Best Baby Monitors For Large House 2022

Is your baby struggling to sleep through the night? Do you want to make him more independent while continuing to keep an eye on him?

No doubt: you need a baby monitor. These little jewels of technology will be your best ally against distance, or to give you a little break in your role as a parent, in complete serenity.

Indeed, the baby monitor allows you to listen to or view what your toddler is doing, whether it’s bedtime or during a nap.

Take your walkie-talkie everywhere with you and rock it from the living room or your office, as if you were there.

Initially a monitoring tool, the baby monitor is also a means of keeping in touch. So which one to choose?

We analyzed and then compared 36 models for 43 hours, and also took into account the opinions of 434 parents. They are unanimous: a video baby monitor is always more reassuring, but it is a more substantial investment.

Following our last update, our favorite video model is the Hellobaby HB50 , for the many features it offers at a very reasonable price. For those who prefer an audio-only monitor, our favorite model is the VTech DM223 .

Best Baby Monitors For Large House 2022

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Buying guide: What you need to know about the baby monitor

Before buying a baby monitor for your home, there are several aspects you need to consider. Remember that this is a product that will ensure the safety and well-being of your child while they sleep. It is therefore important to choose a model that meets all your needs. Next, we’ll answer some of the most common questions about this equipment. Check them out.

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The baby monitor is an indispensable tool for your home.

What is a baby monitor and how does it work?

The electronic baby monitor is monitoring equipment, mainly for newborns. Eça represents a guarantee of peace of mind for parents, who can remotely monitor everything that happens in the baby’s room. This is possible because they pick up sound and/or video from the environment, which makes it possible to see and/or listen to everything that happens in the environment.

The monitor consists of two units: the transmitter and the receiver. The first should be in the baby’s room, and the second in the environment where the adult responsible for the child is. Whatever the model, the range and even their functions, parents will be able to maintain control over what happens to the baby, even if they are not physically close.

Electronic monitors are extremely functional and allow parents to perform other tasks while the baby sleeps.

When is the baby monitor useful?

This device is practical and useful in a number of situations. In large homes, the baby monitor is of great use because it allows parents to keep an eye on the baby even when he is in other environments of the house.

For “new parents”, equipment is particularly important, as they are generally more concerned about the well-being of their child. In such cases, keeping an eye on everything that happens in the little one’s room brings greater peace of mind to new parents.

A good part of the parents are distressed and frightened by the so-called sudden death syndrome, usually caused by the asphyxiation of the baby due to poor posture during sleep. For this reason, there are advanced models in the testing phase that even have a breathing monitor, which alerts parents when the baby’s breathing rate is somewhat altered.

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The baby sleeps with a baby monitor next to him.

Being sure that everything is fine with your baby is an invaluable asset.

Where should the monitor be installed?

First of all, one must consider the range of the baby monitor, that is, the maximum possible distance between the transmitter unit and the receiver so that the signal is picked up effectively. In general, this distance varies between 100 and 400 meters, depending on the model.

“Watch the wires and make sure they stay out of baby’s reach and never put the baby monitor in or next to the bed. Try to install it at least one meter away”.

The transmitter unit must be out of reach of the child, so that there is no risk of becoming entangled in a cable or having access to other pieces of equipment. If the model chosen is equipped with a camera, make sure that the frame is adequate and that the focus is clear.

Keep in mind that other factors such as WiFi network, smartphone signal, radio and even microwave oven use can interfere with the baby monitor signal transmission. It is therefore recommended to always keep a certain distance from these elements when using the receiver.

How many types of baby monitors are there?

Basically, we can say that there are three main types of electronic baby monitors: those with sound, those with sound and those with a motion sensor. Sound capture models, which can be called intercom, are the simplest and resemble a walkie-talkie.

Models with video are more complete than products with sound.

Baby monitors with video are the most sought after, as they send images and sound, in real time, to the receiving unit. It is more complete than the first model, generally having a screen in the receiver unit and a camera – in some models with night vision or infrared – in the transmitter unit.

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The sensor equipment allows monitoring of the ambient temperature and the movements of the baby. It’s a big evolution of the baby monitor, including models that can monitor breathing and alert parents to changes. This type of monitor is still very rare on the market.

With sounds Transmission of sounds

Types of Electronic Baby MonitorsFeaturesAdvantages
With micSound transmission
Can be unidirectional or bidirectional
Clear sound
Simple equipment
With videoTransmission of images and sounds
Allows zoom and night vision

High-definition real-time images
With audio and video motion sensorWarns if baby stops breathingHelps prevent sudden death syndrome

Purchase criteria

To choose the best baby monitor, it is important to consider certain aspects of the product. Each model has its own peculiarities and, depending on the needs of your family, can be more or less useful.

That’s why we encourage you to evaluate different purchase criteria in order to choose the electronic baby monitor that’s right for you. Pay attention to these factors:

With or without camera?

As there are many models on the market, it is useful to think about whether or not you need a video camera in your case. If you don’t just want to monitor sounds in your baby’s room, you can choose a model with a camera.

In this case, you should prefer a model with night vision. This way you will see your little one clearly, no matter how bright the room. We also recommend looking for a moving camera so you can point your direction to see your baby more accurately. And don’t forget that zooming can be a great feature!

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On the screen, the ideal is to have at least 2 inches and a high resolution. The larger the screen, the greater its field of vision.


The range of the baby monitor refers to the distance needed for effective communication between the two devices. This is an important detail, especially for those who live in a very large house. It is important to assess the maximum signal range to choose the model that can guarantee transmission to all points in your home.

In general, baby monitors have a signal range between 100 and 400 meters. Make sure this measurement is within the limits of your home and especially if the device gives a warning signal when the receiving unit is out of range.

“Electronic monitors have two units: one for the baby and one for the parents and are particularly useful when the house is too big or has more than one floor”.


Another very important criterion to take into account is the autonomy of the equipment. In short, this is how long the baby monitor works with each battery charge. The most modern models are usually equipped with a battery of high durability, rechargeable in the electricity network like a smartphone.

When researching models, be sure of the form of power supply and avoid battery-powered devices. This way you will be sure that the device will not turn off during the day or – even worse! – overnight. The average autonomy of devices currently on the market is 7 consecutive hours.


Your camera should be in a location that covers as much of the environment as possible.

The baby monitor’s sound pick-up can be unidirectional or bidirectional. In practice, this means that in the first case you will only hear the sounds picked up by the transmitting unit, that is, the sounds emitted in the baby’s room.

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In two-way models, you can transmit your voice to your child’s environment and therefore talk to him.

The two-way option is one of the favorite options for parents to reassure your baby without having to move around their room. When the little one cries or gets impatient, it is possible to calm him down, even from a distance.

In most cases, when the baby wakes up during the night, just whispering a few reassuring words to calm him down and put him back to sleep.

Energy savings

Most new electronic equipment is designed with the so-called “Eco” mode for efficient and economical use of energy. This detail allows to give more autonomy to the device, which extends the life of the battery. What varies, essentially, between the modes of energy use, concerns the screen of the device.

When you choose to leave the screen on all the time, parents can control what’s happening in the environment without having to “wake up” the transmission display. However, this requires a lot more power from the equipment. Some models, when in economy mode, turn on the screen by detecting a sound in the baby’s room.

There are several configuration possibilities for a rational use of energy. Each model has its own features for economy mode, such as those that activate the screen by detecting movement in the environment. It’s up to you to decide which device best suits the way your family has chosen to use energy every day.

The device should have as many functions as possible. So you can have multiple devices in one.

Additional options

Finally, it is important to assess whether the baby monitor incorporates other functions that, although not fundamental, can contribute to the routine of the house and the well-being of the baby. One of the most common added benefits is the light feature which, although it may seem superfluous, helps ensure that the baby is not frightened in the dark.

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If you already have a lamp or light fixture in your baby’s room, you can opt for a baby monitor that plays lullabies. This will help your child fall back to sleep without a lullaby. Another added benefit is the temperature sensor, which will allow you to monitor your baby’s thermal comfort.

Among the infinity of models, there are those that have a motion sensor and that trigger an alarm in the event of an anomaly, as well as devices that allow the connection of several cameras in the same receiver. Thus, the baby monitor can monitor the baby’s room from different angles.


The baby monitor is a functional device that helps parents monitor the baby as long as he is unaccompanied. The main advantage is that you can continue to carry out your daily tasks in peace while keeping an eye on your child.

As there is no age limit, you can continue to use the baby monitor over the years, observing the behavior of the children and the people accompanying them, either in the bedroom or in another environment. of the House. Remember that there are several models and functions of the most varied brands. Therefore, you will certainly find the model that best suits your needs.