Top 10 Best Binoculars for kids 10 years Old- Complete Guide 2022

Are you looking for a distraction for your child? A distraction that will allow him to flourish and develop fully? Both educational and fun, exploring nature with binoculars will stimulate their curiosity and sense of discovery. A pair of binoculars is both a toy and an educational tool for learning while having fun. Give him a pair specially designed for his age and you will introduce him to the beauty of the world and save him from constantly staying at home.

Our editorial team has developed a guide for you on the reasons for buying binoculars for your child, the criteria for choosing the binoculars that are suitable for him and the precautions to take for safe use. Whether you’re new to binoculars or not, we’ll try to be as comprehensive as possible to help you choose the right binoculars for your child.

If you are in a hurry to discover the best pairs of children’s binoculars, jump right over to our selection of the best children’s binoculars available on the market. This selection will introduce you to products that will ensure an enriching experience for your offspring while being safe and easy to use. Why give binoculars to your child?

what are the best binoculars for kids?

So that he discovers nature and arouses his curiosity

A whole world is to be discovered and explored using binoculars. Introduce your child to the love of animals and plants by allowing him to observe them better thanks to binoculars that are adapted to him. His love for the environment and nature will be more developed and will give him from an early age a sense of ecology and the protection of biodiversity.

Having binoculars will allow him, for example, to see a bird standing on a tree branch from a distance. Or, he could take a closer look at an insect and see what it really looks like. He will distinguish the different parts of the animal’s body, which will pique his interest and perhaps encourage him to learn more. Your little ornithologist or budding entomologist will be more interested in nature books and documentaries and will deepen their knowledge.

So that he plays outside and can flourish

The use of binoculars will also prevent him from staying at home all the time. Whether you’re going with him or he’s with a group of friends, his binoculars will inspire him to get outside. He will play in the garden or he could look for a new place, a new subject of observation to use them. Your child will thus avoid tiring his eyes for hours in front of a television or computer screen. Playing with friends will also allow him to socialize and develop his relationships. He will also benefit from all the advantages of outdoor play  : better health, the feeling of freedom, the prevention of obesity, better growth thanks to the sun which improves the absorption of Vitamin D and calcium…

To make the most of trips and excursions

Travel and excursions are also the best opportunities for your child to use their binoculars. Are you near a lake where many birds live? The binoculars will help him to better observe the herons, the wild ducks or the other species of birds of the lake. He will be able to visually differentiate the different species of birds and will learn. If you happen to be able to observe whales from a boat or from the beach, give your child the chance to be able to distinguish them better with a good pair of binoculars.

During a car journey, during breaks and stops, he will also be able to observe the surrounding reliefs and picturesque places from afar. There’s a castle perched on a hill in the distance? If you can’t go there, binoculars will allow your child to see this castle more closely as if it were a few meters away. Camping, picnics, school outings, walks in the forest or zoos are all times and places that can become more interesting with binoculars.

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For classic binocular uses

Those who are already used to using binoculars will know the different possibilities they offer. If for a child, the discovery of nature and adventure are the main uses, many other uses are available to him, especially for the most mature. Does your son or daughter like to see football matches, horse racing, concerts or shows? To better see the players or actors, using binoculars is a classic solution that you should not deprive your child of. Enrich his experience of matches and shows with this precious tool, he will be grateful to you.

What criteria to choose binoculars for children?

The magnification factor

One of the main criteria for choosing binoculars is magnification . Any pair of binoculars carries two-digit indications to express the magnification it provides. This magnification is expressed by two numbers: the first indicates the magnification and the second the exit diameter.

If you see as an indication 8×21 , 8x will express a magnification of 8 times and 21 will designate the diameter in mm of the objective lens. This magnification value will mean that the object will be 8 times closer. An object located at 8 meters will then be perceived as if it were at 1 meter. The higher the magnification, the closer the image will appear. On the other hand, the image will be less stable for a high magnification. For young children, the recommended magnification depends on their age and their ability to hold the binoculars correctly without shaking. In unsteady hands, high magnification will result in a blurry image. Therefore, high magnification values ​​are recommended for older children and lower values ​​for younger children.

For a child 3-6 years old, 2x magnification will give a sharp, stable image even with fidgety hands. It is the ideal magnification for toddlers whose main interest will still be imitation. It will not allow you to see very far but it will allow the child to learn how to handle binoculars. For older children, magnifications greater than 2x will be appropriate depending on their level of interest. For a good viewing experience, 8x magnification is the most appropriate value.

The lens diameter

Another key feature of any binocular is the lens diameter. It is indicated in mm and determines the amount of light captured by the binoculars. The higher the value of the lens diameter, the sharper the image will be. In a place where light is lacking, larger diameters are more suitable. On the other hand, the weight of the pair will increase with the diameter of the lens. For a child, therefore, a large diameter lens will be heavy and bulky. The average value suitable for a child is generally 21mm but it can go up to 30mm which is the maximum suitable value for a child.

The exit pupil

Equally important, the diameter of the exit pupil is a characteristic that must be taken into account for comfortable use. Concretely, the exit pupil is the luminous circle produced by the binoculars which enters the eye. Its diameter should correspond to the diameter of the user’s pupil so as not to tire his eye. It is calculated by dividing the diameter by the magnification. For binoculars whose magnification is 8×21, the exit pupil will be 2.625.

If the exit pupil is higher than the pupil of the eye, the use of binoculars is easier. Conversely, a smaller exit pupil makes the image less good because the amount of light entering is less important and requires focusing. The diameter of the pupil varies with age, for children it varies from 2mm to 7mm depending on the darkness. A low value for the exit pupil will be more comfortable if the binoculars are used in well-lit places.

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The field of vision and the interpupillary distance

The field of view is the horizontal width that can be seen through binoculars while keeping the head still. A wide field of vision is more suitable for a child. It allows you to better find the targets and better observe them. It is given by lower magnifications than 8x. A narrow field of view is obtained at higher magnifications. With a wide field of vision, the child will keep his interest in using binoculars. The interpupillary distance is the distance between the center of the pupils or more simply the distance between the centers of the eyes. Knowing this characteristic makes it possible to adapt the binoculars to the faces of the little ones. In children, this distance is narrow and increases with age.

Robustness and quality

Also opt for resistant models. Children, especially younger ones, tend to easily damage what is given to them. The younger and more inattentive your child is, the more robust and shock-resistant models you should choose. The models with a rubber coating are the most resistant and are recommended for the most clumsy.

The weight of binoculars

The weight is an important point for the use of binoculars by children. The heavier the pair, the faster the child will tire. And this weight also varies according to his age, if you have a child between 3 and 5 years old, favor light binoculars whose weight does not exceed 150g. For the older ones, opt for those weighing around 200g.

Wearing glasses

If your child wears glasses, don’t worry! Models suitable for wearing glasses exist. Some models have an eye cup made of a flexible material (ex: rubber) which reduces the distance between the glasses and the eye lenses. Simply wrap these around the glasses. Your child will no longer be embarrassed by the glasses he wears.

In terms of settings, if your child is nearsighted, there is no special adjustment. For those who wear glasses for another reason, you should see if the binoculars you plan to give him have much longer eye relief than conventional binoculars. The eye relief being the distance between the last lens of the eyepiece and the exit pupil.

The type of binoculars: toy or binoculars for children?

Also think about what your child really needs. Does he need a toy or real age-appropriate binoculars? The distinction between toy binoculars and children’s binoculars is not official but it is good to make a difference between the products according to the needs of its user. There are products that are more like toys and others that are closer to real twins. On the internet, the search terms you use (twin toys or children’s binoculars) will determine the type of product you will be presented with.

In general, toy binoculars are those intended for the little ones, from 3 to 5 years old. At this age, the most important thing for the child will be to imitate the adult. These are the binoculars that have low magnification (2x), few functions, plastic lenses and a generally blurry image. If you want to know if your child is interested in exploration and discovery, first offer them toy binoculars. They are less expensive (between 3 and 10 euros) so if your child loses interest quickly, your wallet will not be too affected. If, on the contrary, he is very interested, buy him children’s binoculars when he is older.

Regarding binoculars for children, these are those that aim to offer the same performance as binoculars for adults. They are more interesting for those who are over six years old. Their design, design and size have been developed to adapt to the physiognomy of the youngest. They have a magnification of 8x on average and allow you to benefit from the classic uses of binoculars. The lenses are of good quality and are made of glass . Among other things, they will allow you to observe nature, watch shows or sports matches.

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What precautions should be taken to use binoculars safely?

Avoid for children under three

The age limit for using children’s binoculars is 3 years old. For toddlers, risks exist for their safety. If he manages to disassemble it, he could swallow the eyepieces and risk choking. Another accessory to pay attention to: the carrying strap. The child must be old enough to adjust the strap himself to avoid any danger. A strap that is too tight risks strangulation of the child. Avoid buying binoculars whose strap is not easily detachable. Prefer transport cords that do not have settings. Using binoculars without a strap or cord is also possible but will increase the risk of loss.

Check the recommended age

Check the age recommended by the manufacturer. Each manufacturer mentions on the packaging the recommended age for a given model. Also consider the psychological age of your child. If he is still at the stage where only fun counts, avoid buying him a complex model, prefer resistant toys that he will not break easily. For children more interested in observing objects through binoculars, opt for models with good magnification.

Pay attention to the sun

great danger from which your little explorer must be protected: wanting to observe the sun. Warn him not to look at the sun through binoculars. Tell him directly, with words adapted to his understanding and his age, that looking at the sun makes you blind because that is what he is risking. Viewing the sun through magnifying devices can cause irreparable eye damage.

Avoid prolonged use

Another precaution to take into account: the duration of use of the binoculars. Long time use may strain your child’s little arms as well as eyes. Short and repeated uses are ideal for using binoculars. Advise him not to play for very long and tell him to avoid using it for more than a few minutes continuously. At the first signs of fatigue, it is better to stop. This will save him from arm muscle fatigue and eye fatigue.

Our selection of the 3 best binoculars for children

What we took into account to make our choice

Our editorial team is keen to provide you with the best possible choice when it comes to children’s binoculars. We want to guarantee your little explorer quality products, completely adapted to his age, which prevents him from getting too tired. For the selection of our products, we looked at the robustness, the maneuverability, the quality of the image as well as the quality/price ratio.

A robust and resistant product will have a longer lifespan . We want to present you with products that will not be damaged during the first uses. If you have rambunctious or clumsy children, you will be insured against fragile products that are easily damaged by the slightest shock. This will be a good point for your wallet.

We also choose the most manageable products. The ease of use will guarantee your little one’s interest and prevent him from abandoning his new occupation very quickly. We present to you binoculars with easy-to-focus adjustments, adapted to the age and understanding of your child. The binoculars of this selection are also light and will suit the size and morphology of your child.

Image quality is among one of the main criteria for choosing binoculars. We have therefore selected products whose magnification, lens and field of vision are qualified for children aged 3 to 12 years. Binoculars that will not cause eyestrain for your children in good conditions of use.

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A good quality/price ratio remains an essential factor for all. We have carefully analyzed each product, their advantages and disadvantages to offer you binoculars whose price is well worth the functions and features they offer. So you don’t have to worry about your savings. Our editorial team will strive to find the right balance between quality products that are accessible to all.

In our approach, we take into account the opinions of customers published on the sales sites, as well as all the information available on the product. We will thus present to you products whose quality has been confirmed by many buyers. All this in order to ensure products that will not disappoint you.

The best value for money :

Monte Stivo Junior

Robust and easy to handle, the Monte Stivo Junior binoculars allow children to benefit from a visual rendering comparable to that provided by binoculars for adults.

The Monte Stivo Junior binoculars are an excellent choice for those looking for good value for money. This model is robust and has an easy grip. The quality of the image it provides is a way for the child to take advantage of the different possible uses of binoculars. It is a quality tool for observing nature and savoring matches and concerts.

The cheapest best binoculars for 10 year old

Aoneky Binoculars for Kids

If you want an accessible product, Aoneky’s children’s binoculars are the best choice. They allow excellent image quality for a small fee.

For a lower price than many models, the Aoneky children’s binoculars offer great performance with 8x magnification and a diameter of 21mm. This model is particularly suitable for children from 3 to 8 years old so that they can appreciate the same results given by binoculars for adults.

Our third choice:

National Geographic 6×21

True to the name of the television channel, the National Geographic binoculars will transform your child into a curious little explorer who will love to go on adventures and make great discoveries.

National Geographic designed this model to introduce children to the fascinating world of nature exploration. With good image quality thanks to its 6x magnification and 21mm diameter, it turns out to be a good choice to guarantee a good visual experience and good research for its owners.

Detailed presentations

1. Monte Stivo Junior 8×21: the best value for money

For the choice of the product with the best quality/price ratio, our choice fell on the Monte Stivo Junior model. With its 8×21 magnification, it offers great performance as well as a good grip. This pair of binoculars intended for children provides a quality comparable to products for adults while being adapted to the physiognomy and understanding of the child.

The Monte Stivo Junior binoculars have a good design and an ergonomic design. They have an easy grip making them easy to use. Featuring a rubber coating, they will withstand drops and other turbulence, which will prolong their life.

In terms of magnification, the magnification is 8x and the diameter of the lens is 21mm. These features provide excellent image quality for children’s eyes. The desire will come naturally to him to travel the world and explore every nook and cranny with these binoculars that allow him to see far.

Regarding the settings, the interpupillary distance is modifiable and allows the product to adapt to different faces. Focusing is simple thanks to the central button with which the product is equipped. With these different characteristics, this model offers very good value for money and will be perfect for various uses, whether observing nature, attending a concert or watching a sports competition from the bleachers. As a bonus, the binoculars come with a magnifying glass, a pouch, a cloth and a carrying strap.

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If you are looking for a good gift for your child, this pair of binoculars will be a good deal and will effectively contribute to their development both physically and intellectually.

This model has a good image quality which can be adapted for optimal use with the adjustments of the interpupillary distance and the focusing. Rubber protectors make it suitable for children wearing glasses. The accessories that complete the product are also a good point to appreciate.

Regarding the disadvantages, these binoculars are heavy, making them unsuitable for the little ones. Their weight of 240g is quite high compared to other models for children.

2. Aoneky 8×21: the cheapest

Regarding the cheapest product in our selection, we opted for the Aoneky model. For very good characteristics, it is accessible at a reduced price. For those who want a product at a reasonable price, the Aoneky binoculars are a wise option that will allow you to have a good quality product while saving around ten euros.

The Aoneky pair of binoculars has been designed with a modern and sleek design that is very aesthetic. It is small in size which makes it suitable for young children. Very light and compact, it weighs 150g, the perfect weight for the youngest who will benefit from a product that is easy to carry and which will cause little fatigue.

This product is sturdy and durable with a rubber coating. It is easy to grip and is equipped with a non-slip surface to prevent possible falls. The eyepieces are coated with a rubber protection to protect the eyes against the sun’s rays during use, which ensures good job security.

These optical characteristics are comparable to other products of around twenty euros. The model has indeed a magnification of 8x and a lens with a diameter of 21mm. It is possible to improve the image obtained with the adjustment wheel. With this magnification and a good focus, the youngest will be able to clearly observe sports matches, stars, birds, insects with very good comfort. These binoculars will open the doors to a new and exciting world.


This pair of binoculars offers features that provide a quality image for a much lower price than others. You can save close to ten euros for a very good visual result. The product is also characterized by light weight making it easy to handle and transport.


With its very compact size, this model is especially suitable for the hands of small children, those aged 8 and over will find it difficult to handle a pair of binoculars of this size. Accessories are also reduced to a minimum with only a protective cover and a carrying cord.

3. National Geographic 6×21: our third choice


Specially designed by the famous television channel, National Geographic children’s binoculars allow children to become real little explorers. Like the adventurers encountered in the channel’s documentaries and programmes, your children will be introduced to the exploration and discovery of nature.

These binoculars have been made to be light with a weight of 186g, a weight suitable for those over 6 years old but a little heavy for the little ones. They have a sober design and wear the yellow and black colors of the television channel. Covered with a rubber protection, they are robust and resistant to shocks and falls.

Their compact and reduced size allows easy handling for small hands. The shape has been developed in such a way as to be ergonomic and completely manageable. The use is easy and the focus through the adjustment wheel easy to achieve. However, if you intend this pair for children from 3 to 6 years old, always check that the visible image is not blurred.

On the optical side, these binoculars have a magnification of 6x and a diameter of 21mm. The glasses are borosilicate (BK7) and are therefore of high quality. The field of vision is wide and is 116m/1000 m. All of these characteristics provide good visual quality, suitable for observing animals in a zoo or in a protected area. In terms of value for money, National Geographic binoculars have features and characteristics that are quite satisfactory.

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The simple and ergonomic design is one of the main advantages of this model. Children adapt quickly and quickly come to use these binoculars. The compact size and easy to carry, allow you to take it anywhere during holidays or school trips.


What we appreciate less is the slightly high weight of the model. It is better to have a lighter product for the little ones. Another point to deplore is the absence of a cord for transport, which favors the loss of the product.

Our best alternatives: other products worthy of your attention

BUKI 9001

Aimed at toddlers, these toy binoculars are intended to introduce young children aged 3 to 7 to the world of discovery and observation. Belonging to Buki’s mini science range, they are ideal for introducing them to the world of science. With a magnification of 3x and a 35mm diameter objective, they do not allow you to see very far but will already satisfy your apprentice scientist in the observation of nature. They are light, compact and offer good quality for a low price.


Lightweight and compact, the YYhappy childhood 8×21 binoculars are coated with shockproof rubber to protect them from accidental drops and shocks. This protection gives them a long life. They are easy to handle and have a neat and ergonomic design. The magnification and diameter of the objective are suitable for children and provide very good image quality . The interpupillary distance as well as the focus are adjustable so as to be suitable for any face .


The JRD & BS WINL 8×21 children’s binoculars have been designed to withstand shocks and falls. With an ergonomic design , they are easy to use even for small hands. The 8×21 magnification provides image quality rivaling adult binoculars. Camping, hiking, concerts and walks will be more interesting to see with their help. The model is secured with rubber coated eyepieces to protect against eyepiece accidents.

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