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What is Twinings black tea blend?

This blend by the Twinings tea is a pure black tea blend. To make this blend, the fine black tea is expertly selected from the five different countries, including Kenya, Indonesia, Assam, Malawi, and china. The tea from Kenya and Malawi is perfect for briskness, and Assam tea gives it a good flavor.

Is Twining a good tea brand?

Twinings is the English manufacturer of tea and many other things, including coffee, chocolate, and drinks. Thomas Twining founded the Twinings in London in 1706. It’s the world’s oldest tea brand which is still working with a great reputation.

What are the different flavors of Twinings tea?

When we talk about the Twinings tea flavors, this tea comes in different flavors including berry, chamomile, chai, citrus, ginger, mint, and vanilla. You can easily choose any flavor according to your choice and taste. Although all the flavors of the Twinings tea are perfectly designed to benefit your overall health.

Is Twinings tea good for high blood pressure?

The different flavors of the Twinings teas have their benefits according to their main ingredients. But all the Twining teas can be used for lowering blood pressure and for many other health benefits. Where does the Twinings tea come from?