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What do you get with the ultimate baby handprint kit?

Why it’s great: The Ultimate Baby Handprint kit is the perfect DIY set for parents who want to create a sweet memento to place in the baby’s nursery. This kit includes a frame, ink pad, and letter stamp so that you can create a personalized memory with your baby’s name or birth date.

What should I look for in a baby footprint kit?

Footprint: Larger kits may include material and space for baby’s footprint, too. Some kits are designed to hold both prints on the same piece of material; others have a dedicated piece for each part. Consider the likelihood of getting two good impressions on the same piece when deciding which to buy.

What is the best ink pad for baby prints?

ReignDrop Ink Pad Why it’s great: The ReignDrop Ink Pad offers a different approach to handprint and footprint art. As an ink pad, you can bypass messy paints altogether and simply press your baby’s hands and feet into the pad and then onto your canvas.

What are the best finger paints for babies and toddlers?

Why it’s great: The Veggie Baby finger paints are a great option for babies of many ages because they are made from plant-based and even edible ingredients. These paints come in a powder form and simply need to be mixed with water to create colorful finger paints that you can use to document your baby’s handprints and footprints on a canvas.


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