Best Binoculars for Astronomy Reviews Beginners {2022}

For some time now, the use of binoculars for observing the moon, nebulae, and planets has become common practice. Gone are the days when the telescope was an astronomer’s best friend. If you have difficulty finding the right astronomical binoculars among the countless offers on the internet, we will guide you in your quest.

Before you jump in, it’s always best to know some general binocular terms and what they mean. Technical information is preferred to help you choose the best pair of binoculars. Don’t forget to review consumer reviews of the models you want to buy.

When it comes to astronomy, you should take note of all important instructions and data for finding the constellations. Set your goal first before buying the binoculars, ask yourself several questions to get started. Thereafter, evaluate the price of each model, and estimate your room for maneuver. Remember that buying binoculars is an investment like any other. To avoid breaking the bank, in this comparison of binoculars we provide you with devices for less than 500 euros, but which will give you breathtaking results. Impossible you say, come with us to read these few lines to enlighten your lantern and make your choice of binoculars for astronomy.

Best binoculars for astronomy beginners Reviews

For amateurs and beginners in astronomy, it is not easy to locate this or that star, even star groups and globular clusters are difficult to find. Some only appear at a specific time, such as constellations that are only visible in dark skies or in the light of twilight. It is imperative to have clear images with good contrast and well-defined borders.

In some situations, observations must be made in broad daylight. As a result, Astro binoculars must provide good visibility during this period. But binoculars can also be used to enjoy other activities such as bird watching, walks, and even travel.

To help you choose Astro binoculars , we have taken into account eight characteristics that will help you with this new passion.

Some products are suitable for terrestrial and celestial observations at the same time. We have found that manufacturers focus more on materials to have exceptional images, as well as on customer experience by giving them maximum comfort when using binoculars.

Best binoculars for astronomy under $100

1- Level of magnification and diameter

This is the first feature to raise, surely one of the most important, before buying astronomical binoculars. Do not forget that these two parameters must be proportional to allow you to have stable and good-quality images. Image sharpness is highly dependent on these numbers. You should know that for binoculars for astronomical purposes, it is better to have a large diameter than a large magnification.

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The models that we are going to present to you will meet your needs for rendering images.

2- The field of vision

With the expanse of space, you need devices that allow you to easily spot constellations. It is important to note that this criterion is dependent on the first, stated above. To avoid wasting your time and money so that you can fully enjoy the show, note that: the wider the field of vision, the better. It is measured in degrees or meters. If you want to see objects at a very distant distance like Jupiter, it is better to take the models with the largest field of view. It is important to note that if the magnification is high, the field of vision of the binoculars will also decrease.

3- Prisms

This factor is decisive to reassure you about the chromatism and the quantity of light transmitted. The materials used to form the binoculars and the lens treatments play a determining role for the buyer. To observe celestial objects as well as nebulae, it is recommended to use binoculars with a Porro Prism. For models with this mechanism, there is a gap between the lenses and the ocular glasses. If you look inside the binoculars, you will see that the glasses or prisms are not aligned and appear in the form of a semicircle. The majority of binoculars fitted with this system have a central pivot between the two lenses.

As for the roof prisms, all components are aligned. In these types of binoculars, the light does not deviate but goes directly into the eye. This system is not common for binoculars. Nevertheless, for some time now they have started to gain ground since the devices are easier to transport. However, their prices remain exorbitant.

4- The treatment of the optics

When buying binoculars, always give preference to Bak-4 optical glasses. The latter help to achieve sharp images with bright borders. They centralize the light in the binoculars and do not allow any dispersion.

Also, choose glasses that have undergone a multi-layer treatment. With these, you have a very bright rendering and the beams will be captured inside the device. They make it possible to better distinguish the observed stars.

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5- Eye comfort

With a device that mainly uses sight, binoculars must be suitable for wearers of glasses or contact lenses. You have to take into account the eye relief (OR), which is the point on the lens where the user will perceive the image. A certain distance must exist between the ocular glasses of the device and the eyes to see the image as a whole. If this spacing is less, spectacle wearers will not be able to take advantage of the field of vision. The wider the eye relief the better, a minimum of 15mm eye relief is required.

6- Dimensions

Unlike telescopes, binoculars need to be portable from place to place to accomplish their missions. You must be able to carry them with you at all times. It should be noted that the size and weight mainly depend on the size of the lens and the materials used during manufacture. The choice of binoculars depends on their purpose and the objects that the user wishes to see.

We have selected products that are not in the way and that you can easily carry for night observations in a field or simply on your balcony.

7- The exit pupil

In the dark, the human pupil dilates, but this increase varies according to the age of the person. The accentuation reaches 7mm before the age of 30, 6mm before the age of 50, and only 5mm after the age of fifty. The ideal is that the pupil of the eye corresponds with that of the exit pupil, it would be necessary to make compromises on certain devices compared to others. If the product does not display this essential detail, simply divide the objective lens diameter by the magnification. It plays a decisive role in observation, because if it is not suitable there is a risk of light dissemination.

8- Image quality

Beautiful images are above all clear and sharp renderings. In astronomy, this criterion is essential to discern the constellations and locate them easily. If before, devices that provide good quality images were displayed at exorbitant prices, now you have the opportunity to buy high-performance astronomical binoculars at an affordable price. If you are an amateur in astronomy, bet on this feature in order to have an immersive experience.

Editorial reviews and reviews

Le Celestron 71009 SkyMaster 15×70

These binoculars are the perfect pair for beginners. With the 15x magnification accompanied by the 70mm diameter lenses, the image is not only clear, but also stable compared to other products we tested. Even if it is difficult to rally the magnification and the diameter, the manufacturer of this device knew how to marry them marvelously.

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These astronomical binoculars for beginners allow you to see big and scan a large part of the horizon since they have a wide field of vision. The exact size of its field is 70.1 m per 1,000 meters. All this greatly facilitates the search for comets or distant nebulae.

The binoculars give well-defined images, however, during its use you will need a tripod so as not to succumb to fatigue.

The glasses capture all the light and return it directly to the eyes to avoid possible loss of light during observation, especially if they are used in the dark.

Thanks to the eye relief of 1.8cm, wearers of glasses or contact lenses will not have to remove them to observe through the binoculars. In addition, if the spacing does not suit you, you have the possibility of adjusting them with the central wheel for more comfort.

According to consumers, this model is the top product for value for money and they recommend it without any hesitation to anyone who wants to invest in astronomy binoculars.

The Orion 9326 Giant View 25×100 binoculars

What struck us the most compared to the other binoculars on the list is the hefty size of the objectives of the Orion 9326. The 100mm diameter and 25x magnification allow the user to see every detail up close like the craters of the Moon. During the observation, we noticed that the magnification contributes to obtaining very precise images, this is even true for the stars around Jupiter. The luminosity is also at the rendezvous since these Orion 9326 Giant View astronomy binoculars easily capture the lighting and reflect it directly into the eyes.

The Porro prism and the Bak-4 glasses that make up the binoculars, promote the quality of the images and increase the performance of the device.

According to consumer reviews, where they block it is the price and the weight of the device. Indeed, among the models we tested, the Orion Giant View is the heaviest and requires the use of a tripod in all circumstances. If you want to transport them outside, you will need the aluminum case. If you don’t already have a tripod to support it, this one is sold separately.

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Given the quality of the rendered images and its power, the profitability of the investment is totally guaranteed.

Unlike their peers, these twins do not discriminate against the elderly. Thanks to the exit pupil of 4.00 mm, they are suitable for fifty-somethings.

These astronomy binoculars convinced us with the adjustment device on each eyepiece, which increases the precision of the images and eliminates blurred borders.

Finally, those who want an immersive experience in space, Orion 9326 Giant View will satisfy you.

Celestron 71332 DX Nature 8 x 42 binoculars

For those who are passionate about astronomy and outdoor pursuits, Celestron binoculars offer a spectacular view. Its weight of 629g makes it very practical compared to others that have the same parameters.

With the Celestron 71332 DX Nature its user can easily carry it in his bag when traveling. However, you can adapt it with a photo tripod at any time for more comfort.
The Nature DX binoculars offer 8x magnification and 42mm objectives, these settings closely emphasize observed images while limiting light filtering and expanding resolution. In addition, the size of the field of vision makes it possible to scan a substantial space.

To meet the expectations of the general public, Celestron has equipped the DX Nature binoculars with a waterproof and anti-fog property by using nitrogen. This resistance to water favors its daily use outdoors, whether in town or in the countryside. If you are passionate about astronomy and other terrestrial activities such as hunting or outdoor sports, you are sure to find what you are looking for with this pair.
These Celestron DX Nature binoculars are very affordable for its multi-use character.

Finally, they are accompanied by various accessories such as the carrying case, the wrist strap, the cap to protect the eyepieces and finally a special lens cloth to remove dust likely to hinder vision.

The Omegon Blackstar 12×42 binoculars

With the Blackstar 12×42 binoculars from Omegon, you are sure to have quality at a low price. They are ideal for those who do not have a substantial budget for binoculars.

In the search for beginner binoculars, do not be influenced by its cost to denigrate the quality. According to consumer reviews, which are unanimous, this product is versatile and it offers breathtaking images, whether for day or night observations. In the polls carried out, these twins easily obtain the note of five stars compared to its antagonists.

The Omegon Blackstar binoculars make it easy to spot the stars thanks to the wide field of view. The images are very bright especially in the dark. During our test, we noticed that the rendering was excellent at dusk.

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The only downside, they are not ideal for people who wear glasses due to reduced eye relief compared to those we were able to test.

As for the quality of the image, overall you will have sharp representations thanks to the aperture of 42mm and the consequent magnification of 12 x. Multi-coated treatment and Bak-4 lenses provide a clear view and strong light transmission.

This model gives absolute comfort to the eyes during observations, thanks to its adjustable eyecups. You can fix them to avoid unpleasant movements during its use.

The set is accompanied by a bag, which ensures its transportability. You can also adapt it to a photo tripod, but this is not mandatory since it is quite light compared to other models. These binoculars are very practical and easy to use daily.

Bresser Porro Special Astro 20 × 80

With this pair of binoculars, you go to a whole new level, not only do you have very high definition images, but they are also very bright. The consequent size of its objectives as well as the magnification of 20x, contributes to the reception of a large quantity of light. This faculty is ideal for the observation of very distant constellations, such as the moons of Jupiter. This device guarantees you stable and interference-free images. In short, you will not have vision problems even in urban areas.

Another aspect that should interest you is the simplicity of the settings. You will have no difficulty mounting it on a tripod, as it is already provided with an adapter integrated into its central axis. Due to the substantial size of the device, the manufacturer has ensured that its user will not face any difficulties in mounting and that he can fully enjoy the show.

In addition to the weight of 2 kg, this pair allows enthusiasts to derive maximum pleasure from its astronomical observation.

Thanks to the 18mm eye relief, spectacle wearers will not be bothered at all. All of this is accompanied by collapsible rubber eyecups to ensure comfort at all times.
One of the things we particularly liked about this model is the all-rubber casing. Unlike some of the products in this astronomical binoculars comparison , the Bresser Spezial-Astro does not easily slip out of your hands when wet.

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According to buyers, this is one of the devices that has several options for both astronomical and terrestrial observations.

In terms of price, it allows small budgets to have fun without emptying their pockets.

Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 10×42

Once again, the Japanese manufacturer has hit hard again with this model from the Legend range. Not only the products of this brand are highly recognized, but they are also provided with spectacular performance. Bushnell HD 10×42 binoculars render very high definition images compared to other products. It is equipped with a 42 mm lens, which allows it to capture the maximum amount of light.

The binoculars are equipped with ED or Extra-low Dispersion lenses. This innovation considerably reduces the light deviation and gives a good rendering. Not only are the images clear and contrasting, but they are also very rich in color. With this device you have the possibility to clearly distinguish the constellations. As it is equipped with multi-coated lenses, this model will give you an optimal level of brightness.

For handling, the Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 10×42 is quite light. The manufacturer has reinvented the case using magnesium as a raw material.

What we really liked was the settings lock. Adjustments made such as diopter settings are retained throughout the observation until the user changes them again. Thus, no accidental change is possible and you will not waste time making new accommodations.Its small drawback compared to the models we tested above is the low eye relief. Wearers of glasses may encounter some difficulties when using it.

These binoculars offer an extra wide view, which will allow you to locate the stars as quickly as possible. They are suitable for observing celestial and terrestrial objects.
The Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 10×42 binoculars not only perform well, but they are also accessible to everyone.