicity and practicality remarkably.

It incorporates an intuitive control panel that offers 4 automatic cooking programs: velvety soup, soup with pieces, compote and hot or cold mixing. But that’s not all, with the ”  Keep Warm” function , it is possible to keep your preparations warm for 40 minutes. Added to this is the Easy Clean program which offers automatic, simple and easy cleaning after use.

The Easy Soup heating blender comes in the form of a large stainless steel thermos with a capacity of 1.2 L. It has a sober, elegant and modern look highlighted by a plastic/stainless steel lid in which is integrated a motor with a total power of 980 watts and 4 removable blades. Note also that this food processor has a double wall and an ergonomic handle that guarantee a pleasant and secure grip during use.

With all its features, the Moulinex LM841110 blender is able to receive a certain quantity of fruit and/or vegetables that it can mix and cook very quickly and efficiently.


  1. 4 features
  2. Format compact
  3. Self-cleaning function
  4. “Keep warm” option


  1. Only one speed available

In the closet the pressure cooker for daily soups, heavy and cumbersome, the Easy Soup is an essential device, more than easy to use, you put the vegetables, you add the water to the required level, the herbs, you program and 20 minutes later, your soup is ready, hot and creamy if mixed and you can also make very good soups unmixed. Something to vary the pleasures. Use also for tasty compotes. Not yet used for smoothies. Very easy cleaning, just put a little hot water and dish soap in the bowl while waiting to eat your soup, everything comes off effortlessly before rinsing but a cleaning function is also provided . Read all reviews.

Mathie U.

Philips HR2204/80 heated blender

Philips HR2204/80 heated blender

Big capacity

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If you are looking for a heating blender that is not too expensive, but powerful and efficient, this model offered by the Dutch giant Philips will most likely interest you.

The device offers a capacity of 1.2 L and promises to cook your velvety soup in just 18 minutes. This efficiency is also justified by the presence of a 1000 W motor and a stainless steel blade with an improved design.

Easy to use, this heated blender has 6 predefined functions for making hot dishes (soups, sauces, soups, soups with pieces, compotes) and cold preparations such as smoothies. Added to this is an additional manual mixing function.

But what really sets this heated blender apart from other models is its “velvety creamy” program. This is a function that allows the cooking to be adapted to the presence of milk in the preparation.

In addition, the shape and design of the Philips HR2204 / 80 heated blender immediately differentiates it from conventional models. Unlike them, it does not have a base on which the container will be clipped. Rather, it comes in the form of a small bowl with spout and is equipped with a lid and a handle.

On the maintenance side, this food processor is easy to clean since it can be easily disassembled. Moreover, a sponge is more than enough to give it a facelift.


  1. 6 preset programs
  2. Easy cleaning
  3. Recipe book included


  1. No on/off button

Excellent ! I found this device really very practical and very easy to use. We are soup lovers (especially my partner) and with this soupmaker I found the homemade soups of my childhood and as it is autonomous, it is he who takes care of it. This is a considerable time saver. The fact of not having to use several devices to make your recipe is also an advantage: less cleaning and space saving. Regarding the recipes, I obtained the soups or smoothies offered by respecting the quantities indicated, it was perfect. They are original and easy to make, which renews my menus. Children love smoothies and milkshakes, a good opportunity to eat healthy fruit. In summary, I find no fault with it! Read all reviews.

Julian T.

Moulinex LM962B10 heated blender

Moulinex LM962B10 Ultrablend Heated Blender

Tripl’Ax professional technology

This heated blender is a top-of-the-range model that combines simplicity and multifunctionality. It offers a total of 8 automatic programs which make its use quite versatile. Among these parameters, 5 are intended for hot preparations (soup, hot sauce, coulis, vegetable milk and compote) and the other 3 are dedicated to cold recipes (crushed ice, milkshake and smoothie).

In addition to the predefined modes, the user can, from the intuitive digital screen, manage manual functions such as temperature adjustment, “pulse” mode and speed control.

The Moulinex LM962B10 features Tripl’Ax Pro technology equipped with 6 high quality stainless steel blades. These are driven by a robust motor with a power of 1300 W. Thanks to this shock combination, the device efficiently handles all kinds of ingredients including frozen foods and the hardest ingredients.

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Moulinex has always relied on quality materials, as can be seen with the Ultrablend heated blender. Indeed, the brand has opted for heat-resistant glass as the material for manufacturing the tank of its device. Note that it has a real capacity of 1.75 L for a total volume of 2 L expected.


  1. Multifunctional device
  2. Intuitive and easy to use
  3. Efficient and efficient
  4.  Heat resistant material


  1. A little heavy (6.1 kg)

My best investment! I sold my kitchen robot which costs a blind to offer me this little gem and I am very happy with it. It is not at all noisy during cooking, slightly during mixing but for the few minutes it is not disturbing and given the result… No matter what fruits and vegetables m used, fresh or frozen, everything is always perfectly smooth, compotes, soups and milkshakes nothing to complain about and we enjoy each time I am really very happy! Not yet tested the vegetable milk function to see! Read all reviews.

Oriane G.

Senya heated blender

Senya Cook & Ice V3 heated blender

In stainless steel

The Cook & Ice V3 heating blender developed by Senya has an operating power of 1400 W. It incorporates 3 automatic programs, two of which are intended for the preparation of smooth or ground soups in a maximum of 30 minutes, and one for activation of the steam cooking mode. In addition to these features, the appliance has an “automatic cleaning  ” program to which are added the “  Pulse  ” and “  crushed ice  ” functions.

This heated blender has a stainless steel tank with spout with a capacity of 1.5 L. The latter is graduated both inside and outside to easily follow the recommended dosage for each type of preparation. We also note the presence of a waterproof lid with integrated cap which is very practical to avoid projections.

The Blender Cook & Ice V3 also has 3 easy-to-adjust speeds to suit your needs. It comes with 4 stainless steel blades, a steam basket, a stainless steel filter and a cleaning brush.

Sporting a design that is both simple and elegant, this heated blender is available in three colours: cream, black and red. It weighs 2.80 kg and rests on four non-slip suction cups which ensure good stability. It can be a good choice for those looking for a food processor that offers excellent value for money.


  1. Multifunctional
  2. Non-slip base
  3. Good value for money


  1. No touchscreen

Really great for making vegetable soups quickly and easily, it’s a real pleasure. It takes a little 1/2 hour peeling included and it’s childishly simple. Read all reviews.

Tony P.

Moulinex Soup & More heated blender

Moulinex Soup & More heated blender

Made in France

Are you looking for a versatile heated blender to make your soups, mixed vegetables, milkshakes and homemade smoothies more easily or to crush ice? You may find the Soup&Plus model from the French manufacturer Moulinex to your liking. 

First in terms of its design, the device comes in a neat coating of white and red. It has a stainless steel side capable of containing preparations ranging from 0.5 L to 1.8 L. You can thus make up to 8 bowls of soup or smoothies to delight the whole family.

The Soup&Plus heated blender can also rely on the force of action of its 4 blades and the power of its 1100 W motor. It therefore guarantees rapid cooking and perfect mixing of the various ingredients.

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This kitchen robot works through 3 automatic programs, two of which are reserved for making velvety soups in 30 minutes and ground soups in 40 minutes. As for the remaining program, it provides automatic cleaning after use. What facilitate the task for the user who will have nothing more to do than to rinse the device.

This soup maker has an intuitive touch screen. This allows you to manually manage the desired cooking temperature (60-100°C), the mixing speed, the cooking time and the activation of the “pulse” function. A keep warm program is also available. It automatically turns on for 40 minutes when the user is not yet ready to taste his preparation.


  1. Makes crushed ice
  2. Intuitive touch screen
  3.  4 blades, 2 of which are serrated
  4. Automatic cleaning


  1. a bit noisy

I use it almost every night. Soups, veloutés and minestrones now enhance our dinners. I recommend Moulinex Soup&Co for anyone who wants to eat healthy. Read all reviews.

Bernard I.

Domo heated blender

Domo heated blender

The cheap blender

If you’re looking for a heated blender that doesn’t cost too much and offers basic functionality, this might be the model for you.

The Domo Soup Maker is very easy to use and offers 3 programs that can be activated using two selection keys. The user thus has two predefined functions and a manual mixing function which allows the preparations to be varied as desired.

This blender-mixer therefore does the job very well when it comes to preparing soups, compotes and smoothies. Its greatest asset lies in the capacity of its tank which can indeed contain 1.6 L of soup, enough to satisfy 5 people. However, you will be forced to fill it to the maximum, even if you do not plan to make soup for several people. Otherwise, your preparation may stick to the bottom of the container.

The Domo Soup Maker runs on a 1000W motor, so it’s powerful enough to whip up a smooth soup in up to 20 minutes. In terms of maintenance, the device is quite easy to clean, although cleaning is mainly done by hand.


  1. Strong and durable material
  2.  3 easy-to-run programs
  3. Average capacity for 4 people


  1. Not dishwasher safe

Hello, this device allows you to make soups, compotes, sauces, smoothies. Very easy to use with its 3 programs. A program by pressing once on “Program” (light on in the 1st drawing) to heat and mix. Program 2 (light on on the 2nd drawing) for heating only. And program 3 (3rd drawing) for only mixed. Just cut your vegetables into cubes for easy mixing . Read all reviews.

Christophe T.

Moulinex LM926b00 heated blender

Moulinex LM926b00 heated blender

Made in France

This LM926b00 model from the Moulinex product range generally has the same characteristics as the Soup&Plus from the same brand. What sets them apart is the stainless steel steamer basket that accompanies the LM926B00 as well as several other details.

White and gray in colour, this soup maker is distinguished by its sleek and modern design that will certainly blend into the decor of your kitchen. It consists of a stainless steel bowl with a capacity of 2.8 L which allows you to obtain up to 2 L of preparations. This is an asset that will certainly appeal to users who cook for at least 8 people.

This device works thanks to an 1100 W motor which spins the blade at a maximum speed of 16,000 rpm. Which means it can mix and cook your different foods quickly and efficiently.

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With the LM926B00 heating blender from Moulinex, 3 automatic cooking programs allow you to make velvety or ground soups and to cook your food with steam according to your desires. Simply activate each mode on the touch screen which also allows you to adjust various parameters such as temperature, cooking time, speed.

The device can also crush ice, make smoothies and other cold preparations. In addition, the user will certainly appreciate the automatic cleaning function which saves time for maintenance.


  1. 3 automatic functions
  2. Automatic cleaning program
  3. Easy to use
  4. Grande performance


  1. Steam basket too small

Purchase of the product, especially for soups: in 1 half hour, cooks, mixes and keeps warm for a long time. Also for steam cooking, which gives off little vegetable smell in the kitchen. Not yet used for sauces and ice crusher. Read all reviews.

Mark B.

Livoo heated blender

Livoo DOP121 heated blender

Entry level

Do you want to make your own vitamin cold drinks as well as homemade hot soups and soups in less than 30 minutes? If you do not have a big budget to invest in a high-end heated blender, here is a not too expensive model that may meet your expectations. This is the Dop121  soup  machine offered by the  Livoo brand.

With a power of 1000 W, this heated blender does its job well when it comes to cooking and mixing different types of hot or cold preparations. Whether you want to make chunky soup, ground soup or smooth soup, just activate the corresponding automatic cooking program among the three available and you’re done. This kitchen robot also offers the possibility of making sauces, smoothies or even milkshakes thanks to the “mix” function. The Livoo Dop 121 is also equipped with a 1.6 L stainless steel graduated tank. The preparations can be served directly on the table, thanks to a pouring spout. The device comes with a detachable power cord and a cleaning brush.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Ergonomic
  3. Programme « mix »
  4. Affordable price


  1. No keep warm function

Very good product. I am completely satisfied. It matches the description perfectly. The only downside is that it doesn’t keep the soup warm. Easy to clean. I recommend this product. Read all reviews.

Cédric M.

Tristar heated blender

Tristar BL-4457 heated blender

Good value for money

The Tristar BL-4457 heated blender will assist you effectively when preparing certain dishes such as soups, soups or broths. It will also allow you to easily make juices and compotes. It is a versatile device that adapts to your desires.

Quite powerful, it relies on a total power of 1050 W and on the efficiency of its stainless steel blade to offer a quality mix. With its intuitive intelligence, the BL-4457 heated blender cooks and mixes your preparations on its own thanks to different automatic programs. All you have to do is cut your fruit and/or vegetables, add them to the slope, start the desired program and wait.

This heated blender has a stainless steel container that can hold up to 1100ml of preparation, so you have the option of making up to 4 bowls of soup/velouté or 4 tall glasses of juice/smoothies. The device also offers impeccable table service, as it has a very practical pouring spout. You will also find in the package the instructions for use, a removable electric cable and a cleaning brush.


  1. Versatile use
  2. Fast and effective
  3. Easy cleaning


  1. Limited features

I am very happy, the important thing is you for the choice of the ingredients of the soup, for the rest this automatic program for the soup is excellent in 25/30 minutes without doing anything the robot does everything by itself you have a delicious soup for 3 people. A basic soup soup program, I put in small pieces 2 to 3 medium zucchini, 2 chopped onions that I have sautéed in the pan with small bacon bits, 2 laughing cow, completed to the mark with water and white wine and start, in 25 minutes a delicious hot soup! Read all reviews.

Jean-Michel F.

Princess food processor

Princess 212040 heated blender

In stainless steel

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Before the heated blender made its appearance, preparing velvety or ground soups required enough effort and took a lot of time. First, you had to cook the vegetables, then mix them in a blender, finally pour the contents into a saucepan for cooking and wait. Today, the task is relatively much simpler and easier.

 By opting for equipment such as the Princess 212040 food processor, you can prepare your soups automatically in 25 minutes. Thanks to its 1000 W power combined with its 3 preset programs, the device cooks, mixes and mixes the different ingredients for a perfect result in a short time. You can also get smoothies, frozen yogurt, compotes and sauces with this food processor.

This model from the Princess brand is equipped with a brushed stainless steel tank which offers a capacity of 1.3 L. Which may be enough to satisfy 4 people. It is a utensil that also has an ergonomic handle for optimal comfort of use.


  1. 3 preset programs
  2. Non-slip feet.
  3. Robust and durable device


  1. Not dishwasher safe

I love this robot, I can make soup, smoothies and I even tried lentils and it worked. It is very easy to use. Quantity point of view, I’m alone, and when I use it for soup I manage to have it for 2 or even 3 meals, it’s fast in addition to having no supervision necessary. Considering the price it’s frankly a good practical product . Read all reviews.

Melanie L.

Blender buying guide

On the market, manufacturers compete in ingenuity and offer devices that are just as interesting as each other. The selection made above is proof of this. We therefore realize that choosing a heated blender is much more complicated than it seems. This is why, before making a final decision, it is always good to inquire in order to have all the useful information likely to help make an informed choice.

Selection criteria

Before choosing a particular model of heated blender, it is important to define a selection grid. Only in this way will you be able to find the device that really meets your expectations. Indeed, there is no point in having a heated blender delivered to you that does not play the role for which you bought it. You would have done better in this case to throw your money directly out the window.

Here are some important criteria to consider when buying a heated blender.

The power

The power of the device is a very important element that should not be taken lightly. It should be remembered, a heated blender is in a way a classic blender that incorporates a heating function. Its power (motor power and heating power) is therefore a significant performance criterion.

In theory, the greater this data, the more efficient the device. However, certain factors, such as the quality and number of blades, as well as the starting speed can greatly impact performance. In any case, with a minimum of 1000 watts, the appliance can efficiently cook and blend vegetables and fruits.

The material of manufacture

The container of a heating blender can be made of glass, plastic or stainless steel. Just know that glass offers the advantage of being transparent. This makes it easy to follow how the cooking and mixing is progressing. However, it is a fragile material that can break if dropped. Its use therefore requires attention and caution.

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As for plastic equipment, it is the cheapest on the market. Quite light, they lend themselves much more to non-intensive use. Depending on the quality, some are resistant to shocks, scratches and high temperatures, while others may crack or turn black over time.

Stainless steel tanks are probably the strongest and most resistant. In addition, they tolerate heat better and help keep food warm. There is also no risk of staining or breaking. The only downside is that you can’t see inside without opening the lid. Added to this is the fact that you can burn yourself by touching the container unless it has a double insulating wall.

There are also heated aluminum blenders. They combine lightness and resistance, but there are only rare models.

container capacity

The capacity of heated blenders on the market generally varies between 1 L and 3 L. However, it is necessary to be able to distinguish between the maximum capacity and the actual capacity. With most models, the slope does not have to be completely filled in order for the device to function well. Which ultimately can reduce the amount of preparation planned.

The choice must therefore be made in consideration of this detail and your needs. Are you alone or do you have a big family? Do you usually receive guests? If yes how much ? The answer to these different questions will help you to clearly define the ideal real capacity of your device.

Note that a heating blender with a capacity of 1.2 liters could allow you to make preparations for 4 people. However, you can opt for a larger capacity model if you need to serve up to 6 people or more. The most important thing is to choose a heated blender equipped with a pitcher that will be really useful to you.

Programs and options

Generally, heated blenders incorporate automatic features. All it takes is a simple press to activate them. However, the number of available programs depends on the product range. On basic appliances, these functions are limited to the preparation of soup and a few cold drinks. On the other hand, high-end equipment is, most of the time, more complete and allows you to vary recipes, consistency, temperature and cooking speed.

You will also find models that have “steam cooking”, “keep warm”, “automatic cleaning” and “delayed start” programs. In addition to this, the heating blender can offer a manual mixing function which allows you to customize the recipes to your liking and to crush the ice. As a general rule, the more options available, the more expensive the heated blender, but that does not mean that you will not find well-equipped appliances at attractive prices.