Top 10Best Badminton shuttlecock for outdoor 2022

The badminton shuttlecock is the name given to the “skirted ball” used in this game. If you are a connoisseur in this discipline, then you will know that the purchase of such an accessory requires experience.

Precisely, the buyer must take into account several characteristics, including the design of the product, the manufacturing materials and the number of shuttlecocks delivered in the same set. However, the study of these criteria can take you a lot of time.

Best badminton shuttlecock For Outdoor 2022

That’s why we decided to compare the offers for you and find the most popular products of the moment. Among them, you will find the Yonex Mavis 300a bundle suitable for both beginners and advanced players in this game.

On the other hand, the Whizz goose feathers can also please with their neat design and optimized speed. In short, you will understand, that this article aims to guide you on how to choose the best badminton shuttlecocks of 2022.

Yonex Mavis 300

Buying the best badminton shuttlecock requires a certain know-how in order not to be mistaken. But if you are a beginner in the matter then, be sure that we will do our best to guide you towards the good model. For example, this product comes in the form of a tube filled with 6 badminton shuttlecocks. In other words, you will have enough to get the most out of your game.

In its design, its manufacturers emphasize that each steering wheel is composed of a cork tip. The latter would have the mission of favoring the control of the accessory, so that it is precise in its direction. Plastic skirts, on the other hand, limit the risk of friction and therefore increase the resistance of the products.

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As for its design, the whole lot has been designed in yellow to be clearly visible in the field. This is a color that has been carefully studied to prevent users from losing the shuttlecocks in the middle of a match. In addition, because of their average speed, the product would be intended for amateurs as well as badminton regulars.

For the

Careful design : Several buyers testify that Yonex would be the best brand of badminton shuttlecocks, even a reference in the field. Its know-how is demonstrated precisely in this product which mixes cork tips, plastic skirts and clearly visible colors. All to promote a good game.

Accessible to all levels : The ease of apprehension or even the distance control offered by this product make it an ideal model for any level.


Average speed : Buyers who have already tried the product state that it would rather be reserved for training sessions, because of its rather average speed.

Whizz goose feathers

To find out which is the best badminton shuttlecock on the market and where to buy the best badminton shuttlecock, you will have to compare several products and detect which one could really meet your needs. If, however, one were to rely on buyer reviews, you will find that this pattern is repeated several times in the selections of the best products.

First, it was designed with goose feathers. This design was not chosen at random since it allows the player to effectively manage the trajectory of the steering wheel. That’s not all, because these same elements influence the speed and durability of the accessory. Reasons that justify why buyers consider this model to be the most efficient on the market.

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In addition, the set consists of 12 steering wheels. The manufacturers add that they will mainly find their effectiveness in training dedicated to beginners, or even amateurs in the game of badminton. Moreover, you can use them both indoors and outdoors.

For the

goose feathers : The manufacture of this model uses goose feathers to guarantee the precision of its trajectory, in addition to the solidity of the product in the long term.

Versatile : This set of 12 steering wheels can be used both outdoors and indoors. Moreover, it will be especially recommended for games between amateurs and beginners.


Not precise : Following a test carried out on one of the shuttlecocks, the players would have noticed that it would tend to turn in full flight and turn away from its initial trajectory.

Ancees Flying goose feathers


You have decided to learn the game of badminton, but one question remains unanswered: which badminton shuttlecock to choose to be the most efficient on the court? To guide you in your quest, we offer you this model with a very neat design that can optimize your gaming capabilities.

Indeed, it is a set of 12 ruffles, each of which is composed of a skirt with ruffled goose feathers. These have been chosen to be of premium quality to optimize the precision of the trajectory of the steering wheel. For the head part on the other hand, you will find a cork sandwich which will only testify to the great solidity of the whole. In addition, each flywheel flaunts the low weight of 5g to enable smooth and stable flight.

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Note that this model will be especially recommended for outdoor use. Ideally, it should also be used in training sessions between beginners. However, because it is equipped with a dozen steering wheels, this model will easily bear the title of the least expensive product in our comparison.

For the

premium quality : This set has been crafted using genuine premium quality goose feathers. Not only does this design influence its sturdiness, but it will also have a great impact on the flying ability of the shuttlecocks.

Precise : Each steering wheel is composed of a cork head and a goose feather skirt. This combination increases the accuracy of the prop and enables it to fly stably.


Limited speed : Although this batch is not expensive in its invoice, the players all the same judge that the shuttlecocks would be too slow in their speed.

How to choose a good badminton shuttlecock?

The badminton shuttlecock is the element that differentiates it from other racket sports. This is the projectile used in this sport. It is a device composed of feathers and which causes a significant drag when launched. Buying this material is not easy, especially for beginners. In this buying guide for the best badminton shuttlecocks, you need to consider the design, materials and number of shuttlecocks in a set.


Purchase guide


If you want to know where to buy a new badminton shuttlecock, you will have to look first at the design. This is an essential characteristic that defines your performance during the game. Traditional models are designed entirely in white and a strip in white separates the two parts.

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The frills on these devices are in goose or duck feather. The specificity of these specimens is that the feathers all come from the same side (left or right) of the animal. Regarding the stopper, it is often made of cork to guarantee a better trajectory.

Apart from the classic materials, there are also plastic models which are less expensive than the first ones. You can consult a price comparison if you want to save on the purchase of this equipment.

The materials

The choice of materials is also essential before acquiring this type of device. To better answer the question how to buy a Badminton shuttlecock with better value for money, you will have to refer to your practice. Models with a plastic steering wheel and a foam tip are suitable for beginners. They indeed offer a better resistance which is necessary during the first exchanges.

The plastic ones with a cork tip are suitable for regular practice. They are more resistant and also provide some comfort. By adopting these devices, your game and your feelings will evolve at the same time. Finally, if you master all the shots, you can finally move on to feather shuttlecocks and cork tips. These will allow you to better control the impact. In addition, you will benefit from a better comfort of use.


The number of shuttlecocks in a set

In this last step, it is necessary to inquire about the number of shuttlecocks in a set. By considering this characteristic, you will put all the chances on your side to make a good deal. You should know that the quantity of shuttlecocks in a package varies a lot from one supplier to another. However, it is preferable to favor lots that are composed of a large number of shuttlecocks. This will allow you to save money in the purchase of this device.

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It will also be necessary to do some research on the internet to compare the offers on the market. By researching further, you can find interesting deals. Since sellers are free to set their price, you might see a significant discrepancy between the costs offered on the same offer. If you put all these tips into practice, you will find the best article without spending a fortune.