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Why are calla lilies so popular?

Initially bred for the florist industry, calla lilies are now highly popular as showy garden ornamentals. They give sensational, long-lasting summer blooms in vivid colors as well as classic whites, and the attractive foliage stays green and vibrant throughout the growing season.

What does a calla lily plant look like?

Tall-stemmed and elegant, calla lilies are loved for their chic and colorful trumpet-shaped flowers along with their handsome, upright foliage. With their classy good looks, Zantedeschia plants make handsome specimens when mass planted in cutting gardens, foundations, or island beds.

What are the best cool-tone flowers?

‘Siberia’ chills as one of the best cool-tone flowers, producing an abundance of icy white spathes with a hint of chartreuse at the base. The attractive arrowhead foliage is jade green and lightly speckled.


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