Best-9mm-snap-caps/ 2022

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What is the best snap cap for a shotgun?

The A-Zoom Precision Snap Caps 12 Gauge will work for shotgun owners. They are made from hard anodized aluminum, so expect them to last a while. They are much better for dry fire than plastic snap caps.

How many rounds are in a 9mm Luger snap cap?

Though A-Zoom also offers snap caps in over 100 calibers if the Luger 9mm isn’t what you’re looking for. You get five 9mm Luger rounds per pack for handguns, six rounds for revolvers, two rounds for shotgun s and two rounds for rifles.

What is the purpose of Snap caps?

These snap caps will help prevent damage to your gun and extend the service life of your gun's mainspring. They have been machined to precise SAAMI dimensions for a perfect fit. The primer cushion is made of material the same hardness as a standard cartridge to guarantee the safety of your firing pin.