Best-ak-chest-rig/ 2022

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What is the AK chest rig?

The AK Chest Rig sports three double stack magazine pouches, two large utility pouches and one large chest compartment in the center. And the padded shoulder straps will accept any MOLLE compatible attachments.

What is the best chest rig for me?

Helicon-Tex Mini Rig is the best all-rounder chest rig for most people. Quality-wise, it hits the sweet spot between cheaper rigs like Rapdom or Condor, and the more expensive professional rigs like Haley's D3CR-H. Helikon-Tex has everything you need if you’re looking for a ready-made chest rig with all the pouches included.

How does the Vism AK chest rig fit?

The Vism AK Chest Rig is fully adjustable for most sizes and sits comfortably on your torso for long periods. The two adjustment points are on the waist and around the shoulder area, and overall the design feels like a good “tactical fit.”

Who invented the AK-47 chest rig?

So, in the mid-1950s, the Chinese invented the chest rig for their AK-47s. They took their bandoleers for stripper clips and redesigned them to include magazine pouches and other pockets for hand grenades, gun oil, war trophies or whatever.


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