Best badminton bag 2022-Complete Guide Review

To facilitate the transport of your sports equipment, it is essential to invest in a bag. By opting for this accessory, you do not risk losing your equipment when you move. Either way, you might struggle to know how to choose the best badminton bags of 2022. If you want to answer that very quickly, you are encouraged to consider size, number of pockets, and material of construction. In case you are lost in your choice, we recommend the YONEX 6R Pro Series Racketbag for its total capacity of 74 liters. This capacity shows that it can easily accommodate all your belongings. We have also included the Babolat Racket holder club for its pink color which allows it to adapt to women. It is a very practical model to use for its closure.

Best badminton bag 2022

YONEX 6R Pro Series Racketbag

Manufacturers try to offer innovative products to meet all user needs. Faced with this situation, you will inevitably find it difficult to determine which is the best badminton bag on the market. In order to answer it clearly, we present this model to you which measures a total of 78 cm in length, 28 cm in width and 34 cm in thickness.

This Yonex bag is part of a new collection which is intended for professionals. It has a large number of slots to optimize the storage of equipment. Indeed, this item has two main compartments that can hold 8 racquets. That’s not all since it has a side compartment as well as another box to put other things.

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This article with a total capacity of 74 liters also has a neat design. This is ideal if you need to take a lot of stuff. It has a shoulder strap and zippers. Its mass is also lightened, as the bag weighs only 998 g, despite its large capacity.

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Design: The dimensions of this product have been taken care of to offer a good capacity. That’s not all since its appearance is also neat to accompany you everywhere. It is for these reasons that this product is considered the most efficient.

Lots of pockets: You can better organize the storage of your belongings thanks to the many integrated compartments. This article is ideal if you want to know where to buy the best badminton bag.


Brittle : Even though this item is at the top of the list, some customers have claimed that the zippers deteriorate very quickly.

Babolat Racket holder club

Going through a comparison is the best way to find the product you are looking for. If you want to speed up your research, you may be interested in this article. It is a Babolat badminton bag designed with dimensions of 72 cm in length, 35 cm in width and 12 cm in thickness.

This product inevitably catches the eye with its pink color which makes it suitable for female athletes. As for the pockets, this model has a main compartment and a side pocket. The integrated zipper also keeps all your belongings well protected to avoid losing them.

Faced with its polyester design, users think it is the best badminton bag. This material was chosen to reinforce the durability and also the lightness of this accessory. Therefore, it is more resistant to factors that may damage it.

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Capacity: The capacity of this accessory is correct since it allows you to carry everything you need with the main location and the side pocket. Buyers are happy with this design and claim that it is the best badminton bag brand.

Robustness: There are buyers who wanted to compare this product and they declared themselves convinced of its quality of manufacture. In addition, the article is also very light and also does not require heavy maintenance.


Complex use: The test made by some users was not enough to persuade them to keep this article. In fact, they had trouble adjusting the shoulder strap.

WHIZZ 72 x 16 x 27 cm


If you want to make a good investment without breaking the bank, it is important to choose an inexpensive model. This product may just be right for you, because it is sold at a reasonable price. Yet it is made with high quality jacquard fabric. Therefore, it can withstand intensive use and keeps for quite a long time.

Thanks to its dimensions of 72 cm in length, 16 cm in width and 27 cm in height, you can adopt it to store all your sports equipment. The strap allowing it to be worn on the shoulder is also adjustable according to your needs.

The manufacturer wanted to focus on storage space for this equipment. Indeed, it has 2 main compartments, two side pockets, and another shoe slot. You can thus carry other accessories with this device, such as your phone, keys or wallet, without risking losing them.

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Quality: The purchase of this accessory can inevitably satisfy you when you ask yourself the question which badminton bag to choose. This product enjoys a long service life thanks to its manufacturing material.

Ability: This is a less expensive item, yet it is very roomy with the many compartments it has. Therefore, you are free to store everything necessary during your travels.


Fragile closures: After a few weeks of use, reviews from some customers were mixed. They complained about the zippers not being strong enough.

How to choose a good badminton bag?

No matter what sport you practice, carrying a bag is always utilitarian in order to put all your equipment in it, to have it at hand, and to be able to take it with you on the go. But before asking yourself the question of where to buy a new badminton bag, it is necessary that you look at the various criteria such as the size, the number of pockets, and the material of manufacture to benefit from optimal use.


Purchase guide

The size

When you surf the Internet, and browse a price comparison or a buying guide for the best badminton bags, you will generally find the selection parameters with regard to size.

First, you will need to identify the type of stuff you will be carrying in your gear. It is from this that you will choose your model depending on the volume of your supplies. The more your reference has a large capacity, the more you will have the possibility of putting a certain number of materials in it.

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However, these measurements must conform to your morphology. Make sure you opt for an item that is neither too big nor too small and could fit your height perfectly. It should have dimensions that you will be completely comfortable with. Your comfort will depend on it. Otherwise, you may encounter possible problems with your back or shoulders. However, also give preference to models with adjustable straps. Thus, you can modify its positioning at your ease.

Number of pockets

After looking at the features of the size, you will also need to focus on the number of pockets that the model you want can offer. For this, it is necessary to identify the different compartments in order to provide you with more possibilities in terms of storage.

Whether you plan to take only the bare minimum with you for your sports activity or you always have a certain volume of business with you, it is still preferable to choose an item with at least a main locker and a secondary one.

Multipocket models are more popular with buyers because you can methodically classify your supplies. You can dedicate the compartments for each distinct material. It would then be easier to find them and you will also be able to protect them from contact and friction which could damage them.


The material of manufacture

When asking for advice on how to buy a best value badminton bag, the material of manufacture is always in the list of answers. Indeed, it is necessary to focus on this criterion, because the security of your equipment is at stake.

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The design of this kind of accessory must above all present attributes of solidity and robustness. Your item must be resistant to any external damage that could quickly damage it. It is still preferable to look at bags made of synthetic materials. They are much more reliable, offer good longevity, and are easy to maintain. Some models even offer waterproofing capabilities to optimize the protection of your belongings in the event of bad weather.